Reviews for Strangers at Drakeshaugh
ComeWriteOutAndSayIt chapter 26 . 7/23
I'm really late to the party here, but I just discovered you as an author. Consequently, I've spent the past two days enthralled by your stories. Keep up the great work! It's awesome. I can't wait to see when our muffle friends become *too* perceptive!
The Amazing Grayson chapter 16 . 7/22
Wow. You've really captured the loss of Fred without actively expressing it.

That takes an incredible amount of writing skill- skill that even some published authors need help on.

Well done. Love this slice-of-life fic...not often can we, the audience, the viewers, the readers, relate to a muggle in the midst of mages. Even better still how nothing is EVER just told to us or handed to us on a silver platter; things are shown through details, immersion, and quirky dialogue that does not feel forced in the slightest.

I am in love with how well you write your characters as well. Jacqui feels as integral a character as Harry or Ginny or any of the Weasleys without making her a Mary-Sue.

I'm completely in awe of your writing style. I don't know how this wonderful writing escaped me in the past but I'm glad I caught it this far.

Such detail and immersive setting...everything fits and flows so well. Bravo.
Guest chapter 27 . 7/21
Yay thank you for the update, another fantastic chapter. Can't wait to see what happens next
everpresent chapter 27 . 7/21
Still enjoying this, thank-you!
Anon chapter 27 . 7/21
I'm really pulled into the mystery now. I started reading for the magic and the delicious paradox of muggle-wizard friendships where there is always lies and half truths, but now I'm also invested in the crime story. Good writing! You really have been developing the plot like one of the best.
Anon chapter 25 . 7/21
I really like the explanation of why a car can either fly fast or be a portkey, but not both. It makes the magic seem so real.
Anon chapter 23 . 7/20
I'm really glad you keep updating! I love the way you put so much local flavour into the story. The "mathematical joke" by Micheal Corner is brilliant.
memnarch chapter 27 . 7/19
It's always nice to see more characters through Jacqui's eyes. It's also a novelty seeing Parvati and Padma. I'd love to see a story set in the Department of Mysteries. Nothing too in-depth, mind you, as I think you'd need to maintain its mystique, but a one-shot or single chapter could be interesting.
Just William chapter 27 . 7/19
A new chapter which has been well worth waiting for.
Clara chapter 27 . 7/18
This story is amazing! I love it! It's so fun to see how muggles would perceive the Potters! :D
Guest chapter 27 . 7/17
Glad to see this new installment... Keep going man!
Alex chapter 27 . 7/16
I am so happy that you are back to this story. I love the writing and you build such intricate plot lines. It's fantastic. I hope that you keep coming with updates especially on this and James and Me. Out of need for updates, I have been forced to go back through and reread.
JacquiWrites chapter 27 . 7/15
Yes! I am really enjoying this story. I'm going back now and rereading now because it's been a while since I read it, and I really need a refresher.

Also, I wholeheartedly approve of the spelling of Mrs Charlton's name, as you can see from my name. My real name, incidentally.

I'm really intrigued by your portrayal of Harry's job- I've not really been interested in the ins and outs of Auror responsibility, but you've really piqued my interest.

Thank you- I'm looking forward to the following chapters.
justanothermugglefan chapter 27 . 7/15
Another great chapter. Thanks
melakem chapter 27 . 7/14
Thank you, so very much, for another brilliant chapter! I'm intrigued to see how the Michael/Trudy/Padma triangle turns out.

The tea man, is that something that type of service still active? I find it terribly charming!

I hope that all is well in your world!
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