Reviews for Julie's Misadventures
CKLHand chapter 1 . 4/8/2012
This is good. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. I remember most of those episodes. The Julie year was my favorite season of Fantasy Island, and I was disappointed that she didn't return for another season.
Harry2 chapter 16 . 10/5/2010
So THAT is what you meant by animals! Very nice! And drop me a line now that I have my connection back again. I have a idea for a short tale that MIGHT interest you!
Harry2 chapter 15 . 10/5/2010
Well, alls well that ends well. Both parties got what they wanted. Now, whats this about Animals?
Harry2 chapter 14 . 10/5/2010
I think things are starting to work themselves out. As for the two game show contestants, I think that they have worked out their problems, and are better for it. As far as our former bussinesswoman, she is getting to the point where she is accepting life and is ready to move on.
Harry2 chapter 13 . 10/5/2010
Well, things are FINALLY starting to heat up for the two contestants. Death has arrived and now, they must figure out what they will have to do to survive.
jtbwriter chapter 16 . 10/2/2010
Thanks for reminding us of the episodes that Julie's "adventures" were based on...I never saw the game show one so I hope I can find that online! Thanks for another wonderful trip to "the Island"!
PDXWiz chapter 16 . 10/2/2010
Omigosh! Why the heck did she open that box? Yet it definitely was something she would do...LOL

Awww, such pretty kitties... Oh boy, Julie, you gotta do better...

LOL, nice joking, Christian. But I'm sure you will enjoy having cats around...

A really big dog...oh boy, what kind of trouble could Rory get into with one of THOSE? LOL

LOL...Yup, I can understand why Tattoo's head could get turned...

Half a problem...boy, I just can't wait to see these little scenes from the episodes...ROFL!

LOL...yes, how many refunds were issued? Or did he get lucky and they turned out okay anyway?

Okay, castingwise... I can't recall Bart Braverman. I find it interesting to think of Carol Lynley as Marjorie Denton, dealing with Lloyd Bochner as de Sade and John Saxon as Cyrano (I need to see this, I can't imagine Saxon pulling off Cyrano without a very fake looking nose!)

Mr. Nobody/La Liberatora had great guests, well-suited for their roles.

Hmm, I didn't peg anyone for being who they were in the next one. Hans Conried, Arlene Golonka, and Dick Smothers would be good as those characters. Completely clueless as to who Shelley Smith is. I can see Florence Henderson and Peter Graves doing very well as Laura and Henrik, and they'd have excellent chemistry together. I don't know who Brett Halsey is, either.

Hmm, very interesting casting for the Laura and Celeste fantasies! Not keen on Monte Markham, but I think Erin Gray would have been great and Larry Manetti would have been good as Marty Downs. Blanking on Joanna Pettet (I know what she looks like, I mean I'm having trouble picturing her being good in that role of Celeste), but Robert Goulet would be good as Gauguin (that's at least twice we've seen him in the past; the other time he abandoned the 20th century for Regency England and much fun). Dane Clark and Christopher Stone...I know the names...but am forgetting the faces...

Heh, I only remember Gene Rayburn and forgot Jan Murray from the Quiz Masters. Appropriate since he was a host too. I remember what Jill St. John looks like, but can't remember Vikki Carr and again Brett Halsey is a blank as is Richard Gautier (unless that is supposed to be Dick Gautier).

Looking forward to the next story, I'm sure you'll be back and posting soon!

Great stuff, thanks! 'Twas superbly awesome!

PDXWiz chapter 15 . 10/2/2010
Richest man in the solar system? Hahahah, great quote!

Yeah, that sounds just like something one of the Arnulfs would have done...LOL

The island could use some pediatricians-just look how many children Leslie and her friends have between them, LOL!-but of course New York City needs them, too.

Hahahah! The little snippets are great...yes! Twitting Tattoo for leering at the native girls...brilliant! LOL

ROFLMAO! "This is gross," Rory announced. Great line, I can so see him doing it, too!

LOL at the horse for the Charge of the Light Brigade fantasy... Well, a Clydesdale is big enough, but there are big enough warhorses. After all, during medieval times, knights in plate armor likely weighed several hundred pounds themselves...

Hehehe...great drabbles! Onward once more!

PDXWiz chapter 14 . 10/2/2010
That chapter went by so fast...amazing! Very good writing, I was really absorbed into the story. Yes, I was remembering the episode, but all the additions with Leslie felt completely natural. Good stuff!

Now for the next chapter!

PDXWiz chapter 13 . 10/2/2010
I don't exactly remember who Ellen Layton was having dinner at the pond restaurant with...but I do recall how exciting the game show was. Five million dollars indeed!

ROFL...the bank robbery! Well, it could have been death, if they hadn't made it out alive...

...just like for Barclay in 1692 Salem...

Lots of good quotes in the script: Shakespeare; Virgil; Samuel Goldwyn. And a nice bunch of scenes for Leslie as the hostess...and to try to help out Lois Terry.

That skeleton was probably scarier in real life...and on for the resolution!

PDXWiz chapter 12 . 10/2/2010
Ah yes, I sort of recall this fantasy. Amnesia-but does she want to get her old life back-or not?

Heheh...even just a few years and Leslie can half-guess what direction a guest wants a fantasy to go well as what way Roarke might spin it.

The game show fantasy is a great one!

Yup, get those autographs fast, Leslie! Just in case...

Oh yeah, Ellen Layton was NOT nice. As the old Time or Newsweek cover referred to Leona Helmsley...rhymes with rich.

LOL...Leslie is so cool! She'll get many opportunities to be glamorous in the future!

Neat-o-riffic! Most of her friends are here! I can understand Frida not coming, of course. And Tabitha will become friends later (as will Katsumi).

I'm sure a lot of the people on the island enjoy some of the perks of the fantasies: free shows at the theater of the comic or singer or in this case, game show; the snow thanks to a certain genie; art from wanna-be artists; occasional sporting events, like the one featuring bowler Al Molinaro; etc.

Exciting to watch, definitely!

ON to the next question!

PDXWiz chapter 11 . 10/2/2010
Ah hah...Roarke knew Ron was in love with Laura and wanted to rescue her! Interesting-both fantasies have triangles: Gauguin-Celeste-naval officer fiancee; Ron-Laura-Marty Downs-and only one is romantic, the other isn't...Isosceles, perhaps? LOL

Sad but neat ending to resolve the Gauguin situation...and her father, while saddened by the loss of his daughter, does at least recognize that he'll have a good likeness to remember her by.

Crap alert! Downs is here to harass Laura!

Yay! His personality stopped Downs-and Laura and Ron will have their happy ending after all.

Wow! Celeste will keep the painting! Very cool! Amusingly, the painting, even in 1982 dollars, was probably worth several times what she paid for her fantasy. And she'll have the memory of a lifetime...

More great interactions for Leslie with Laura! Woohoo!

Oh yeah, the game show fantasy! That was pretty good, and it was neat having Gene Rayburn on the island! Yahoo!

Next time on...Match Island '82! LOL

PDXWiz chapter 10 . 10/2/2010
So, a fire? Of course Leslie will feel for this lady...whether or not the lady is worthy right now of that sympathy remains to be seen.

Oh, an ancestor to Celeste? Or perhaps just her father wouldn't want her disappearing back into the mists of time?

Oh boy...another devil-may-care attitude. "I don't care." Sheesh... at the very least, you'd think they'd stop to ask WHY? But maybe anyone who would stop to ask WHY...wouldn't really need the fantasy.

Oh! One way time travel indeed!

Oh wow! Making the scar go away, neat! Well...maybe it won't last a long time. But while it's gone, this will help her. And she's actually got an honest-to-goodness smile and happiness about her for the first time since she was 13!

That was a great scene with Leslie and and Laura, thanks!

I see... Celeste's problem is very intense! I wonder how the episode resolves this? Guess I'll find out soon enough...

Wuhoh! A bad criminal...obviously a test of some kind for Laura. Hmm...

Crud! Cliffhanger! Next chapter!

PDXWiz chapter 9 . 10/2/2010
Ahhh hooray! Henrik and Laura will have happiness at last! And Mr. Price will have his orphanage...thanks entirely to his wife (since it was her fantasy, and Roarke and Miss Harbinger were part and parcel of the fantasy). Interesting that Julie seems to have forgotten the fantasy, but not Leslie. But Leslie is capable of that special love. Not sure about Julie...

Wow, I love llamas! Would have been neat to see that one in the episode...

Cool, even Stoneman had a happy ending! Neat reward for him!

Another Cinderella fantasy...LOL

He lost the horses...hoo boy LOL, poor Tattoo! Well, since he had that problem with the previous one-where a smashed Prince Charming smashed the carriage-was this Cinderella fantasy punishment, or an attempt to redeem himself?

Hmm. Mr. Martin's fantasy to rehabilitate Ms. Jensen is rather different (but something they'd done before with Petey the pickpocket, played by Dan Rowan, and his daughter, played by the future Vicky Stubing).

Hmm, good question. A one-way trip through time? Or meeting Gauguin in the past, falling in love, and losing him upon returning to the present? Or better yet...when she falls for Gauguin, he'll turn out to be another guest-meaning the painting Roarke bought wasn't by the real Gauguin.

"You'll both find out in due time"...LOL, Roarke isn't one for bad puns like me!

Yes, not all appointments are at the house. After all, van Hoortman's appointment was clearly not at the Main House, and several guests' appointments were in the Guest Bungalows (probably for variety's sake on the writer's parts, or maybe the Main House office set wasn't available for whatever reason).

Hmm, new chapter time!

PDXWiz chapter 8 . 10/2/2010
Julie's gaffes are rather pronounced. But...she's still a kid, just 21, after all. She's almost in awe of stuff as Leslie is.

I would love to see the sapphires in the necklace that the Captain gave to Laura.

Ah, I didn't realize the depths of the Captain's problems. This will be very, very hard...and so he has tried more than once with Roarke's help...

Hehehe...good! You brought out the natural rivalry between Julie and Leslie! Thanks!

Holy crud! There's someone else interested in Laura? (whistles in amazement...that is, if I could whistle)

Dang, that scene was unpleasant. Yes, indeed, Leslie...what is next?

Crud, I didn't think he'd hurt Baines! Oh, what a fool that man was! Of course, what a fool van Hoortman was to curse the elements in his vanity, but that's a different story, albeit tied together to Baines' now.

Yeah...Leslie will wait a few more years...LOL

That's right, it certainly did seem like Roarke used some of his special abilities to convince Mrs. Price...well, he is a charismatic and inspirational speaker, separate from all of his other abilities, so I guess so, semantically speaking.

Hoo boy, cliffhanger #346 (or whatever!LOL)

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