Reviews for Marie D Suesse And The Mystery New Pirate Age!
Guest chapter 34 . 10/8
I love your take on the Mary Sue character! I loved the heart-wrenching moments, the fridge horrors, the sacrifices, how you tried to potray reality...
AkwardPanda89 chapter 34 . 8/17
So I found this when just browsing on Tumblr, and I have to say, it has been one of the greatest things I have ever found on the Internet. I love this story so much, and there's so many things I want to comment and praise this on, but I just don't know where to start.
This story is truly one of a kind, and I enjoyed every second of reading it! There were so many plot-twists and cliffhangers, you always had me on the edge of my seat, plotting and guessing what would happen next, or what had happened that made this the way it is. Even though barely any of my predictions were correct, this story was (is) amazing!
Catlover4536 chapter 33 . 7/2
That ending. One of the best I have ever read.

The most sad, but fitting, ending I have ever read.

This story is truly, one in a million.
Catlover4536 chapter 31 . 7/2
Ho** sh*t. My f**king god. That ending. The drama. So intense. I had an idea, and it was just conformed. Still, my gosh, that ending.
Catlover4536 chapter 15 . 7/1
Oh my gosh, that cliff hanger. That was perfect.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/26
The plot is interesting, but the narration is overdone. I know the author said that the narrator was supposed to be lemony (snicket) like or something, but the narration prevents me from enjoying the story. There are too many side comments that draw me off from the main plot.
IsiffeRiffa99 chapter 33 . 5/22
Excuse me, random reader coming through. ;)
Teilchenzoo chapter 33 . 4/7
Well, I can tell you, this story did not go missing in the wolrdwideweb once it ended. I spent a whole night reading through it and simply skipped the sleep because, well, this was some really good story. Well worth it. I really enjoyed it.
And you are completely right. It is not the ridiculous amount of not-very-likely-to-happen-things that make Mary Sues detestable, but the fact that they are poorly written and highly illogical beings noone can relate to. You succeeded in creating a character one adores although she is clichéd as hell, simply by giving her profile and making things LOGICal ;). So thank you for the lesson!
Teilchenzoo chapter 27 . 4/7
Wow, that's quite a turn. I always suspected Madelyn to be a Mary Sue sucked into the One Piece World, but that this world would produce its own Mary Sue ... it's so befitting. Those Celestial Dragons are hollow, the perfect canvas for portaying such a selfish and low character.
Teilchenzoo chapter 21 . 4/7
Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Right now I am not able to do something toher but squeal. I THANK YOU for writing this brilliant piece of fiction, not just because it is a great adventure, but for all that picking at clichéd Mary-Sue-stories. You sure have a way with words and captured me. I did not even notice how time flies. All I wanted was to have a look if I would like to read that story later, and look at me now. Chapter 21!
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading it for I am a little too overwhelmed, but I just had to stop and comment on that point, because this was a great "I knew it"-moment. (The way he was talking when not playing his role. The way the marine ships were wrecked. His way of fighting - blades, so unlike Chopper, so befitting for a surgeon.)

And last, but not least: I LOVE your characters. They are full of personality. Especially when contrasted with all the Mary-Sue-Gary-Stu-marines and -priates. Thank you.
Timmog98 chapter 1 . 3/7
Ooooohh, nice twist on this type of story. I think I'll keep reading it.
Ebil Stasia chapter 34 . 3/1
A general rule of thumb of mine when reading fan fictions is to skip any story with the "OC is transported from the real world to the fiction world" cliche. I even originally skipped over your story thanks to the first sentence in your description. Luckily, I saw it recommended elsewhere on the internet and decided to give it a try. And I am so very glad that I did. Your story was an absolute gem from beginning to end.
Guest chapter 29 . 1/2
Waittttttt. Red can actually not kill mar. I mean find a loophole. The tenryuubito said kill the pirate queen. But mar isn't actually the pirate queen.
PurpleKetloom chapter 34 . 1/3
It's almost 8am, and I just finished reading. I couldn't stop.

Oh. My. God. I... idk what to say. This is, without a doubt, absolutely genius and well executed. A top three FF for me! Thank you so much for Her story.
Seor chapter 7 . 12/13/2015
this is harrowing and painful to read...
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