Reviews for Snape's Memories
Guest chapter 32 . 4/7
Lovely, lovely story. Very well done.
thierry6 chapter 20 . 4/4
oh my God ! Vernon and Petunia Dursley scholarship for Wizarding Youth ! I couldn't stop laughing for an hour ! You are an absolute genius. Dudley and Snape memories is one of, no, it's the greatest potter fiction i've ever read
The Writer Es chapter 32 . 3/24
The way you write is just so, oh, beautiful. You capture soul with your words. Thank you for being amazing, and bringing this to light
tricorvus chapter 13 . 3/13
rock on!
tricorvus chapter 11 . 3/13
Snape. Hiding his good side, just to stay alive himself and save a few others if he could...
Snape why do I love thee, let me count the ways...
Great chapter
rock on
tricorvus chapter 10 . 3/13
No, those are Snape's memories of Lily. Congratulations, Harry, you're raising Snape's reincarnation. I was born on a Sunday but it wasn't last Sunday :D :D
Great, marvelous chapter, love it more, the further I go, and tho I don't remember WHEN I read this and failed to review, bits and pieces are coming back to me.
Rock on
tricorvus chapter 8 . 3/13
Harry still being able to talk Parseltongue is not AU. Common sense - although I lay feeble claim to it at best - decrees that the Voldemort skills that he had all those years with the horcrux in him, would be a PART of him after 17 years and stay with him forever. Like you said. What pisses ME off is Ron "imitating" it in book 7.
Great chapter. I wanna kill that bastard myself. I bet it's one of Draco's old gang
Rock on
tricorvus chapter 7 . 3/13
i don't know why, but I picture Harry giving a wink just before apparating out
Great writing
rock on
tricorvus chapter 6 . 3/13
I'm crying over here. You write it so real
tricorvus chapter 5 . 3/13
I am certain that I've read this story before and apparently been horribly remiss in not reviewing it. A fault which I am, you'll notice, rectifying now.
Damn good.
tricorvus chapter 4 . 3/13
OK I'm in love with Phillip right damn now.
Heroine is a woman hero. Heroin is the drug name. I know, your spellcheck ok'ed it as a word. Just saying :D
damn good realistic dialogue, everyone still in canon
rock on
tricorvus chapter 1 . 3/12
I love this. I was an abused child myself, as was my husband. There are things that at ages 52 and almost 50 that we're still working out, because we didn't get help early like Tim.
You've done your homework and you write well
Rock on!
Orlane Sayan chapter 32 . 3/9
That was really good. I loved it all along.
A big thanks for those moments.
And see you on Severus' dreams.
Orlane S.
Orlane Sayan chapter 25 . 3/9
This kid is a smart one!
His guardian angle remember me someone ;)

I still have no clue about the father. He doesn't look like a rich pureblood this far. Not a muggle born too. Maybe a half-blood or a poor pure blood...

See you,
Orlane S.
Orlane Sayan chapter 24 . 3/9
This is awful! You're an awful person! Tim was getting better!
Anyway, Tim's father is in deep troubles. He has the whole Auror's department on his tracks, led by Harry Potter himself.
In short terms, he's a dead man.
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