Reviews for Snape's Memories
Morphix chapter 32 . 11/15
Awwwww. This was a journey! Thanks for writing!
Gioia chapter 26 . 10/5
Each time I read this chapter, I wind up furious at the apprentice healer, Susan, who unknowingly handed Tim off to that rat, Smith. The truth is that the hospital had some big systemic issues with their security procedures, and thus Susan isn't the only person at fault. In real life, what would provoke me to ask for a disciplinary board review of Susan isn't merely the sloppy handling of the precious boy in her care; it's the lack of empathy, repentance or any sense of responsibility on Susan's part. Instead, she displayed a petty self absorbtion that focused solely on how this was a troubling, mean day for her. "Woe is me! Everyone is picking on me!"

If I read that scene correctly, after Ernie told Susan that she needed to give thought to whether or not she has the level of commitment for that job, she went into the hall and whined and fussed some more to — or near — Ginny about Susan's status as a victim, all without realizng Ernie had followed her out of his office. I therefore have every hope that this last straw will resort in some serious consequences "off screen" for Susan the martyr.

Thanks for sharing this captivating story with us!
Gioia chapter 13 . 10/4
The scene between Kreacher, Harry and Tim, in which Kreacher says that Harry's soul has long searched for Tim, makes my heart swell every time. Thank you for writing this. I also love how you brilliantly illustrate the full horror of Hogwart's worst year, along with Snape's enormous protection, all within very short scenes and discussions.

This is such a great chapter to illustrate your writing gifts. Imbuing your concise, well-chosen words with such deep emotion and significance is a powerful gift. I hope you continue to share your talents, hopefully within the published realm, too. Your writing voice reminds me of the author Marisa de los Santos, particularly within her book "Love Walked In."
oceanofmymind chapter 32 . 9/27
is tim severus re-born? bc that would be awesome but heartbreaking...
Rain-dew chapter 32 . 9/22
I had read Dudley's memories and liked the writing style, so I thought I'd check out the sequel. And am I glad I did, I loved it. It was really good, loved the parallel of Snape and Tim. Definitely goes on my favourite list.
Vercalos chapter 32 . 9/19
There are a few little things that bug me(namely the constant misspelling of McGonagall's name) but I can let that go over the overall good quality of the story. I especially like Philip and Dudley. I also totally did NOT see the biological parent's identity being what it was. Frankly though, that partly surprised me because of what a monster he became.
Guest chapter 21 . 9/8
Oh god. Snape is such a lovesick puppy. Though I guess few people would guess that his password's "Lily"...
Kat chapter 32 . 9/7
Brilliantly written fic. Very imaginative, creative, and obviously well researched. Written very sensitively as well. Often in stories involving a drug addict, the addict is portrayed as evil, or lazy when they relapse. I thought Mary was very realistic.

I thought Tim's difficulties were more in line with dyspraxia than autism, though, although the conditions overlap. Dyspraxia is caused by the neurons in the brain not firing properly, usually due to genetics, but accidents and illnesses can sometimes cause this.

Dyspraxic children often have an area of very high ability (such as reading). They also tend to be more empathetic, and more imaginative than most children. Tim appears to be a poster boy for dyspraxia.
Neonlights chapter 32 . 9/5
I loved both of these so much! Awesome writing and I loved that Dudley came back into Harry's life, gay and all (suits him).
RudeMinnesotan chapter 32 . 8/12
D'AWWWWWW i kind of knew from the beginning that it was possible it would Snape reincarnate, but it's nice to have it slightly confirmed. Great story. Loved Dudley and Harry having 'a set' . Very cute.
yardchicken2 chapter 32 . 8/7
Yay! I had put this story on my mental shelf a while back to read when completed. I only just now got back around to finishing it. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. -G
Angelfirenze chapter 1 . 6/30
This was so unexpectedly awesome. I EXPECTED it to be about Snape, and it was, but it wasn't. I...I'm so without words at the moment. This was beautiful.
BlueWater5 chapter 13 . 6/15
Loved how Kreacher is written.
MrsH chapter 32 . 6/8
What a lovely little story! I have just one small complaint: I want more! More of Tim/Sev, more of Dudley and Phillip (and Eleanor), more of Harry's future, more set in this lovely family you've created.

Thank you very much for sharing your talent and your story with us.
Charlie Hayden chapter 32 . 5/24
I really like this fic and the story. I love the relationship between Harry and Tim and Harry can certainly relate. I wonder when Tim will learn just how much he has in common with Harry. I kinda wish we had more eddy in the story or had seen him at least once and had any insight what he is up to and what not. I did find the dream interaction between Harry and Snape rather interesting and I wonder, what made you think to include Snape into the story in such a fundamental way? Is Tim a reincarnation of Snape? Also, what motivated you to make Tim's abusive and evil father revealed to be Zacharias Smith? That was rather unexpected because i was expecting it to be someone from Slyterine...maybe relating to the death eaters...
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