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The lady loves the dark chapter 1 . 8/28/2012
I love you that you love what I love! thank you
krazylicious chapter 3 . 1/14/2011
wow, intense, sexy, and suspense. love the story
ToruKun1 chapter 3 . 11/20/2010
There's almost an insidious conspiracy in the media where it's a-okay to show people (mostly women, I'm just saying) to be brutalized and raped but NEVER showing them kick their would-be rapists in the balls or poke their eyes or put up some SEMBLANCE of a fight, it's something that irritates me too...

"Why didn't Adam fight harder?"

A.) He was scared (as you said)

B.) Juff had a knife (I'd play along if someone was brandishing a weapon) and

C.) If he fought harder, we wouldn't have our HAWT yet sickening raep scene! :D

ToruKun1 chapter 2 . 11/20/2010
LMAO, two chapters in and your Christian and Jericho muses are DUMHINAEDING this fic! When do we get to Addy's butt-sluttyness~~! (LOL, I feel like Milhouse, "When do they get to the fireworks factory~!" XD)
GrandpasGuitars chapter 3 . 10/12/2010
Well done. That was completely sick, but it worked so well. Adam definitely shouldn't have gone away on his own, especially since he knew he was being stalked. Kinda stupid, but hey, sometimes, we all have stupid moments.

Shit, it's not getting any better for Adam from here
ilzehs chapter 3 . 10/5/2010
I love the insertion of Adam's mom into the story and how absolutely sweet their mother-son conversation was despite the horror this story contains in its content. Poor lady doesn't have any idea that her sweet baby is in shit poor danger that'll surely be a lot bigger issue than Adam being jobless.

Hehe, for some reason Addy's unsuccessful job hunting makes me wonder what is wrong with this world. I mean even if Addy is worthless as far as the work goes, I would simply and lonely take him up on a job just to drool over such an eye candy on daily bases. I just cant help it when it comes to Edge, my mind is always in the gutter. I just finished watching him on this week's RAW and for some reason he looked prettier than usual to me. I don't know, whenever he is a face I seem to find him prettier than usual. Than there was all talk about Riley noticing his luscious hair and 'pouty' lips and being woman (Riley or Edge, still)...LOL seriously, it satisfied my slashy guts big time. What is wrong with Riley? ;) Ok, right...back to the story.

Oh mine...Jeff is finally claiming his price; and I fucking loved what an unusual setting he chose to fuck with Adam. Between, when his mouth comes up with such dirty and sexually drenched statements, more importantly these dirty compliments for Edge, its amazing. Edge's terrified condition is horrifying. Poor baby wouldn't even in his nightmares had thought to lose his virginity like this.

Ok, I know its intense and sadistic, but I don't care if I find Edge being forced to bend over with someone behind him drooling over him and his ass and calling him pretty names; specially if that someone is Jeff Nero Hardy, absolutely delicious. Jeff may not be intelligible but damn, he does have a good taste. Adam's fear and anxiety aside, he was fucking beautiful in that scene all helpless and forced via some real threats and damages.

If I ignore the fact that this is a man getting raped by someone and the raper is not a fucking hot as hell psycho Mr. Jeff Hardy, I can honestly feel bad for poor Addy. He was so innocent and in an instant he was ripped to pieces and in such a harsh way. Someone so beautiful to be treated so rudely when being taken, a little tough. But it is a fact of the matter, Edge is a damn HOT slut and when he is being made a Jeff Hardy slut, its even prettier. I am sorry, but the way Jeff kept calling Addy a slut, his slut had me grinning shamelessly despite the scenario of the scene. It was just so fucking hot yet so fucking cold. The way you wrote it made it sound so vicious and I can actually easily see that happening. I love it when writers with their ability make it easy to imagine what readers read.

Hehe, I hardly doubt if Jeff'll ever rip that off Addy. He likes to play and see you play with yourself, he'll be needing it in future I am sure for lot of porn shows ;)

Fuck! This was brilliant! Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant! Am I over the top sick if I love Jeff doing those things to Addy a little too much than a normal human being should? Well, I don't care either way. I loved Edge's innocence being taken by Jeff so cruelly. So sadistically.

I was surprised as hell that how did Jeff left Adam after he had his way with him. Yes, Jeff wouldn't have left him in his rightful mind. I cringed at Adam's bad luck and pain, but I liked Jeff's plans to make Addy scream and writhe. Its somewhat hot, somewhat scary. I am taking all!

Yes please! I always thought I was a little too obsessed with top/bottom shit, and I try to keep it in me but someway somehow I HAVE to mention it even though not wanting. Let Jeff topping stories stay the way they are cause a big ratio wants to see this Jeff Hardy!

Love the back to back updates and hopefully we'll see more soon!
Rhiannamator chapter 3 . 10/4/2010

...Ooh, sorry. I get a little excited when i think of what delightful tortures our Jeffy has in store for poor Adam. And it's okay that he didn't get to linger on this one, just giving Adam (and us!) a little taste of what's to come. I think Jeff is going to have plenty of time to play with his new toy now.
ilzehs chapter 2 . 10/4/2010
So damn happy to see this updated. Firstly I wanna point out how I have been observing very closely that how is it so amazing that you have a particular pairing and particular characters who feature most of your work, but astonishingly I haven't felt for one second that your work or ideas are getting repetitive. It just amazes me if someone can do such unique work in limited capacity. I have noticed how these most recent projects are totally different from each other, the shade of your characters have been even different. Nothing has gotten stale yet and to be honest with you, the way you have been writing Jedam lately is much more fitting and much improved from before. I mean it all started from 'Slashy Fun' for me, I can easily see the difference at how much more comfortable and perfect you are with Jeff's character right now. You are definitely on a roll lady and I love it!

Secondly, LOVED the recent gallery updates. Your caption work has given me to of giggle fits which made people around me wonder if I had lost my mind or something. Awesome job and awesome collection, the new additions are just amazing. Specially Addy's solo gallery. It rocked and had plenty pretty images that melted my heart.

I love the thought of a Jeff who's world works according to his own imaginations and choices. Thats a shade I have been similar with and I gotta say, it was recently overshadowed by my absolute love and adoration for the mature and decent, in other words 'Normal' Jeff via Jedam One shots first part. It was plainly my favourite ever Jeff you have wrote so far. But, now that the psycho Jeff is back I gotta mend my mind backwards and let psychotic tendencies overpower yet again ;)

OMG LOL! Jay and Chris are like the most hilarious shit ever! Seriously, they are fucking idiots, dorks, adorable, annoying all the same time. Jay's dirty mouth and Chris's constant assy attitude was just amusing to no limits. I never knew sex could be this vocal and talkative. Poor Addy to have to listen to that. But this is quite a unique relationship Chris and Jay share here.

Emmm I like Jeffy stalking Addy a little too much. The smirks, the arrogance, the uncomfortablenesses of Adam, the eye fucking by Jeff is just delicious. Addy is paranoid and for the very right reasons!

Well Jay'll be soon realizing how thought worthy this issue was. Addy is a drama queen, always has been but this is serious issues. Jay'll miss his brother very soon :(

Hehe I do wonder why it still bring surprise to Addy when someone calls or consider him a woman. You did let him lurk in your photo galleries right? ;)

Damn! I love this loner dangerous 'fuck off' attitudinized Jeff so much. He is sexy as hell and when people are scared of Jeff, I love it!

Something tells me this gloomy Jeff is the result of homophobic shit or something. Plus he feels left out by his brother and I kinda feel sad for Gil. Jeff is his son after all.

Awesome update! I am up to next now!
JNHwwe chapter 3 . 10/4/2010

I hate you lol

I am meant to hate any story where Jeff tops ... I hate it when he doesn't bottom, but you have me loving this :)

So yes again ... Amazing chapter keep it up :)

Your right about Jeff not been able to bottom, it would be wrong here :)

Right thank you for an awesome chapter UPDATE ... LOVE X
redsandman99 chapter 3 . 10/4/2010
Oooh Jeff got his Adam. I can't wait to see what happens from here.
takers dark lover chapter 3 . 10/4/2010
Oh Jeffy got his Addy! I knew there was a reason I didn't like public bathrooms!
WraithRaider chapter 3 . 10/4/2010
Awesome chapter! Can't wait to see what Jeff has in store for poor Adam. Nothing good for Adam, I'm guessing.
GrandpasGuitars chapter 2 . 10/1/2010
1) I love the fact that Jay and Chris didn't give up their insanity during sex. That's that awesome sex I wanna have someday; the kind that says 'I love you... fucker."

2) I love the differences between the Blonde Canadian scenes and Jeff's. You really can tell that Adam has a bit of a better life, a normal one, and it's going to make Jeff yanking him out of that all the worse.

3) You're amazing 3
Rhiannamator chapter 2 . 9/28/2010
Eeee! I'm quite excited for this one! I can't wait until Jeff gets his crazy hands on poor pretty Adam. As much as i adore fluffy Jedam, there's just something about the psycho/victim fics i can't get enough of. That's why Adam and Jeff work so well together. They're both so beautiful in their contrasting ways, but between Jeff's angst and Adam's ruthlessness you know either one of them could snap at any time. And the other shall feel the sexy wrath. Rawr!

Oh Adam, no job, soon no home, no friends save for Jay and Chris. That bickering twosome are so wrapped up in each other they might not notice he's gone for a while... their interactions are totally fun, btw! And where does Jeffy plan to hide him? I certainly hope Matt doesn't come home from college and catch him. Unless, of course, he's secretly as crazy as his little bro! Eagerly awaiting the next installment... of this or any of the others! :D
Chemical Embrace chapter 2 . 9/27/2010
Haha, aw, poor Adam. Having to listen to Jay and Chris for the longest time. XD

*continues reading*

o.O I wonder what exactly Jeff has planned. It can't be too good (for Adam's sake anyway). ;)

Already this story has me wanting more. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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