Reviews for Designing characters
Dr. Michaela Quinn chapter 153 . 7/2
I like it :) Haha, I liked the 'Ted's twin could be the NCIS guy' however I do the same thing when I'm working with an actor who's done multiple things :D Sweet to talk about the ceremonies... As for finding the minister, I think either person can do that... But I've never been married to know for sure.
Dr. Michaela Quinn chapter 152 . 7/2
I always pictured Brownie as a bassett hound; I'm not sure why.. I just always have :D AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... so sweet
Dr. Michaela Quinn chapter 151 . 7/2
Very amusing :) I laughed many times... Ahh, seems like these ladies are always getting themselves in some kind of trouble :D
Sammytyler chapter 153 . 6/29
Loved the that episode anthony and etienne renew their vows
Sammytyler chapter 152 . 5/28
So sad happy that Carolina likes mary jo happy she got a new puppy
Sammytyler chapter 151 . 5/19
Would have left the hotel to scared of roaches to always had bad luck on vacations
Guest chapter 151 . 5/19
hate roaches they always had bad vacations together would have left the hotel to
Sammytyler chapter 150 . 5/11
liked craig nice guy nobody gave him a chance
Dr. Michaela Quinn chapter 150 . 5/11
Poor Craig... He seems like such a sweet kid but nobody gave him a chance growing up. Unfortunately I don't remember the episode with him in it... I liked the chapter though...
Dixie Belled chapter 149 . 5/6
I love this. I would love to read more about or with Julia in it though.
Dr. Michaela Quinn chapter 149 . 5/5
I liked it! I don't remember the episode it's based on so I have to go find it.. I find the irony in Etienne being nervous to give Anthony's speech... Nice chapter :)
Sammytyler chapter 148 . 4/28
Happy that mary jo is finaly getting her happy ending With DP
Dr. Michaela Quinn chapter 148 . 4/28
I love it! Mary Jo's innocence, B.J. with her big opinions :) I do think at their age people might question why they are getting married- but I feel everybody has a right to be happy... Ted did her WRONG and so I'm glad she's got D.P. in her life... She needs somebody to love her and show her the wonderful person she is... Funny and sweet all rolled into one, you have done it again! :) Eager to read the next chapter.
Sammytyler chapter 147 . 3/30
So cute so romantic loved it
Dr. Michaela Quinn chapter 147 . 3/30
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