Reviews for Marie D Suesse And The Mystery New Pirate Age!
Katheryn chapter 33 . 3/29
That was... (for lack of a better word) awesome. I'm pretty sure that there is more than just the occasional reader that stumbles across this. This is almost true treasure with fanfics, pretty much no grammar mistakes, good writing style, original plot, thought-provoking. In short, awesome. Aaaand... that's all I'd like to say. I never thought I would like a fanfic where there are pretty much no original characters and the only ones are about 50 years old. Good job. I stare at you through the computer screen in awe. Goodbye.
Hallelujah It's Food chapter 34 . 2/26
THIS WAS SO GOOD! Holy shit, I cried like, a lot. It was just so beautiful? Thank you thank you thank you for this amazing story. It was honestly one of the best I have ever read.
Wyrvel chapter 33 . 2/21
This is so emotionally draining, I marathoned the entire thing and watching it jump from shallow parody to this fully-fledged powerful story with stakes and a realistic angle to the mary-sue spam (the wish-granting character from an in-canon perspective of entitlement was LITERAL GENIUS) made my heart jump in sync...also all that Law content made my heart jump. I'm not the type to experience romance, but the 'GOD YOU'RE DISTRACTINGLY HOT' of a teenage girl was...uncomfortably relatable. We Are All Law(colloquial and quite rude term, considering a lack of literal lust, but still more or less descriptive of the sense of possessive adoration)ers.

I cried through this entire chapter, and that means you damn well succeeded at what you set out to do, and in spades. Thank you for writing this genius fic three years ago. What a RUSH.
SiZodiac chapter 31 . 1/29
Madelyn disgusted me. Donquixote Homing, his wife, and Rocinante came from the exact same background. and they are angels, especially Roci. Hell even Doflamingo who was born a complete monster is a slightly better person than Madelyn.
Rexan chapter 34 . 11/26/2016

For real. I cried at the thirty-third chapter. The thought of Mr. Seusse all by himself, with all that confusion and feeling of loss was too much, and the thought of not-Disinfector having a similar odd feeling, and, for myself who has cried to sleep at the incomprehensibility of "forever" more than once, the idea of losing one's existence was too much.

It was so beautiful, and the first part of the chapter was especially so sad-BWAAAAAAH! -Franky tears-

New topic (Suddenly - transition), thanks especially for the credits roll in this last chapter! I'm a total "Bonus Features"/"Bonus Content" nerd, so this was awesome. You even had the analytical "This is why I cut this" or "This is why I changed this" comments! -fangirls and flaps arms around- The analysis about Mary Sues was spot on. Again, your profile at least a couple years colored some of my subsequent thoughts about characters who seemed to be Mary Sues or Gary Stus. After joining fanfiction and learning about Mary Sues, and I started despising all sorts of movies and stories for their overpowered/tragic-backstoried characters. After seeing your summarized analysis on your profile, I was a lot more chill about it and came to like many such characters. Now, the point I had *meant* to make after flapping my arms around was "I laughed when reading about Mar and Madelyn's results on the Mary Sue litmus test, and what those results meant." (See, I got there eventually.)

Wait... -looks at my last review- -proceeds with a self-centered comment- ...Oh my. I really did write "bare with me" instead of "bear with me" in my last review. Please forgive such an accidental and tasteless request.

Since I'm bad with transitioning my rambles, another new topic! It was cool: In chapter 33 I almost went to the One Piece wiki to look up "Gurnarde." I was all "Derp, I recognize this name, but I'm not good with the Fishman Island Arc. Who is that again? -derp derp derpity dope- OH RIGHT derp." It was cool that you were able to create a name that seemed so One Piece-esque, and I'm also glad you explained the name.

One last thought. (Okay, never mind. I just thought of another.) Well, the thought I was STARTING with was about Madelyn’s diaries. I keep a daily journal (manly term for “diary”), which I yesterday wrote immediately before writing my review, and I had been mortified to feel like a Tenryuubito: my entry’s first whole paragraph, taking up two-thirds of the page, was all about Pokemon GO. I felt horrifically self-indulgent, but then accidentally (and then with much glee) broke that horror with the next paragraph’s next sentence: “Cleaned the mound of chicken poop.” I share this both for the amusement, and also for the influence your writing had on my thought process for a bit. I almost paranoidly (Is that even a word?) began to write down the rest of the menial labor I did yesterday, recognized the reason and actual fear in the writing of it, decided that was stupid, and wrote about other things. Nice writing. Also, brownie points for writing Madelyn’s two different ages convincingly. Now for the second thought. I gave you kudos on something that you didn’t do in yesterday’s review. I’ve had similar happen before with my own stories, in which someone compliments (1) some brilliant connection that I didn’t actually notice or (2) something I’m foreshadowing that actually never occurred to me. Sorry if that made you uncomfortable at all; it’s always made me feel awkward.

I shall PM about typos and similar things. ) Much esteem and applause for sticking with this story and finishing it, and especially with finishing it so well. To use Catlover4536’s perfect word: “fitting.” I actually expected it to be crueller, given the story’s patterns of… death. Lots of death. If you’re still struggling with writer’s block for any of your other stories, I hope you’re able to find another work that helps break it as well as this one did! All your work on this one paid off! (Well, figuratively, if you don’t count this as a huge non-profit PSA for Mary Sues/seeming-Mary Sues.) Thanks for sharing, uploading, and caring about the quality of the work! It was breathtaking!
Rexan chapter 26 . 11/25/2016
Currently reading chapter 27. Yesterday I spent 15-20 minutes copying the fic over to a Google Doc so I could put it on my Kindle. :D (For anyone curious, it's possible to still copypaste text from the website on an iPhone. LOOPHOLLLLLES)

I'm really caring about everything that's going on with Mar, and it's fun to see your jabs at overpowered OC Devil Fruits. Mar's own ability is surprisingly suspenseful and interesting.

This next paragraph is stuff that's bugging me. (1) There is/was great inconsistency with capitalizing "The." For instance, "the Disinfector" seems to be more common than "The Disinfector," (Well, you know, placed within a sentence rather than at the start) and same with "the" versus "The Sunny." Distracting. (2) This bit, you can probably almost completely ignore. (Well, you can completely ignore it, given the fic's completed lol) The title and cover picture give the idea of a humorous fic. I took "Mystery New Pirate Age" with the context of how Luffy ascribes the adjective "mystery" to just about anything not straightforward. PLUS the title has a play on the name "Mary Sue." Well, my baaaad. xD The fic is correctly labeled as a Mystery/Horror story (which I remembered that I'd noticed before, and which is why I'll bet I didn't read it the first time I saw it). *To get to my point,* (sorry for the ramble) I do feel myself starting to detach from the fic, especially after the most recent tragedy to Mar and their discoveries (Aaaargh! I don't want to give massive spoilers in this review, but I don't know if you even know what I'm talking about! -flips a tiny table-) One Piece is NOT a death series. (I feel really childish and lame writing that. Please bare with me... orz) With the way the story's so generous with killing off characters, even bad guys, every single time what comes to mind is Oda explaining that he purposefully doesn't include so much death in One Piece because he takes it seriously; he'd lost people in real life, and he doesn't want to take death lightly. So, all the killing is also distracting. If I figure out which SBS Question Corner chapter/volume that's in, I'll leave that in a review ('cause I'm a nerd).

In other thoughts, major kudos to you about portraying a sociopath, ie. an individual who has no feelings of morality or empathy. I juuuuuuust started reading Madelyn's thoughts about Charlos getting punched, and I'm just thinking, "Wow. With her (1) imploring reaction to Law leaving her crew so many years ago seeming to ask for pity (2) her horribly self-centered reaction when he talks to her again years after that, and (3) her self-centered and egotistical diary, these are perfect sociopathic actions. Sociopaths most often reach for others' pity and don't feel for others. Nice."

There's a lot of good stuff in this fic, and I'm going to read it all the way through, with almost certainly no regrets (I mean, poor endings have killed more than one fantastic story, so I'll just have to see once I get there :P). The story's darkness just seems several levels too dark for a One Piece fic that's taking efforts to be so faithful to the series. (I *am* almost done with Dressrosa, so while I'm not totally caught up, I do still know how dark and serious One Piece can get.) Just to tell you how good I think the writing is, though: Since I'm working on my own story, and my writing style basically seems to be on an osmosis basis (in other words, my writing style will be similar to whatever I read last), this is one of probably fewer than five extended fics I've kept reading since starting my story again. I'm also probably going to type up some of the scenes for my own reference. Great job capturing foreboding, dread, and desperation. Really great job.

And I apologize for this immense review. Did I warn you in my PM that succinctness isn't a strength? I think I did. -checks- Yes I did! -crisis averted- I hope I didn't bore you too badly with this text block!
Rexan chapter 12 . 11/24/2016
"Outworlders"? PLOT TWIIIIIST

(Translation: I'm enjoying the fic.)
Rexan chapter 3 . 11/21/2016
Woohoo! I'm looking forward to reading more of this! Your AN, talking about there being almost no canon characters... Welp, now I'm wondering if we'll see the crew at all. (It would be a crime if we didn't because that would mean Luffy forever lost Shanks's hat.) I'm also wondering how much of a consistency/spelling stickler you are, since "sea-king" was sometimes hyphenated, sometimes not, and it may have been alternatively capitalized and not. Also, at one point you spelled "okay" as "ok." I could point everything out, if you like. :P

Bookmarked, and I shall read more tomorrow! Thanks for sharing your flu meds-induced wackiness.
Guest chapter 34 . 10/8/2016
I love your take on the Mary Sue character! I loved the heart-wrenching moments, the fridge horrors, the sacrifices, how you tried to potray reality...
AkwardPanda89 chapter 34 . 8/17/2016
So I found this when just browsing on Tumblr, and I have to say, it has been one of the greatest things I have ever found on the Internet. I love this story so much, and there's so many things I want to comment and praise this on, but I just don't know where to start.
This story is truly one of a kind, and I enjoyed every second of reading it! There were so many plot-twists and cliffhangers, you always had me on the edge of my seat, plotting and guessing what would happen next, or what had happened that made this the way it is. Even though barely any of my predictions were correct, this story was (is) amazing!
Catlover4536 chapter 33 . 7/2/2016
That ending. One of the best I have ever read.

The most sad, but fitting, ending I have ever read.

This story is truly, one in a million.
Catlover4536 chapter 31 . 7/2/2016
Ho** sh*t. My f**king god. That ending. The drama. So intense. I had an idea, and it was just conformed. Still, my gosh, that ending.
Catlover4536 chapter 15 . 7/1/2016
Oh my gosh, that cliff hanger. That was perfect.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/26/2016
The plot is interesting, but the narration is overdone. I know the author said that the narrator was supposed to be lemony (snicket) like or something, but the narration prevents me from enjoying the story. There are too many side comments that draw me off from the main plot.
IsiffeRiffa99 chapter 33 . 5/22/2016
Excuse me, random reader coming through. ;)
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