Reviews for The Arranged Marriage
bbmassey88 chapter 33 . 8/4/2020
I truly loved this fic! My first time reading it and enjoyed it so much!️
Wendyg63 chapter 33 . 7/24/2020
Thank you for sharing your talent.


Wendyg63 chapter 13 . 7/20/2020
Great lemon.
shoutout23 chapter 5 . 7/17/2020
Bella would for give hin that easily? Wtf. Im out.
shoutout23 chapter 3 . 7/17/2020
You cheated.
Wendyg63 chapter 1 . 7/16/2020
Ohhh... haven’t read one that started like this before.
StrawberryFreesia chapter 17 . 7/4/2020
I wish we knew why Edward had his head in his hands and was probably crying (red eyes) when he was sat outside the Swan's office.
PRO-BETA chapter 33 . 6/18/2020
I enjoyed this story so much it was amazing. I feel so sorry for Tanya though, I know what she did was wrong but still, the way you wrote made it seem like she just wanted what Bella and Edward had, someone to love
Silque chapter 21 . 5/25/2020
How DARE you not mention the Lions! They have played on Thanksgiving since 1934. The butthurt Cowboys didn't start until 1966. (they needed more attention )
Guest chapter 5 . 5/6/2020
I know that this was written a while ago but RuPaul isn’t a transvestite. He’s a drag queen. The term transvestite is pretty offensive now.
Nik chapter 33 . 5/3/2020
I've read your story many times over the years. It's a story I keep coming back to as I loved the concept and the characters.

I've always thought that your story was a mix between the olden and modern eras. Just due to the fact that there seems to be a lot of 'kept' woman characters who it seems were born marry and bare children. (Esme & Renee's character upbringing and when Edward got weird that Bella wanted to go to collage).

I re read the story over the last few days and I few things struck me as odd that I didn't notice in the previous reads.

- Edward & Carlisle had a tough relationship and this was mentioned a few times during the story. Esme seems to be heavily involved in her children's lives. And all the siblings were living under the same roof. How is it for 2, nearly 3, years noone found it in them to mention to Edward that it was wrong to ignore Bella and to work on his marriage. To give him reassurance?
It seemed like after his affair was made public they all gave him crap but didn't think to tell him before that he needed to work on his marriage, in fact just speak to Bella.

- The reason for Bella's marriage was so frustrating. She was 15! And Charlie traded her off for some land.
Id rather let the land go for free than get my 15 year old daughter married to someone 8 years her senior. It wouldn't matter if I thought I was dying or not.

- I found it weird that Edward agreed to a marriage without knowing Bella's age. I know James ruined the wedding night for him but seriously I'm glad he did.

- Edwards character during the cheating situation was all kinds of wrong. The time he got a blow job in the bathroom, he claims he lost all sense when Tanyas lips wrapped around him. He wasn't drunk nor was he in a vunerable position (unless you consider the fact he was horny). He could have pushed her away. If I were Bella I wouldn't take that excuse. Anyone could suck him off and he would let them because he can't think when his dick is I'm someone's mouth?

- There seemed to be mention of businesses that are owned by the Cullen's yet when the antique set came into play Edward 'cringed' at the price. Yes for most folk 15k is a lot of money but I was slightly confused as they have enough money to hire private security etc. (Minor point but I've been intrigued as to what the business dealings are)

In no way am I bashing your story. I've read it many times as it always pops in my head and I will continue to read it. It's just a few things just didn't sit right with me.
Maybe because I'm older I've picked up on certain things and I know life isn't all fairytales.

Obviously the story would be very very different if someone spoke to Edward about his marriage, if Bella was of age and if the Tanya situation didn't happen.

Sorry for my super long review, however, finally I'm glad Bella came to peace with what happened and got the fairytale she wanted. I'm glad she was the bigger person and managed to be civil with Tanya. Maybe the fact that she knew she won and got a marriage and kids, whereas Tanya was left with nothing. I'm a sucker for HEA!
madelinecoffee chapter 33 . 4/29/2020
I loved reading this story, it was so well written and it was such a great journey of two people. Just perfect. Thank you for sharing.
WitchyVampireGirl chapter 30 . 2/25/2020
*huge eye roll* OMG.. could Bella be anymore of a overly dramatic whiney baby? She is sooo acting like an immature little girl.. she needs to realize the world doesnt work according to her rules... like the story.. but this Bella.. she needs some intense work with the therapist... she over reacts at the slightest breeze and acts all self righteous.. at times makes the story hard to read.
princeselisa chapter 33 . 2/1/2020
This story took me on quite the journey. I enjoyed getting to watch their relationship grow. Thanks!
Lizzard43 chapter 14 . 1/3/2020
I’m enjoying your story so far and I had a thought that keeps going through my brain while I was reading this chapter. It’s about Tanya and her recent visit. She went into his room to find him even after she was told that he wasn’t there. I’m wondering if she planted a big or camera in the room. Proof of a fake marriage. She was looking like she was having regrets when Bella spoke to her. I’m wondering if she is either being blackmailed or coerced into getting in between Edward and Bella? I love it when a story gets my brain thinking and involved in the the plot.
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