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foxchick1 chapter 4 . 6/17
I vote for Katara/Aang pairing.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/12
Please update soon this a great story
Tejerina chapter 6 . 1/14
I love this fic dude!. I hope you can keep it up someday!
Guest chapter 6 . 4/23/2016
Here are more ideas:

Azula: Boy. Are you stupid.
Satoshi: Said the one who used lightign on a lightning redirector.

Satoshi: I heard about you lot. The Rough Rhinos. Colonel Mongke the firebender. Vachir the Yuyan Archer. Kachi the spearman from the infantry. Yeh-Lu the bombardier. And Ogolodei the engineer.
Iroh: Yep. An elite calvary. And a capable singin group.

Satoshi can beat Yeh-Lu... able to shield his grenades and blast him back.

Colonel Mongke: You're gonna pay.

Satoshi: Yep. Those lot. Greed is so adddictive.
(impresse by how Iroh's pal tricked the people to help Iroh escape the two earthbenders

Satoshi can be wary about Jet.

Satohshi: They are firebdners. But they are good. I know the Rough Rhinos slew your family. But revenge is a poison which can destroy you.

Satoshi: I;m sorry. You need help.
(suggestign they call an asylum to cure Jet's mental sickness and help him move on from revenge)

Satoshi can feed Momo some choc-peanuts.

Satoshi: Oh. It soudn as if people are arguing.
(he turns to spto two men fighting and pulling on a pot)
Satoshi: Oh boy.
Man 1: It's my pot.
Man 2: It's mine.
Man 1: Mine. Mine.
Satoshi: Stop it. Quarrellign wouild cause more harm.
Satoshi: I warned you two. Now you two broke the pot. You two acted terribly as did the Dai Li, Azula and the Rough Rhinos. Do you want the Avatar to think you're the same as them?

Satoshi can meet some legendary pokemon.

Ho-Oh: I sense darknes in Katara. I saw a vision about her destroying the world. Her lust for revenge on the Fire-People would end all. You must stop her. If she kils Zuko, the planet would burn and die.

Satoshi: Katara. I want you to forgive Zuko and the Fire-People.
KAtara: Why? They're savages. Thieves, liars, cheaters and murderers.
Satoshi: Are they all?
KAtara: They are.
Satoshi: Are you sure it's wise to aassume all are the same as the ones you fought?
Sokka; Well.. I did think so before I met Piandao.
Satoshi: Nice to spot you learned. I was beginnign to think you were too ignorant. The problem was... as I saw when we first met... you prejudiced entire races. A true hero must acfcept for the heart instead from the culture.
Katar: But they slew our mum.
Satoshi: Slewe your mum. That;s the real reason you sought teh Avatar. To use as a tool for revenge. And woudl you sacrifice the world as you sacrificed Ba Sing Se? You did. You shoulda focused more on Azula isntead of Zuko. But you let anger blidn you. You broke your people's law. And you brought shame on your people. Did you forget how your ancestors started a war which woulda destroyed the world... a war which was ended by a fire-man named Avatar Lee... the one before Yangchen.

Satoshi: Katara. Your heart is tainted.

Satoshi can go to recruit fire-people to prove Katar wrong about Zuko and his people. he can recurit On Ji and Shoji who helpoed Aang in the class, Lee who Zuko helped, Ursa, and a colonel who he knew well.

Lee; Zuko helped me. I repaid him with anger. But soon, I figured I';d misjudged him. So I went to fidn him. But some earthbending thugs called Dai Li robbed my family and kidnapped my parents. They also wounded me and left me to die. A priest from an Earth Kingdom temple came... but left me fearing touching me woudl taint his purity with my blood and cost him his job. A temple-worker walked by too... an assistant to the priest... but left me for the same reasons. But Ursa came. A good lady. Zuko's mum. She protected me from some scavengers and nursed me to health. Fellow people from my own kidnd left me to die, and a Fire-Person saved my life.

Zuko: Lee. I';m sorry I...
Lee; I';m sorry for misjudign you.
(they hug... making up)

#On Ji can lern Aang's secret. And accept it well. Even agreeing to join his side. So would Shoji. Both agreing to help.

On Ji woudl reveal firebending powers.

Azula, wearign a disguise, can pretend to be an old pal to Katara's mum and trick her to think Zuko was plottign and tricked her to murder an innocent firebender-commander.. and tricked her to tell on the Sun-Warriors.

Satoshi: The Sun Warriors need us.

Sun-Chief: What's wrong?

Sun-Warrior Sentry: We're under attack!

Sun-Chief: You must help us.. for they found us.

Satoshi: I got a message from a spy among them. Azula is leading alogn with Shinyu who got promoted to general and the Rough Rhinos.

Satohis; They foud out.
Sun-Chief; Someone betrayed us.
HAm Ghao: Thee two.
Sun-Cheif; Enoguh. The Avatar would know better. But let's check. Draw lots. Anyone with the short one is the betrayer.

(KAtar p[icks the short one)
KAtar: ME?
Satoshi: I knew it. It was you who betrayed us to Azula.
Katar: Leis.
Sun Chief: You lie!

KAtar: You tricked me Azula.
Azula; Yes. I learned bout your lust fro revenge on the Fire-People. Your brother told so on the Boiling Rock. SO I took advantage whiel Satoshi wa away. I knew you'd do anything to get revenge... even by betraying your famiyl. And slaying the innocent such as the commander who went to warn Satoshi.
Katra; He was innocent.
Azula; Yess. You and I are aliek.
9she snickers)

On Ji; Why so angry?
KAtara: You saved Aang. And plan toi take him away. As Satoshi took away my hope when he persuaded Aang to spare Azula.
Zuko: Aang chose to do iot without persuasion.

Katr: I wrogneed all lifer. My lust for revnege and isjudgement on Zuko nearly destroyed all life. I also slew an innocent man. And I nearly got Lee killed with poison which Ursa cured. Onyl death can redeem my honour.
Roku: Do you really beleive it?
Katar: yeas.
Roku: KAtara. You claiemd youi knew the Avatar. But it';s a lioe. you knew only one. But you lacked knowledge about the others. Why eelse did you want to learn more about Kyoshi and I? And how come you had zeor knowldege about Wan, the first one? And why did you fail to spot Zuko is my decendant. Ifd you turely knew me, you woulda kwnon Zuko's true colorus and wleocmed him straight away.

Satoshi; You were far from the perfect creature you claiemd to be. You mighta been clever and strogn. But you messed up. If you were perfect, why did you trust Azula's lies and steal the Scroll? Simple. Anger. You were imperfect. But as long as you remember you are far from perfect, your heart would be pure and you';d be a decent person.

On Ji
Guest chapter 6 . 4/23/2016
Here are more ideas:

Sokka: Damn it.
Satoshi: you.
(he stares on Sokka's dress and laughes)
Satoshi: You look goofy. You should join a circus.

Satoshi: A Unagi. WHOAH!

Satoshi: This is Commander Zhao. A member from the Fire-Navy. And believe me. Better Zuko than him.
Sokka; A rival.
Satoshi: SO you do own a brain.
Sokka: Oi.
Zhao: Mingling with primitives.
Satoshi: Zhao. Our people were the same as them. Show respect. And leave the temple.
Zhao: Why?
Satoshi: Simpel. Roku would get you. If you shed any blood here, he;d get mad and channel onto the cureent one then make you pay the price for your greed and arrogance.
Zhao: I can handle him.
Satoshi: For Ho-Oh's sake. WHoever made you a commander musta been mad. Your plans lead to more tragedy than good... such as your suicidal mission which got you promoted from lieutenant to captain. One day, your ego is gonna be trouble.
(the last sentence is a forshadowing to Zhao's master-plan with the Moon-Spirit)

Satoshi: Roku's here. Now you're gonna get it.
(smiles on Roku's frightened face)
Zhao: Impossible.
(Roku breathes fire, burning up Zhao's uniform)
SAtoshi: WHo's the idiot now?

Paul can get a scar on his face caused by some lava when Roku uses lavabending.

Satoshi can be imrpessed by Roku's lavabending power and be pleased to'd witnessed how an Avatar can do such a powerful thing.

(Satoshi and Roku bow to eachother)
(Roku vanshies)

Zhao: You allowed Satoshi to warn Roku and his successor. You lot failed.
(furious with the Fire-Sages)

Satoshi: Yuyan Archers! Be careful. I saw one shoot an arrow which pinned a fly to a tree without killing it.

Satoshi can dress up. Zuko is the Blue Spirit. Satoshi can be dressed as some legendary thing similar to Mewtwo.

Satoshi: Hello, Colonel Shinu. Why so grumpy?
Satoshi: Commander Zhao got promoted to admiral.
Satoshi: Oh boy. Mr Pig-headed an admiral. Oh boy. The Fire-Navy's doomed.
(he rolls his eyes... picturing Zhao's mad schemes leading to trouble)
Colonel Shinyu: Tell me about it. He even suggested sending Yuyan Archers after the Avatar.. Madness.

Satoshi: Shinyu told me.
Admiral Zhao: You big-mouth.
Colonel Shinyu: I barely knew...
Admiral Zhao: Obviuosuly he tricked you. Damn it. Satoshi is a trickster. Too clever for you.

Satoshi can comfort Shinyu about Zhao causing trouble for him.

Aang : Thank you Satoshi.

Satoshi: Zhao. You'd gone too far this time.
(furious coz Zhao tried to slay the Moon Spirit)

The Ocean SPirit: Zhao. You betrayed all life. Now you shall pay the price. An eternity with suffering in the Lost Soul-Fog is the price for those who betray life.
SaintMichael95 chapter 6 . 7/25/2014
"The next time I upload a chapter won't take long." Riiiiiiight. Well it's been over a year... you should at least put in the description that this story is on hiatus or abandoned...
Infinity Ash chapter 5 . 6/23/2014
You should add May (Haruka) and make her as a kyoshi warrior with Suki and her kyoshi warriors
pachysam chapter 6 . 12/28/2013
Good one!
Satoshi's annoyance with Zhao was funny as was him assaulting Zhao for his naughty attack on Zuko for beating him!
I got ideas:

Satoshi: Why are you wearing a dress!
(struggles to stop laughing)
Sokka: Very funny!

Satoshi: Maybe wearing a dress would teach the arrogant warrior some humulity and respect for other races!

Satoshi: Zuko! Making deals with buccaneers would lead to disaster! They're liars and backstabbers!

Satoshi: Avatar Roku!
(Bows before Roku)

Satoshi: We got to meet Avatar Roku! WOW!

(Satoshi collides with Misty)
Misty: Careful! Why did you do it!
Satoshi: Sorry!
Misty: You firebenders always think we're weak because we're-!
(almost falls off a ledge but Satoshi saves her)

Misty: Why save me!
Satoshi: Youre a person as I am!

Misty: This boys quite sweet!

Aang: Thank you Satoshi!
Satoshi: You're welcome Aang!

Satoshi: Zuko! Aang saved us both! Quit blasting him!

Satoshi: Zhao! You megalomaniac! Destroy the fish-spirits and you'll destroy all creation! I forsaw it!

Satoshi can fight block Azula's lighting!

Satoshi: Your sister is mad Sokka! Her lust for revenge is consuming her! Ho-Oh fortold her revenge would result with the death of Aang!

Satoshi: Jet! Revenge would consume you! Quit blaming us for the actions of Colonel Mongke! Mongke was the one who destroyed your parents!
Jet: But your people attacked my land! My parents died because of your people!
Satoshi: Revenge and genocide would destroy all creation!
Jet: You're lying!
Satoshi: Correction! You lied! You lied about peace! But it was all about revenge! Murdering Zuko would destroy the world! He'll en the war!

Satoshi: Killing Zuko and the man who destroyed your mum would lead to you destroying Aang and the world! Ho-Oh told me so! Remember the Bloodbender! Which are you! Human or monster!

Satoshi: Azula! You monster!
(furious with Azula for blasting Aang with lighting)

Satoshi: Wow! Real dragons!

Satoshi can use a staff to block Sokka from attacking Zuko and form a force-shield to block the other's!

Satoshi: Good punch Suki! I can see why Sokka fancies you!
(watching Suki assault Sokka during his guard-disguise)

Satoshi: We seem to be becomign attached to tough girls eh Sokka!
(commenting on how the main boys fancy tough girls)

Satoshi: Yo Zhao! Come and get us! Or are you a pig-chicken!
Eeveelution-Trainer chapter 6 . 2/27/2013
Thanks for not abandoning this story! I can't wait for the next chapter.
fireclaw239 chapter 6 . 2/24/2013
cool. can't wait for it
Satoshi-Greninja chapter 6 . 2/24/2013
Glad to hear that nothing bad happened to you! I know that that might be a stupid thing to say. Hope you update soon.
Wildstar93 chapter 6 . 2/24/2013
Good luck in college. :)
Satoshi-Greninja chapter 1 . 2/19/2013
Does it mean that the Avatar and the Aura Master have the same destiny to take down the Fire Lord together? Please answer!
fireclaw239 chapter 5 . 12/26/2012
hope you update soon
Eeveelution-Trainer chapter 3 . 11/24/2012
No update? *cries in a corner*
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