Reviews for Fine Feathered Friends
KellyRoxton chapter 1 . 11/5/2010
Oh my goodness what a GREAT story I really wish we saw this on the show.. HOwever with your writing and the perfect drawing of the characters I saw it all happening in my head.. Grins GREAT Job. I hope you write more stories from the Lost World I miss that tv show.. Hugs.

rann chapter 1 . 10/18/2010
Loved the story before on TLWFix! I'm happy that you got it posted on .

Nice virtual season 4 vibe.
Bunny1 chapter 1 . 9/23/2010
This... oh, this... was brilliant! Loved it! :D
VisualIDentificationZeta chapter 1 . 9/21/2010
great story, loved it!
Anon chapter 1 . 9/19/2010
Quite enjoyable, thanks for sharing.
Gemini Explorer chapter 1 . 9/19/2010
OOOh...GOOD story! I loved it, although I often winced at spelling and other errors. I'll hit a few high points, noting that minor spelling and punctuation issues affectr all of us at times. I've caught errors in my own stories, typed when tired. And I proofread three times!

The bad stuff: No Finn, just a reference to her, as if she was gone. (Finn fan here.) Machineguns aren't "artillery." Too small. Vee's knife goes in a "sheath." "Pouches" are for big (folded) pocketknives. (I'm wearing one as we speak.) "Scabbards" are for swords. (Just FYI on that.) "Foolhardy" is one word, not hyphenated. You want "bawl" where you have "ball" toward the end. There were a couple of other misused words. Boudica was a female general, as well as queen. She fared no better than Joan of Arc. (Winking Smilie here.) Like on the show, M&R were too fake for a couple that much in love, for that long. But M&R fans expect that charade... I doubt that a corset would stop bullets, except for some really low-velocity pistol ammo. (But a very clever idea for a fic. And if a bullet hit at the wrong angle, it possibly could glance off of stiff whalebone. Maybe.

Many Britons like coffee. James Bond preferred it to tea, "that opiate of the masses" in Ian Fleming's books. (I like both.) Hmmm...pity that you didn't keep Finn around and get her with George, as I did. Challenger wouldn't have an "unshaven neck," for Finny barbered him in my stories! (Smirking Smilie here. Couldn't resist. Sorry.)

One of the BIG errors was in saying that they could fly John to Britain. Heck, Lindbergh didn't even cross the Atlantic by air until 1927! They'd go via ship.

Finally, why would those little dinos be so heavy?

No time for more. Let's cite the really positive. Excellent dialogue, very like the characters, and the new people seemed to fit their roles. I run words though my mind, converting them to images in the brain. I see stories like I would movies, down to tiny details, if there. I felt as if I was invisibly watching this action unfold. The planes were clever, and the machinegunner. I'd mention the planes and the type of machinegun, but realize that few fic writers have the background or research time or interest for that. The oil-eating dinos were original, but why? The answer would add to the story. I wouldn't have them shoot that much ammunition; dinos could be speared as they gained the Treehouse railing. Or, George could pour some experiment down the trunk, repelling them. (Why do no fic scribes but me mention machetes in this jungle environment, come to think of it? Probably takes the superior male mind to think of that. Grinning Smilie here.)

I'm out of time. But, despite the errors mentioned, I'll say that you really hooked me into this, and I'll try your other stories. If you pay a bit more attention to details, you'll be one of the finest TLW fic writers, ever. Your ideas and characterizations are laudable. Gad, I ENJOYED

this! (Happy face Smilie here.)

Gemini Explorer
ficscribbler chapter 1 . 9/17/2010
One of my all-time favorites! Very accurate characterizations of our adventurers; scary new dino's; fiendish foes; nice plot twists and action; wonderful romantic bits for Roxton and Marguerite, Ned and Veronica, and even George and Jessie; the bad guys got what they deserved; very satisfying resolution.

You wove the necessary ingredients for Marguerite's heroism into the story so naturally that only in looking back did I see how you laid the groundwork. I also enjoyed the depth to the friendships, not just the romances. I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading it. Thanks for posting it here, Dindochsies. :-)