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Guest chapter 58 . 1/21
I have to agree with Natalia, the mental image of Luke and Alex having a sword fight with potato mashers is hilarious!
RiverHallow chapter 58 . 1/19
Great chapter as usual! I hope to see more of what seems to be happening with the House of Nobles, and I liked how you ncluded Asch more in this chapter than in the game.
kingsherbert chapter 58 . 1/17
The House of Nobles pressuring Guy sounds like it could lead somewhere interesting!. Personally, I hope to see some of Guy's pov on them in the future. Perhaps even during a meeting? Either way, keep up the good work.
invadergirl1998 chapter 58 . 1/17
Great chapter as always! And congrats on being the third most reviewed, but you deserve it cause this is such a great story. :)

I actally really enjoyed Nat's POV in this chapter, and the Aschtalia scenes you had in here.
Riku Uzumaki chapter 58 . 1/13
The best way to explain how Alex has managed to maintain her sanity while working with Jade is that she is actually no longer sane. She's just pretending to still be sane while deep down, her sanity has jumped off the deep end with no hope of retrieval.
Mizuki Hebi chapter 58 . 1/7
Jade has no happy place so instead he makes the world his happy place by pissing everyone off hehe, i love this story 3
Demigod103 chapter 58 . 1/7
1. Great chapter as always. I really enjoy seeing moments involving Guy's and Alex's relationship in the story so I really enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for posting and I hope you do again soon. 2. Congrats on being the third most reviewed story! I can't say I'm surprised though since this story is really good.
mayonaya chapter 57 . 1/6
Such a long chapter! It was really great though! really nice to read. Pls update soon though! It's been three months...
Demigod103 chapter 57 . 12/31/2013
Nice chapter, and I have the remake of my story up. It is called Just another Day Saving the World:Remake, so please read it if you can.
UmiEcho chapter 57 . 10/26/2013
Here I told you on dA I would review this like a week or so ago, and I'm just now getting to reviewing this. I feel bad now, but I'll my best to make up for that with my first official review on this story! I'll write what I've thought of the story so far as well as a review of this character. :)

I've been keeping up with this story for months now, and I must say that you have done a wonderful job. Your characters, Alex and Isabell, are well balanced. Sometimes I forget I'm reading a fan fiction with how well the two fit into the story. That's pretty hard to do, and it's hard to come by. Great job!

The actual characters are almost always in character, and that's also something that can be tricky to do. There are times where they are a bit out of character, but it's acceptable most of time given the situation that character is facing. The best thing is that you've kept Jade in character. Jade's one difficult character to write, but you've pulled it off marvelously!

On to this chapter! I was a little worried about the pacing when I saw that this was your longest chapter and not much happens in this one compared to the last few chapters. The good thing is that you paced this quite nicely, and it was actually a breath of fresh air to read. While not much happened here, you really brought out some character development in both Alex and Guy. Especially with their relationship.

I will admit there was a part of the chapter that I thought dragged a little too much. I'm speaking of the part where Alex wakes up. Given the situation, though, it's acceptable. That is one of those things that does get dragged out, but it's okay because she just came out of what I consider a coma (or something like one), and that's a good reason for her to be pretty slow at becoming fully conscious again and being irritable . Other than that, nothing dragged on that I noticed! :)

That's all for my review. Overall, this was a great chapter! I'm looking forward to seeing how things play out now that things have gotten more serious. I'm guessing it's going to get even more chaotic soon? I guess we'll see! Thank you so much for updating this!

RiverHallow chapter 57 . 10/26/2013
Wow this was a long chapter!

I don't actually know how you do it. Jade is probably difficult to write as it is, but then you add Isabell, who is also a complex character, and everything must get more difficult to write, but the turnout it really great!

I have to say, I really like the interactions with Jade and Isabell, especially when it comes to Isabell's past on Hod and how Jade's part in that makes things very difficult for them to even be friends. It just adds more to the scenes with them in it, and it makes me wonder how that will turn out, especially with everyone poking fun at how they would be good for eachother without knowing that Isabell really hates him.
Guest chapter 57 . 10/23/2013
My review won't be much for feedback sorry. I'm not a critic, but I try to explain how I feel about it at least.
It was a very long chapter. I can only think of a few rare stories I've seen have this many words in one chapter. I like long chapters though since it gives me more to read. I will say that I'm interested to see if anything happens with Isabell and Jade even though it looks like you have no plans for them to be paired together. The few scenes they had in this chapter left me wanting to see what's in store for them later on. The thought of Isabell hating Jade for what happened in Hod and everything is really interesting
Guest chapter 57 . 10/23/2013
Great chapter as usual. Interested about Alex. Hope you update soon.
invadergirl1998 chapter 57 . 10/23/2013
I took forever to review on this one! I really liked this chapter even with how long it was (it took me three sitting to read cuz I get distracted easy). I'm happy Alex is alright, but something seems up.
It's always a bit shocking how in character you have Jade in this, but his pov always leaves me wanting more.
This review was longer than my usual one! O.O
Lookin forward to the next chapter! :)
RubyMoonz chapter 57 . 10/4/2013
HAHAHAHAHAHA! I WILL BE THE 400th REVIEW...wasn't I the 300th? Bah, who cares.

This chapter was really good. I noticed a few mistakes, but nothing that took away from the story. Just a word spelled wrong or one not capitalized. Nothing major. Overall, this chapter was nice and strangely, it ended too soon. I really want to know what happens next.

I feel bad for Alex, going through all these near-death experiences. I hope this is her last.

Isabell though. Dude, you gotta get yourself together. You can do it. You're a strong and independent woman. YEAH!

Also, if you forget about Mieu and Noelle so much, why not do more POV for them. It would be so funny to see a chapter in Mieu's POV. xD

Anyway, this was a great chapter. I had to skim last chapter to remember what was going on, but man. Excited to see where this goes. 8D
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