Reviews for Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
sam chapter 22 . 10/2
Just found this and enjoyed it. Will there be an update soon?
Angelcataanna chapter 22 . 8/26
Really love this story been waiting for an update forever
PercyJacksonROCKS4ever chapter 22 . 8/2
Wow this is the first fic that I have read with Harry/Lucius time travelling to the past and making wrongs right. It's absolutely fantastic and you are an amazing writer I just love this story and all your Harry/Mycroft stories too. Really looking forward to the next chapter so please update soooon.
Ie-maru chapter 22 . 7/29
Love this so much and am very much hoping for an update~!
Alice chapter 22 . 7/29
Hello! I love this story. I have seen that you have not upgrade. Could you update soon? Please please.
Michy1990 chapter 22 . 7/20
Your last update was on the November 19th 2014. I am wondering if you are continuing this story I have both favourited and followed this story and currently wondering when the next update will be?
CountessZeno chapter 22 . 6/21
I love this fic, its an interesting way of portraying the ship between Harry and Lucius. It has such an unique perspective to the changes within their lives as they strive to create a better future for the family they know that will eventually be theirs. I hope you update soon as I can't wait to see where you take the adventure next.
sanbeegoldiewhitey chapter 1 . 5/27
Poor Harry. He ended up with an evil Death Eater.
jgood27 chapter 22 . 5/19
Love this story and can't wait to read more, please update
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 22 . 4/21
This is brilliant

More soon please
silentnight00 chapter 22 . 3/27
This story is awesome! I can't wait for more.
Lady K chapter 22 . 3/24
I do hope you can update this fic (;_;)
My Alternate Reality chapter 22 . 3/17
I do hope your muse comes back for this story, we are so close to seeing the end of Voldie!
One-Step-From-Hell chapter 22 . 3/16
It's great story! When will be the next chapter? I can't wait.
Lil'Am chapter 22 . 3/12
Awesome story ! I loved it :D And I can't wait to finally see the end of Voldemort ;) Do you know if you'll be updating soon ?
Thanks for writing this story :)
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