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xJeebas chapter 12 . 5/25/2016
PokePaleontologist chapter 29 . 12/19/2015
So this probably, oh, the third or so time I've read through this tome (which I guess is the only appropriate word) and I've got to say, this is a very, very well done piece of work. Not perfect, but still miles above many other pieces of literature out there. Your world building is superb, fleshing out a world the anime has only hinted at. All the little details, the references to culture and history, and the continuity therein just excites the mind. The dialogue is natural and funny, and I found myself laughing aloud a handful of times. And the action is pretty badass. I enjoy it, at least.

You are given towards providing long-winded technobabble, while also hand-waving it away, but this became less common as the story went along.

I love the multiple points of view and the huge ensemble you've got going on, but it makes me also just a bit concerned about the story's focus - you teased us really hard there with the first chapter, and then the hints and sometimes outright development you've sprinkled in. I know its about the journey, not the destination, but damn if I don't want to see Ash's title defense or Misty getting into it with Loreilei. This is mostly my impatience talking.

Its been half a year since the last update, but I haven't given up hope! I first stormed through this back in, oh, must've been late 2012, and have checked about once a week for updates. The stuff about human nature and the way the characters interact is at least though-provoking, and has given me some food for thought outside of this work. So please, continue! Your work does not go unappreciated, and even if it did, it stands well enough on its own!
acpeters chapter 29 . 11/8/2015
So it took me the better part of a week but I finally finished this story. I will admit I stumbled upon this and the first chapter didn't really grasp me, but I wanted to read the first few for a fair chance. After the third chapter I was hooked and almost exclusively read this story in any free time I had. Wow there is a lot that has gone on and is going on in this story, and I am loving every bit of it. The Pokemon corps thing was a big surprise when I got there because I have not ever seen that type of twist in a story like this before, and I must say it was a very realistic way to mature ash some in a realistic and not so over the top way. Now it seems some of the story lines are coming together and I am very excited to see where the story goes from here
T51b Moridin chapter 3 . 9/4/2015
Lol so this is how he will somehow end up interacting with hjnter j again. Oh and j is kinda hot. In that weird they are animations that arnt drawn verg good but if you squint your eyes just right are great kinda way.
T51b Moridin chapter 2 . 8/28/2015
That was overall an intense series of events. What an emotional roller coaster.
T51b Moridin chapter 1 . 8/18/2015
It sounds interesting. Its a major change compared to the usual overt ahipping with a 10 year old stories. It has substancw, plot, narrative, and evokes emotional responses from the reader whether in sympathetic misery anguish or anger. Food stuff.
Nauran chapter 29 . 7/29/2015
That last scene-break really highlights the difference in tone with these stories and characters. Like, A LOT. Haha!

Damn, well, looks like that's it. Doc and Holiday are done. You had me going there for a while. But you finally pulled the trigger on them. I'm gonna legitimately miss them.

This Team Rocket business is getting outta hand! When civilians start getting involved, you know shit's getting real. And J! Holy crap, J is just getting scarier and scarier.

Roxie is still one of my (if not my top) favourite characters going in this story. By the way, what was Lance about to say, when he said "I believe you referred to her as Tot-" before Roxie interrupted him? I'm a little curious. And great, now there's MORE to her?! She fought the PLF alongside Cheren and RED? And Hilda died along the way?! This is some deep lore, bro.

We keep going back to Uranium. Makes me think she has some big part coming, eh?

Man, you lit off quite a few chapters this time around! Still, I'm as patient as a cucumber to wait. Always a pleasure!
ThyOtherSide chapter 29 . 7/3/2015
Excellent chapter as always! Oh man. You're killing people off left and right! You're twisted haha. I can't wait to see what sort of violence and death appears in the next chapter.
PolarDawn chapter 29 . 6/30/2015
Aw dammit. You let Doc live, so of course you had to kill Holiday. Of course. Unless he somehow gets magically brought back to life. Hey, you never know.

I quite enjoyed all the stuff with Roxie this time around, and I'm very curious as to how this whole rehab thing will go. She doesn't really seem like the type to take to that so easily, but then again she's doing it so she doesn't go to jail, so... We'll see I guess.

What would a chapter of PKMN2K10 be without some cruelty and murder? Gotta love the brutality of J and K, dontcha? I liked it better than last chapter I think. Less comic. I dunno.

And then we have Ash, showing up at his house and finding a bunch of his friends. I can't remember if you talked about them being there in previous chapters or not, and so I'm interested to see (maybe for the second time lol) why exactly they're there.

You're on a roll right now, aren't you?! Keep it going!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 29 . 6/29/2015
well. romance from hell.

and alot of the humans dont seem to grasp the good ol, I have pokemon thing... nor having the training for help. youve made good use of the psychic but damm do the other super humans and aura adepts need to step it up.

course everything is a fleshy critter even with its magic energy stuff... so guns.

also Ash having an ADVENTURE!
that leads to intervention.
how fun! the questions of mystical perversions in Ashes character asaide... course they HAVE delt with such things before I distinctly remember something about a king of olympus possesing him... but well, fun times!
the group of companion adventures and they learn why ash made them work together... welp.

still test of time, he doesnt have to be in your presence 24/7, meaning that he CAN be your friend outside of it as you keep in contact more than a movie here or there.
Mr. Ace chapter 29 . 6/29/2015
Strange...I thought this story was about Ash and his growth as a trainer not a bunch of OCS and other characters. You seem to be off track with the plot and the direction where the story is going if you made Ash a secondary character to his own story.
Vryheid chapter 28 . 6/27/2015
After three days of marathon reading through this story, the biggest feeling I was left with was a whole lot of pent up anger in the pit of my stomach.

Anger at the author having the balls to post a four year old, 500k word story on a fanfic catalog meant for casual readers. Anger at myself for insisting on reading each one of those stories from start to finish, no matter how long they are, and leaving a detailed review. Anger at all the overdone, stupid cliches like omnipotent psychics and scheming, illuminati-esque Pokemon league officials. Anger at the two chapters of pseudo-psychological nonsense that pretends to be an exploration of the inner workings of Ash Ketchum's mind. Anger at the absurd series of plot coincidences designed for the sole purpose of repeatedly satisfying the author's fetish for torturing Ash in the most humilating ways possible. Anger that despite how long this story is, there has yet to be any meaningful maturing or significant emotional growth from any of the major characters, and that there is no significant moral conflict here beyond "Stupid Good vs Chaotic Evil".

And yet, given some time to cool off and reflect, I'm forced to admit that it's MUCH better for a story to elicit frustration than boredom or no reaction at all. In spite of everything that aggrivated me, I ended up much more emotionally invested in this story than the vast majority of fanfics I've read. I think PKMN2010 may have given me some minor form of Stockholm Syndrome, because I keep coming back for all the great characters and dialogue and descriptions despite feeling like a punch in the gut every time it reverts to the same old tropes.

And the characters are really great! From Doc and Holidays hilariously deranged banter to J's over the top insanity, to Misty's inability to balance her work and personal life to Lance's smiling public facade, every once of these characters has some form of flaw that makes them compelling. At the same time none of them are so over the top immoral (with the exception of maybe J) that they end up feeling like a cliche. Even Sabrina, who pisses me off more than anyone else in this story, is pretty damn entertaining when she finally gets her revenge on Team Rocket. It takes some hard work and a lot of writing to make a whole cast of characters that could easily feature in their own side stories, yet that's what the author manages to pull off. Now if only there was some actual character development to match. To be fair, if we're assuming that Ash is going after every gym badge before heading to the Elite Four, we're not even halfway through the plot- but considering this fanfic is longer than all three Lord of the Rings books combined I think it's reasonable to expect a little more progress.

The other factor that really makes this story work is that there is so many conflicts and cultural pressures and plots going on behind the scenes that it feels like this world is really alive. This isn't a story with a chessboard conflict and a clear "good side" and "bad side" but a whole bunch of competing factions of various sizes, all with differing interests and priorities. Team Rocket, Cipher and Plasma all squabbling for power is just as compelling as the political infighting between the League, the Battle Tower and the International Police. None of these conflicts look they're going to be resolved any time soon, but sheer amount of it going on means that despite how long the story is it never really gets stale.

Overall, I think there's really a lot to like here. For me at least there's also a lot not to like. But it is a lot more detailed and compelling than the vast majority of anime fanfics out there, so anyone with more patience than I have will probably really enjoy this. I recommend trying out a few chapters at least, it's fast paced enough that you don't have to invest much time in for it to get entertaining.
Nauran chapter 28 . 6/23/2015
Motherf*cker. Played me like a fiddle, ya did. I kinda didn't expect you to let Doc off just like that though, haha!

I like how you use so many well-known, as well as obscure, characters from the Pokemon franchise. It always seemed to me that you had a well-thought out universe in this story; characters, relationships, history and all. Like with Silver as Ash's father, Ritchie's (albeit bizarre to me) family, Miyamoto's legacy, and of course Red.

I am curiously trying to piece together what Lance is trying to accomplish. It sounds like he's planning to use himself as a scapegoat for the PLF's misdeeds; a la the "Zero-Approval Gambit". Sounds risky (and sketchy). But more Cynthia is always great, and I LOVE his choices for the new Saffron Gym Leader duo!

A lot to look forward to if things stay the course. I wanna know what happened to Doc and Holiday. Where is Sabrina? And I can't wait for Ash to go up against the new Viridian Gym Leader!
PolarDawn chapter 28 . 6/22/2015
I really should've known better. Of fucking course Holiday would miss the shot, and happen to hit Butch. That's fantastic. I always forget that it's never over until it has been explicitly stated that someone is dead.

On the other hand, I hope Doc doesn't kill Holiday now. Because they aren't much without each other either. Losing either of them would be such a shame.

I'm super interested to see where this whole thing in Saffron with Team Rocket ends up. It's really quite entertaining.

Sorry for the late review, by the way. Found a new fic that I just HAD to get caught up on before I read any other new updates. Happens sometimes, what can I say?

I will, of course, be looking forward to the next installment!
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 27 . 6/22/2015
When it comes to the death of a villainous character like Archer, it can be scarily easy not to feel very sorry for him—let alone feel sorry for his cohorts. Evildoers get what they deserve, right? But after reading Ariana’s grief, it dawned on me that even a person like Archer can be worth mourning. Just because “a bad guy” is dead doesn’t mean *everybody* lives happily ever after—far from it, if Ariana’s thirst for revenge is any indication. Yet I certainly can’t blame her, either. Her grief proves that she is only human. You’ve got me feeling sympathy for protagonists and antagonists alike in this story, Dynasty, proving once again that there’s never a clear-cut, black-and-white hero or villain.

It makes sense for Daisy to seek counseling. Since the anime has yet to divulge any information regarding the Waterflowers’ parents, I’d always assumed that Daisy raised her little sisters much like Brock did for his siblings. That’s a lot of pressure and responsibility on someone, let alone a young person. Add to that the Waterflowers’ immense fame and Daisy must often feel like she’s bitten off more than she can chew.

So Ash receives another badge…whilst Delia receives an infamous photo. O_O; Oh. Shit. No matter how far that boy progresses in life, it seems there’s always another bump in the road waiting for him. And daaamn, of ALL people to see those pictures, too! It just had to be Delia. I’ve developed a whole new breed of pity for that boy now.

Never thought I’d see the day when Scott and J teamed up, though I suppose “teaming up” is a bit friendly a phrase to describe their new relationship. I’m glad this story brings out Scott’s intelligence/cleverness, too—he’s definitely got some sly in him, scouting for the battle frontier, and he clearly made himself a rich businessman. I recall some anime critics claimed Scott’s new English voice sounded kinda creepy and cradle-robby, but I also thought it made him sound sly; maybe even a bit cagey, like he’s always several steps ahead of everybody else. Scott’s motives and actions can be for good or bad, depending on his client. And that makes him sort of a wild card and all the more unpredictable of a character in this story’s complex web.

J’s brutality sees no bounds yet again, though I can’t say her behavior is entirely unjustified. She’s only returning the favor to Ein, after all, though he probably doesn’t see it that way. Their relationship reminds me of the Frankenstein tale: man creates monster, only for the monster to bring his demise. Ein may not be dead, yet, but after J is done with him I’m sure death will be a blessing.

I, too, can’t imagine Riley harming a fly. His soft-heartedness is what helps make him such an excellent aura user (and if heart and aura are connected, that explains a LOT about Ash). So at this point, I certainly can’t envision Riley making any attempt on Sabrina’s life. But of course, the psychic knows the future, so it’ll prove very interesting to see if Sabrina’s predictions come true.

It’s cool to compare the new gym leader’s facilities, each reflecting the leader’s personality and style. Uranium’s usage of holograms is definitely a sneaky maneuver, but it doesn’t surprise me that her gym would offer something that the League may find questionable. As for Ritchie, since he’s got a volcano to contend with, he’s thought through some very smart evacuation solutions for not just his gym but the entire island, proving the kid is as resourceful as ever. Since he can’t fight or eliminate a volcano, Ritchie takes the necessary precautions whilst also respecting Mother Nature enough to incorporate an onsen in the gym’s very design! Practical, respectful, and, er…functional. ;)

Last but no least, I did NOT see that ending coming. I mean, holy shit! This whole chapter featured some unexpected relationship twists, but none as eye-opening as what happened between Holiday and Doc. “Cold blood” is putting it mildly for how you handled that scene; little build-up, little drama, little fanfare, just BOOM! Done! The fact that it all happens so fast makes everything more shocking, and disturbing when you consider Holiday’s complete numbness. And Doc’s acceptance, too; he got the pillow himself! He knew what was coming. It’s a dark, sad ending to their relationship, but I’ve said it before that Doc and Holiday aren’t like Jessie and James. Not all friendships trump business, especially when the business is as dark as Kazuo’s. Though I am a little worried about what this might do to Holiday in later chapters; he’s numb right now, sure, but traumatic events such as this tend to jump up and bite a person when he least expects it. And we already learned through Roxie that Holiday’s mind hasn’t always been the most stable, either. This can’t possibly end well for him.

So, yes, twice in one chapter you’ve got me sympathizing and fretting for the well-beings of seemingly cold-hearted villains, Dynasty. And I love you for it. :) Ash may be the star of this story, but he sure isn’t the only character along for the wild, unpredictable emotional roller-coaster that is PKMN2K10!
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