Reviews for Strangers at Drakeshaugh
cathryn chapter 35 . 11/21
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't stop writing I am totally hooked. Thank you
JD4320 chapter 35 . 11/19
this is a great fic. the mix with magic and muggles is pricelss and funny but also well thought out and caring. cant wait to read the rest once you post
JM0RIARTY chapter 35 . 11/19
I stumbled across this fanfiction and it has captured me very fast. I really like how you write most of the story POV Jaqui. It's been interspaced with magical words /thank Merlin the kids are small yet and flying cars and stuff like mami waves her wand and makes the chaos go away will be dismissed as fantasies or how they imagine the world. Now in the last chapter they were attacked I really hope they don't have to be obliviated...

Guest chapter 35 . 11/10
I'm so confused what was the criminals motive here, who is he what happened, Why?
PrincessSkywalkerOrgana chapter 35 . 11/10
I love this story!
Stephanie O chapter 35 . 11/4
Good job on the legalese! It was exactly what I'd expect from a bunch of auror reports and interviews! Boy, its amazing the problems that a little naivety can cause. I hope to see what happened in the woods next chapter!
Alex chapter 35 . 10/28
Hi North, how do you manage to make even boring paperwork sound interesting? Great chapter!
I am also a little confused, in Hunters and Prey you said that Head Auror Robards brother was missing his wife. Here you wrote that the brother is missing his husband. Is this just another brother?
Guest chapter 1 . 10/25
This fic is amazing!
I generally don't write reviews but just the first chapter of your story has made me break my own lazy rule!
Kingroger chapter 35 . 10/25
This chapter was fantastic, a really nice break from what we expected, and a terrific read. I can’t wait for more!
nanaeleanor chapter 35 . 10/24
That was great. So meticulously put forth. Not to criticize, but it feels suddenly a real mystery whereas many chapters have gone by with little or no advancement to this murder plot. It sometimes has felt like two completely different stories. Which is okay since your entire world includes so many stories and we love it! Poor Michael. And I'm still freaking out over Jacqui and Mike present for the ghost and the code blue! I suppose the ghost could've been explained as a holograph or something and her death, a fake. But all the apparating Aurors...well time to call in the Obliviators. Seems a lot of that going around. BTW, I have a sneaking suspicion that perhaps Mike Charlton is based on yourself? He's a very nice, normal guy.
nanaeleanor chapter 34 . 10/24
wow what a cliffie
zinne chapter 35 . 10/24
Thanks for the update :)
Slaidback chapter 35 . 10/24
Nice! took me two nights to read it, but good all the same.
FriendofMolly chapter 35 . 10/23
. Oh my word. This read more like your other story , MIT, than as their muggles neighbors knew Polly, it might make sense to include the interrogations in this story. I must say it was fascinating
. FoM
Guest chapter 35 . 10/23
Fantastic chapter as always! I truly admire your skill in general and especially the ability to make your characters seem so real and well rounded. I don't know if you use real people as inspiration but I have to say, I happen to have a colleague who is exactly like Frances Sidebotham. Yes, lucky me. Maybe I should take a leaf out of Camelias book and just threaten to bite her the next time I have to get some comments from her:D
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