Reviews for Marie D Suesse And The Mystery New Pirate Age!
LilyAllycia chapter 34 . 11/18
This was a great story. I had a great time reading it and i loved the ending. Even though paet of me feels that sense of finality, the other part of me is scrwaming for more. To calm that part, i shall go and look at fanart for this fanfic.

Anyway, the characters where all well done and amazingly written. And the fact that Mar grew and learned helped, too. But maaaaaan. Law can't seem to chatch a break, can he? It's almost like he's got a big sign over his head saying 'DESTORY EVERYTHING I LOVE!' Anyway, i had a feeling the narrator was Law. The snippy behavour did feel reminiscent of him. A part of me wishes disinfector!Law got some kind of clousure, well, i guess he did, in a way, but it still feels open ended to me. I also want to see more with kitty!Mar, but those little snippets where very enjoyable, nontheless.

Anyqay, in closing, love your story, it was very well written and you make a good point on Mary Sues. Time to go look through that fanart! :)
xXxRena-MariexXx chapter 34 . 11/17
This story is really... Wow. I honestly can't say anything other than that. No complaints, No criticisms. The humor was spot on, the original characters (and few canon characters) are all perfect and memorable in their own ways, I cried a river or two of tears, I loved the horror aspects, the wordplay was snappy and quick, the dialogue wasn't overly weighty and felt like stuff that real humans (and fishmen) would actually say, and I cried a lot... Dear Lord, did I mention that I cried at least half my bodily fluids out? It blows me away that a fic that uses humor and wit to deconstruct Mary-Sue tropes can be gut wrenchingly sad, violent, dark, mysterious, and incredibly serious. I dove into this expecting an over-the-top display of "look how any tropes I can cram in this story" and instead got a rich storyline with genuine mystery and grief. Thank you for wowing us! I know that I was really blown away by all of it, and I think that everybody else who's read this feels very similarly.

You are amazing, a fabulous writer with tremendous talent. Take the compliment! Take it, let it go to your head a bit, then write more stuff that floors your readers like this story did!
Terra Cloud chapter 34 . 11/16
I binge-read this when I came across it a couple of weeks ago, then I kept forgetting to leave a review. Sorry for that :P

As for the review part, this is probably the most satisfying thing I have ever read on Fanfiction ever. I love it. Seriously. Enough that I read it out to my friends to get them to read it, too (and yet I kept forgetting about reviewing, I know).
This actually taught me stuff about Mary Sues and cliches and tropes... probably the reason I love it so much.
Anyways, brilliant job, and please continue to make awesome stuff like this :D
MOOOmas101 chapter 6 . 10/15
When you say the boom was attacking Mar do you mean a broom?
Wandering the Arid Sea chapter 34 . 9/28
That was unbelievably awesome.

From the first chapter to the last you had me hooked in this amazing adventure. All the scenes and all the characters, from Marie's house to the Sunny and The Disinfector, the depth of your fic is amazing. I loved haunted settings and surreal experience Marie had.

When the food in the fridge changed from rotten to good, and Marie closed the door, I actually felt shivers up my spine. Y.Y

I laughed out loud when Law pointed out how fantastically amazing it was that Marie so closely resembled the Pirate Queen, with so many characters pointing out how she could have passed off as her from 20 years ago and then wondering out loud why Marie never realized this angle. That whole scene was so rich and poignant.

When Garrett commented that Law was his wife's ex I actually laughed so hard I had trouble breathing.

The whole part with the Merman King and Red had me in tearing up. I actually closed this story for a few days after the part where Tony died on Law's operating table.

And damn, the Logic-Logic fruit. xDD

When I thought it only increased logical thinking that was insane and yet it turned out to be the perfect devil fruit all along.

This is the best One Piece fic I have ever read and perhaps one of the best fanfics ever in all my time here.

I cried at the end when Marie never was.

Loved every minute of this, even the sad parts. Glad you wrote this. 8s
Kokos chapter 34 . 9/10
I now read though the whole fic and I loved it. Don't know if you know but Suesse is a way of writing the word Süße (if you don't have the letters ü and ß on your keyboard) which is german for sweety. I think it fits the Mary Sue cliché aswell. (Also with having an exotic foreign name that has some dull meaning behind it. Though normaly it definitely not german thats used for this.)
But there is one thing that still bugs me to no end. When did Luffy become the Pirate King and Madelyn the Pirate Queen? Luffy was executed before he could make it and Madelyn left after she thought Law died. In the time between Laws disappearance to the Sunny and his reappearance with the ensue-what's-its-name-spray she was infiltrating Impel Down. She shouldn't have had the time to make it to Raftel nor was it ever mentioned. Or did I overlook this somehow?

Apart from that I loved the story. It shocked me a little how you killed the strawheads off. Till the end I still had some hope left that they will magically reappear because I somehow can't really comprehent the fact that they could have died without even really have any screen time. It's like there is a whole other story in the past that the reader only gets a glance of through fragments of what some chacacters talk about. It's unusual in fanfictions to just not get every detailed information of the past happening but I really loved the way you told the story. Since I really hate the frequent use of flashbacks I wouldn't have even liked it that way. Seriously, it doesn't matter who fought who twenty years ago. What's important is that it was brutal and the Strawheads lost. Thank you very much.
Even though there's a lot more I want to write about, I don't feel like it anymore since I am writing with my phone and the small writing window and constand type-mistakes annoy me to no end. So let me summarise: praise praise, your fic was awesome. Was educational for writing but had a great storyline aswell. Another praise. Thank you for writing it.
Now I will check out your other fanfictions or your favs.
Bye :)
Meno Melissa chapter 34 . 9/4
I read this story ages ago, before you edit chapter 1 of this story as of 2013. It's been quite some time so I can't remember correctly many of the details in this fic or my emotional state at the time. But when I find this again today and reread the last 3 chapters, I cry. Probably again. It's so beautiful and i love it. Waiting for the Harry Potter sequel !
Trainer Azurite chapter 34 . 7/15
I have always hated OCs, no matter how minor. However, I truly loved your story as well as all the characters. Like the Dragon Chronicles, the OC, despite powerful, had flaws and characteristics of a true One Piece character. The story displayed what Mary Sues are, not what they are thought to be. I really hope to read more of your stories in the future.
geckogal077 chapter 1 . 6/22
I like the way this is written. Onwards to the next chapter!
Thanks for writing!
Pischaw chapter 33 . 6/18
This story has been a blast to read! All those plot twists omg theyre amazing
MBScavenger1498 chapter 34 . 5/27
This story came highly recommended and did not disappoint! It's very different from the other bits of your work that I've read. The insight into what makes a sue, and what defines bad storytelling was probably the best part, but the whole story was superb, even if the narrator was occasionally clunky in his delivery.

Excellent work,

Undying Soul98 chapter 34 . 5/24
This was a wonderful story- it was a meaningful insight into the Mary Sue genre, and as someone who is a fan of Self Inserts, I certainly enjoyed seeing how you played some things straight and outright made the OP universe post apocalyptic Mary Sue land, while in other areas subverting and deconstructing tropes. Truly this deserves credit, and while I am sad that Mar ceased to exist, I must admit that it was a fitting ending for a fic like this, and the epilogue was equally fitting- though I still have questions concerning Narrator!Law, but oh well. *SHrugs*. In short, thank you for 120K of this.
FourthWallBreaker chapter 34 . 4/24
Oh my goodness. I have no idea how I missed reading this one when I found your eleven supernovas fic. XD I gotta say, you tackled this with so much thought put into it that it kept me away from my homework for a couple of hours - the time it took to read the whole thing. Oh. My. Goodness.

You have impeccable taste in writing-styles, friend. I'm looking forward to whatever else you might have in mind. And there are A LOT of Mary Sue ideas out there that could do with a good kick in the head. It makes me wonder if you're going to write any other stories about that Harry Potter one you mentioned. It would definitely be interesting to see if, say, someone tore the Pokemon fandom to pieces. XD
Yuuzhan Vong Jedi chapter 34 . 4/9
You know, I've always thought of IMBA as internet speak for "I'M BadAss". I realize that's not what it is, but I'm surprised how often it works both ways. Also, I don't know why people can't figure out the very simple balance solution for the Copy-Copy fruit. Short duration with a possible dash of no control.

I sometimes love the appendices more than the stories in books. Does that make me weird?
Yuuzhan Vong Jedi chapter 33 . 4/9
"Yeah, I know I'm rather bad at estimating" Yet another thing you have that in common with Oda. He's bad at estimating things too. :)

Without a doubt, Gurnarde is my favorite character in this story. I don't remember the exact chapter but there was one point where you described her bloodlust and the mental picture it created was so vivid I had to step away from the computer for a moment. If you want to get an idea, the closest I can think of is as a fish version of the picture of Shadow Yuuko on TV Tropes under "Slasher Smile".

I'm afraid that most of the time I was so impatient to get to the next chapter, so I didn't leave reviews as often as I would had liked. Overall, it was very interesting watching the fic shift as you went along. I could actually watch your intentions and thoughts on Sue's shift as the chapters went on.

All in all, I very much enjoyed reading and look forward to reading more of your work!
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