Reviews for Strangers at Drakeshaugh
Guest chapter 1 . 4/14
"The woman was striding determinedly down the road towards Harbottle, towards the village school."

The second towards is redundant. I'm sorry if that is silly and nit picky but you seem like the type of writerr that tries to do more with fewer words
loveoffandoms chapter 30 . 4/4
Oh no! I really liked Poly. The best thing about your writing right now is that I know you're in the middle of multiple other stories that include Poly so I know I'll learn more of her story. While in your other stories I've really liked Trudi, the details about Michael and Padma in this story kind of had me hoping it would be Trudi and Michael and Padma would get a great ending. Although I'm sure Padma will get her great ending with someone eventually. This chapter was a killer because as far as your OC aurors go, you had all my favorites possibly dead after the case was supposedly wrapped up. I really thought we were getting to the end but as always you surprised me. RIP Poly in my head she was a lot like Tonks (the first of your stories I read that included her said she and Tonks trained together and were friends) and Tonks was always one of my favorite Rowling characters.
Tracy chapter 30 . 4/3
I love this fic very much. I like the touches of Englishisms - makes it feel so authentic. And I love the allusions to wizardry that Jacqui picks up but can't quite make sense of. Can't wait for the next update!
notsolimpbizkit chapter 30 . 3/28
Brilliant. Original, well paced and extremely well written. I could gush about this story forever. I checked the update date and was very glad to see you've only recently updated. ( I truly hope the updates as more frequent though!) I love it. Please do write more! Can't wait for more of this story!
Hbrits chapter 30 . 3/27
Wow this is good. Are you writing any more? Is Jacqui going to be told about magic? Can't wait to read more
SoGranola chapter 30 . 3/17
I've told you this before (several? years ago when I first found your stories,) but as far as I'm concerned, you're really JKR and you missed writing Harry & co. so you've come to to carry on with the saga without the pressures of publicity or deadlines. (And we'll just pretend that the Cursed Child hooey was done by someone Not JKR, because, obviously, you're her and this universe right here, this is the true canon.)
It speaks volumes about your writing that I'm feeling Polly's loss as acutely as I felt Moody's,Fred's, and Remus & Tonks'. You develop your OCs to the point that they're full, rich characters, not merely scenery. In fact, the other day as I was reading one of the Lavender/Mark-centric stories (I've been doing a full re-read of your catalogue to fully enjoy the new chapters of Strangers and James and Me that I hadn't yet read) I saw that the tag said Lavender Brown/OC and I thought, "Who's the OC? Isn't this about Lavender and Mark Moon?" I had forgotten that Mark (and Bobbie, et al) are not creations of JKR, but you, JKR-posing-as-Neil.
I can think of no higher praise. I bow down to you, and eagerly await updates! -Anna x
wombat85 chapter 30 . 3/12
Oh no I've read the last update! Please update soon. This has been so captivating! The mystery has been so well done and I can't stop thinking of the possibilities. I really want to know what's happening
wombat85 chapter 16 . 3/11
I really really love how you've interwoven the stories we already know into a new perspective. I was wondering if you'd introduced Rolf. Love it
wombat85 chapter 11 . 3/11
I love seeing the entire Weasley clan. And I love your portrayal of all of them. I'm loving Ginny more and more
Oriondruid chapter 30 . 3/10
Sorry it's taken me so long to read this, various factors caused me to miss the email notification it was posted. I was ill for a while so it got 'buried' by all the job applications/notifications and other rubbish on my gmail account and then I was on a course which 'homework' also distracted me.

How sad, Polly is one of your finest OC's, a unique and believable addition to the cast of pre-existing characters one whom I liked from when she first appeared in your stories, a pity to lose her but she died saving others, a true auror to the last. This incident sounds very serious and further detail will doubtless be forthcoming.

This story remains as well written and intriguing as ever and I'm looking forward to more.
Many Blessings.
Oriondruid. (John).
bhoyar.milind chapter 1 . 3/3
Good story.
Guest chapter 30 . 2/27
Can't wait for the next chapter!
This mystery is getting even more interesting
Sophia chapter 30 . 2/23
A great chapter as always!
Poor Polly, i really liked her...
JeniVicky chapter 9 . 2/22
Hi Northumbrian, wonderful update again.. am eagerly looking forward for more. I just decided to read the story from beginning once again. In the first interlude you mentioned that Lavender and Trudi are in maternity leave.. but then Trudi's baby is not mentioned in Potter's party and she is back in work.. what happened to the baby?
Stephanie O chapter 30 . 2/19
Boy, what a lousy day for them! I'm glad that Harry and Ginny have Jacqui in their corner...and are allowing her to help! I liked how little Annie tried to cheer up her mum, too- very sweet moment!
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