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RKamelot chapter 60 . 2/23
This review is not for chapter 60! It is for chapter 62, since two people share this account and read this story, we accidentally reviewed on 62 without combining our reviews! Read at own risk!

RK's done with her review, so now I'll do mine. I've mostly been trying to figure out what's been going on with Alex and have some theories about it. Mara's review:

Now that I've read the chapters, I have a feeling that her odd personality change and the things going on with her has nothing (or very little) to do with Alex dying and being brought back to life. At first my thought was that Dist had tried something akin to what he had tried to do in Batical back when Natalia was questionable as being the Princess and that he had attempted to get Alex's replica data. Which he might've as well but I highly doubt that's the only thing that he did while in Belkend. I get the feeling that the labs being torn apart was just a diversion that his troops did while he was in with Alex.
In that regard, I get the feeling he might've injected her with something that has begun to change her way of thinking, which makes her emotions go out of whack. I almost want to say that she is now somehow connected to Sync due to his ability to control Third fonons especially since her own skill has begun to alter and become more powerful. It could possibly be similar to how Asch can control Luke but to a lesser extent, only being able to alter her dreams, especially since it's fairly clear that Alex and Guy love each other and if Sync had found out about Alex's past in any way then he could use her fears against her and have her emotional status destabilize and that could be interesting for him later on since it'll make her either less of a threat or maybe it could cause her to "join" Sync if only because she's confused.

Like RK has said a lot, we really enjoy this fic and I'm waiting with baited breath to see if I'm even remotely close to what may be going on with our favorite little injury prone trouble maker, especially since she always falls down somewhere. Is she going to fall down a hole again? It might be rather funny, especially if Jade ends up with her next and blames her for his rotten luck. Keep up the good work.
RKamelot chapter 62 . 2/23
Well, seeing as this account has two people using it and we both LOVE this fic, there will be two different reviews for it since we both can't agree to combine our reviews into one. RK's review:

Really liked the beginning of Luke's POV, it's nice to see how he thought about things when he was young and just getting to be himself. The bonding for them at that age is very nice and touching, especially since it allowed Alex to bond a little with Natalia as well, seeing as how the Princess didn't tell Alex's "father" on her when she wanted to learn how to fight with a sword. My favorite of that little section was Alex explaining to Luke that she was Alex and not just "Sister".
I actually expected a bit more for the "falling down a hole or off a cliff all the time" but maybe when they reach Jade? Or not, drat, thought they'd poke fun at her a bit more….

Poor Tear, it sucks that she's having so many issues…. Though it's funny for Luke to get so worried about her. Poor Mieu almost got forgotten! Luckily he was with the other group and didn't have to worry about being left behind in a pile of rubble.

The power usage of Alex is interesting, the way I'm picturing it in my head is kinda like how Luke does raging blast, though I'm not entirely sure that's what you were trying to have us picture. But maybe this is how she's going to form her Mystic Arte?

Way to go Luke! You're an idiot! But it was very nice of him to try and save someone and GOOD GOD! LOVE NOELLE! Never would've thought she'd go and do something like that, and then go back to being a thoughtful pilot and getting them food to eat, talk about doing a 180! Awesome with that.

That dream is a creepy factor! A little dark but well thought out and again, I have a feeling it's a clue, but not sure what it is for. Let's face it, I'm not going to get it until it's spelled out for me. But at least Guy is being supportive! Though it's a little worrisome that the only reason Alex wouldn't go after the Duke is because it'd hurt Luke, but it shows she cares what he thinks, which is nice!

Cheesy lines! Love the "good luck charm"! Aws.

And of course Jade being Jade without explaining things until it's too late, good grief! Though I'm looking forward to where you're taking that one.

This chapter has really got me wanting to read more and find out JUST WHAT IS WRONG WIT ALEX! I'm dying to know! Keep the amazingness flowing!
kingsherbert chapter 62 . 2/23
Great chapter as always. The dream really caught my interest, and her opinions on the Duke.

Somehow I get the feeling what's going on with Alex has more to do with Sync than Dist, with his taunts, but maybe that's just me. Dist obviously has something to do with it to though, hm.
Guess I won't know until you update next.
RubyMoonz chapter 62 . 2/23
Okay, I didn't mention when I was talking to you but when I first read the chapter, I kind of laughed because I was just like 'Flashback mode!'. Still, it was nice to see more on Alex and Luke's relationship, especially in regards to Natalia. It's interesting to see all of this.

But onward to the chapter. It was a good chapter. You provided more clues to what's going on with Alex, but since you already told me what it was, I still want to stick with the fact that people may not guess it exactly because of the reasons I told you. But hey! You never know!

I have to say, though, that the top moment of this chapter goes to Noelle because dayyyum gurl, you got this!

That dream though...maybe it'll give people more of an idea? Anyway, I'm excited to see what happens next because come on, let's be real. We all want to know what's up with Alex so she can be her beautiful and snarky self. We all miss that yo!

I hope the monthly updates work for you though! I know it can be hard to keep going on a steady pace. oTL
WildfireDreams chapter 62 . 2/23
Awesome! Cannot wait for more!
mayonaya chapter 62 . 2/22
Loved the scene with litgtle luke in the beginning. :3
As for Alex..mmm. I have no idea (lol your name). But I'm excited to find out soon! I hope we'll get normal Alex back soon! Please update quickly! I wonder what's gonna happen to Tear.
invadergirl1998 chapter 62 . 2/22
I can't wait to find out why Alex is acting so different! I miss how she normally acts. :( I hope Jade figures it out and gets her back to normal soon.

Please update soon!
Riku Uzumaki chapter 62 . 2/21
The dream seems to point that Dist may have turned her into some sort of sleeper agent. Either that, or switched her out with a replica that can somehow remember everything the original went through. Personally, the sleeper agent theory seems much more likely.
Lumy-san chapter 2 . 2/14
Not bad so far. Though I do have one problem. For being brother and sister, you haven't had Luke and Alex actually speak to one another. Luke always seems to be talking around her and never directly to her, which is probably because most of the stuff he says is all from the game and hasn't really deviated yet. Also, seeing as they are siblings, you'd think Alex would have shown more worry for Luke, and Luke would have been more excited(?) to see her again/ missed her. You're kinda doing the how "telling but not showing" thing with their interactions so far. And since Luke only grew up with so many people in his life, and with Alex always being there, he should be acting a lot closer to her. Really, nothing in the story even hints all them being siblings other than the characters just flat out saying they are. You really should have focused on establishing their relationship better for the beginning of this story. Or at least what us readers need to know at this point. Sorry, its just, this being a story were the OC is the the games main character's sister, its really important to focus on this kinda thing.

Hmm, what else? I guess I really get the feel as though Alex is just kinda being brushed over, kinda like she's invisible. If this is being done on purpose, it would definitely help if you expressed Alex's emotions better with her interactions with the groups (to let us know how she feels being left out, brushed aside, etc.). If it's not on purpose, I guess the reason I'm seeing this is because of how close you are following the dialogue. It might help to deviate a little more. Have Alex add her two cents to what's going on and instead of moving directly back into the games original dialogue, have the cannon character's build off of what she said for awhile.

This ones not really important, but I actually think Anise should have been sucking up to Alex as soon as she learned they are siblings. It's just something I can see her doing, trying to gain the favor of the family of her rich "future-husband".

Anyway, I look forward to reading on. I'm really interested to see where this goes.
WildfireDreams chapter 61 . 1/17
Awesome! Cannot wait to read more!
invadergirl1998 chapter 61 . 1/15
FINALLY, an update! I been checking the site almost everyday and I was so happy when you finally updated. Sorry for not reviewing lately though.
really liked this chapter, even though it was Feres. You kept things interesting the whole way through, as usual, with the group banters and backstory for Anise. I liked the changes you made with Arietta since Ion's still alive in your fic too.
Hope you update soon!
mayonaya chapter 61 . 1/15
so happy you updated! loved the chapter! I'm worried about Alex, and hope she'll be alright.
I wonder what will happen to Arietta since Ion isn't dead, and if Tear will be okay because of the miasma. the thing with Anise's parents was also good.
PLease update soon!
Riku Uzumaki chapter 61 . 1/12
I am very suspicious of Alex right now. After all, OOC is serious business, and I have little doubt that OOC-ness will eventually come to a head with drama filled plot twist involving whatever Dist did to Alex being revealed.
RKamelot chapter 61 . 1/12
YAY! SO HAPPY you posted! I checked my email, noticed you'd posted(I follow you as well) and got so excited that I read it instead of going to bed!

I'm not going to lie, I'd actually forgotten that Ion doesn't survive in the game to the point of Feres! So when I first started reading I'd done a double take.
Really loved the banter that you managed, especially getting the colonel to tell a false story to get Alex off his back, though Luke was an idiot (then again what else is new?).

The M'lady/M'lord was ADORABLE!

Is the third fonon observation foreshadowing? Because like the others said, she's become pretty strong with her control of them since the incident in Belkend (still think either Dist or that assistant did something!)

Anise cooking is awesome since she's usually the cooking one in the games, LOL. Nice work with the backstory for her as well, makes me feel even more sad for her than the game made me feel and agree with Alex's assumption that they weren't really ready to be parents(though the game (and your fic) would never be the same without Anise). She does seem to get the short end of the stick a lot in both the game and your fic and it's not fair for her to always be judged (kinda talking about your Arietta!) and her take on the things in her life is very heart-wenching because you know she doesn't always like to talk to everyone about it.

Ah Ion, you poor poor innocent fool. No, you don't want to meet Cameron, and no, Guy wasn't exaggerating. And Ion's little comment about him being the one to choose who he should go with was rather funny, especially when they didn't pay attention to him, although his ignorance about Arietta loving the original Ion was rather sad, but I kinda can't be surprised since he hadn't had much to do with the original.

I did like how you made everything in Feres more bearable and I think you do a marvelous job with the Replicas. You kept complaining about it but I think it was pretty good for what little you had to work with from the game.

Alex did seem a little OOC but that's to be expected since she died and came back (especially when the others begin to notice), also Jade commenting to the others was a surprise since I figured he'd keep that little tidbit to himself.

And dang it Alex! Stop falling down everywhere you go! First Zao then Roniel(any others I forgot?), you have issues girl! LOL.

Look forward to what happens next! Keep up the AMAZING work!
Guest chapter 61 . 1/12
Finally an update!

Lol, Luke. You're an idiot, bringing up Chesedonia like that, but I love you anyway.
What you brought up with Anise's parents was really interesting. Makes feel bad for her.
And the extra scene with Arietta hit me right in the feels.

Great chapter as always! Can't wait for the next one!
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