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CableLink chapter 67 . 9/18
I really enjoyed this story. There were many elements I really liked about it, the realism for one. There was great character development and arcs. It definitely had it’s flaws throughout but overall was a really great story. One of my favorite segments was the part in the lost woods where Link was seeing the hero of time lead him through the woods. The ending was a surprise though, it was hard seeing Link’s downward spiral, he felt like a completely different person at the end, never even getting a moment to relish in his victory. The thing he had fought so hard for all along he didn’t even want at the end, a life of peace, it seemed so uncharacteristic. I was rooting for Link and Ilia the whole time, I feel like she is the right choice for him. Midna is like a poison and Ilia is the antidote, which is clear by the way he downward spiraled when she left. Midna used him, lied to him, and almost bullied him into loving her when he clearly had feelings for Ilia. Contrast to Ilia who was always kind, loving, never lied, knew him best having been close with him even before he was the hero. She ended up making the biggest sacrifice in the end letting him go because she wanted him to be happy more than anything else, even though she could have made him stay with her with two simple words, I wanted to cry. I will go on to read the sequel, all the while hoping he does not go back to Midna and ends up back with Ilia, especially once he finds out he has a son. Great work with this story!
denisegalante1009 chapter 7 . 9/17
I’m liking this!
MaybeLilyanne chapter 68 . 9/4
MaybeLilyanne chapter 67 . 9/4
Aaaaahhhhh this is the best fanfic I've ever read
MaybeLilyanne chapter 63 . 9/1
Awwhhhh I love thatt
MaybeLilyanne chapter 55 . 8/30
*big inhale*
MaybeLilyanne chapter 54 . 8/30
MaybeLilyanne chapter 53 . 8/30
Not even halfway through and my heart is RACING
MaybeLilyanne chapter 50 . 8/29
Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!
sayoriddlc25 chapter 68 . 8/21
This will always be my true ending
JCINNABAR chapter 7 . 7/3
Lord Bingus the Destroyer chapter 67 . 6/19
I understand that not every ending can be happy, and I admit that this was one of the best Fics that I have ever read, but the ending was so fucking disappointing. This is nothing more than a personal grievance, and the fact that I'm so distraught is a compliment to your work, but I don't think I have ever felt more empty after finishing something. That fucking hurt.
Thyme chapter 1 . 6/12
This story was amazing. I found this through a YouTube video where they dubbed the comic that was created for a certain water temple scene in this fanfic. I was never really into fanfics, I used to roleplay a lot and had a few Zelda themed rps, two of them were just retellings of Twilight Princess but with my own and my friends' characters. Roleplaying was always fun and I loved many of them that I did, but adulthood happened and time got away for the both of us. We still talk about trying to rp again but it's hard to find time. This however, this filled a hole in my chest and lit a fire in my brain, it reminded me of those days. Just telling a story that I already knew by heart (TP was the very first Zelda game I played, over 240 hours in alone on one save lol) but adding so much more. I saw you mentioned people complain about how often Link visited Kakariko, honestly those were some of my favorite scenes. It made me want to write my own TP story with my beloved characters, though it might feel more daunting without my friend to join me in writing her characters. The way you wrote some scenes, it was magical. I loved how detailed some parts were and even though this story is quite old, it still felt fresh and amazing nonetheless. The ending got me by UTTER surprise, I had no idea it would take that sort of a turn...I loved it. During the whole story my heart ached and I was caught on every moment. I nearly cried a few times. I was so...enthralled with your telling of this wonderful game. Today is Monday afternoon, I just finished getting caught up with the sequel and I started reading this whole thing on Thursday evening, while working three days out of that time. I'd get whatever small chores I had after work done and instantly become glued again. I stopped playing TotK for this story, I even skipped dinner one night and stayed up until 4am another. I never realized how captivated I was. Even just now, I got home from work less than an hour ago and quickly finished the last updated chapter of the sequel. I am so incredibly excited for the updates to come and it makes me wish this story would never end. Zelda as a franchise means so much to me. I've played all the games and was utterly obsessed as a child, the first game I really witnessed being made and released, teaser poster and all, was Skyward Sword. But Twilight Princess means more to me than the rest of the games. I have a tattoo of Zant on my shoulder for crying out loud lol. This has been a long winded review and ramble but I do hope you see it, this story has truly touched my heart and I am very tempted to go back and reread it all, at a MUCH slower pace, as I wait for the next update. Even though there are some scenes that I don't want to remember, I feel compelled to read it again. Thank you so much for writing this, it is something I won't forget.
MaybeLilyanne chapter 42 . 6/9
MaybeLilyanne chapter 40 . 6/9
I realized... They all use Din and Farore but like, where's Nayru? I've never heard any of them call Nayru's name not even once.
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