Reviews for The Language of Death
VampireNaomi chapter 1 . 10/6/2010
Man, I'm so sorry that it took me this long to review this. I absolutely loved it the first time I read it, but somehow time just flew past me without me noticing it. In any case, this was a wonderful look into von Glower's childhood, and I particularly loved all the subtle hints that you were able to include in it.

I love it how you decided to write this mostly from von Ralick's perspective. That can't have been easy since he never shows up as a character in the game and we only learn of him through old documents and such. With that in mind, I think you did a wonderful job of portraying him as a cruel and dominant man whom everyone fears but who does have a somewhat of a soft spot for his son. In fact, you made him so compelling that I find myself bothered by what happens to him soon after this fic. He more than deserves it, but your ability to breathe life into such minor characters is sometimes too much for me to handle. There were lots of details in von Ralick's portrayal that I found inspiring. For example, I like the mention of that he likes to go ahead without the others when they're going hunting. I think that fits his personality perfectly. Other bits I like are how he has no patience for people who state the obvious and that he's so amused by his son's open admiration. And of course, all the werewolf references were great. One particularly good moment was when Rudolf asked his father about why some wolves kill people. Von Ralick's musings about how people are very similar to animals was very insightful and actually made a frightening amount of sense in the historical context.

Speaking of Rudolf's admiration, that was one of my favourite elements in the story. You did such a good job at portraying his fearful interest in his father, especially in the beginning of the story. With just a few lines, you were able to create the impression of a powerful man who's somewhat distant to his son and a son who doesn't know his father too well but looks up to him as if he were God. I love this portrayal of them, and the interaction between the two was so enjoyable all through the fic. For example, I liked the moment when von Ralick made Rudolf tell him what animals had passed that one spot and was then pleased when Rudolf got the answer right.

Oh, and one detail I loved was how you mentioned that Rudolf had never been allowed very close to the woods. Lots of stories, movies etc. taking place centuries ago seem to forget the fact that forests were once very dangerous places for humans and that you couldn't just go skipping through them.

The description of the chase and Rudolf's wonder and fear were just breath-taking. I could imagine it all so well in my head, and you really captured the feel of speed and power in this scene. It all came to such an abrupt and brutal end when the deer was shot, and it was this bit that I liked the most in the story. It was a wonderful idea to make Rudolf be the one to finish off the deer. I loved his brief connection with the deer and all the implications that came with it. This moment alone made this fic worth the time it took to read it.

All in all, this was yet again a wonderful GK story from you. I hope you'll write more and that you'll end up finishing those that you have in the works.