Reviews for Breaking All Barriers
Nancy chapter 49 . 2/26
A special ring from Luke - what a great start to a wonderful day. The wedding was great - I loved the excerpt from Hemingway; it was very fitting. And, sharing the news with Jess - he seems very happy with the news. Good. Thanks for writing and sharing. More soon please.
jordana60 chapter 49 . 2/25
I love that they're pregnant again. I hope the journey of their story continues as their family expands and I am excited to be on this journey with you
Nancy chapter 48 . 2/16
A baby - wonderful! A wedding - even better. A surprise, albeit quick early morning visit from Jess, but quickly ended by Luke - typical and wonderful. On to the wedding - either the second best wedding to date or, maybe tied for first place with Luke and Lorelai's. Hope there is no stupid drama from Christopher the slime. Happy, happy, happy. Thanks. More soon please.
AJ Granger chapter 47 . 2/14
Good story for the most part. Killing Emily off was a surprise. She's a nice source of tension that is now gone. I'm a little surprised by the names of Jess and Rory's kids considering there's nothing family in them nor do their favorite authors/characters appear to get a nod. Your changes from one scene to another and time gets a little funky. Also, Jimmy called multiple times many chapters ago, and even called Rory. But Jess never called him back. We don't know if he and Sasha broke up, if his health is bad, or if Jess has a new half sibling?

I like the name of Paris's daughter. It's unique and different. Though I cannot imagine why she would be with Dave. If he's around, you'd think he and Lane may have made it work.
Nancy chapter 47 . 2/12
Paris - a mom - takes a bit to get used to it. The wedding: so great! How did Jimmy respond to the call? Another baby for Rory and Jess? Thanks. More soon please.
jordana60 chapter 47 . 2/12
So much to look forward to! A possible new pregnancy, the wedding...I can't wait!
Nancy chapter 45 . 2/9
Good and surprising news about Paris. She sounds so happy! About Christopher the slime: if he doesn't get his way right now, he gets all pouty - not mature at all, but being immature and never dependable and never supportive is the slime's MO. When Luke was allowed "in", he was helpful and dependable and supportive - and very loving. Apparently the slime thinks it is his right because he is the biological donor, to walk Rory down the aisle. Rory and Jess have this. Not the slime, but loving Luke is the chosen one. Thanks. More soon please.
LC42 chapter 45 . 2/9
Good chapter. I'm with Lorelai I didn't think Paris was the mother type did I get a hint of jealousy of Paris when Dave said hi to Rory. Oh Chris for butt hurt when Rory decided to tell him about who walking her down the isle. So glad she told Chris off. Wonder if the cry baby is going to tell Lorelai that their daughter yelled at him.
Nancy chapter 43 . 2/2
So, Luke and Rory - a good talk. Luke always tries to do the right thing, and here he is, telling Rory she should invite Christopher the slime to the wedding even when she says she is done with the pretending about him. Good work. More soon please.
Nancy chapter 42 . 1/25
So happy for them! Rory's coughing a lot - foreshadow of something - bad? More soon please.
Nancy chapter 41 . 1/10
The perfect dress - so great! The twins sound adorable. Jimmy calling - wonder why, but I am not actually overly curious. But the Luke and Jess moment at the end is so loving and so true. Thanks, more soon please.
Nancy chapter 40 . 12/21/2016
The perfect dress - wonderful! Tristan has (finally) matured. Thanks. More soon please.
jordana60 chapter 37 . 12/17/2016
That was unexpected and very sad. Usually it's Richard, and Emily's the strong one. I wish Rory had woken Jess up so he and the babies could go with her to the hospital. Now she's hours away and he has to get there with the kids
Guest chapter 35 . 12/11/2016
Glad that they are now safely (and happily) home. Twins could be exhausting, but Rory and Jess will be good - sorry, but I don't get the significance of the names. Happy homecoming from the townies! Thanks. More soon please.
Nancy chapter 34 . 12/8/2016
The second's birth was traumatic, but, according to Jess, the twins are now in the nursery. Glad all three are fine. Good job with the birth! More soon please.
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