Reviews for The Ninth Fist
Guest chapter 9 . 11/16
reptoholic No offence but practically during the cannon Kenichi gets fucking overly powerful in like 2 months time and starts to get so powerful he could even hold his own against Miu (Albeit with her holding back), but that's to be expected seeing as she's been training her whole life and has only gotten even more additional training. In fact if they did the third season I bet Kenichi would have done some intense regimen and would have probably been able to fight against Miu on equal ground and maybe even win. I'm pretty sure no matter how hard you train you can't get that good with no talent even its specifically stated I'm pretty sure Kenichi has a bit of talent.
Guest chapter 8 . 11/16
oppaihammer I personally agree Naruto is just coming of as a hypocrite and a jerk truthfully the story was good enough that I simply want in explanation as to why Naruto. Also it should be noted during the sage training Naruto recieved it was stated taijutsu is using internal chakara to strengthen your attacks so at best Naruto's physical abilities would probably be around an average martial artist . To simply be better it would make more sense if Naruto trained for like a year or 2 because seriously Miu is freaken powerful also could you explain the overly change in Naruto's character. Also to include more of the skilled fighters more into the shinpaku alliance. In the anime most of the time once kenichi got stronger him and Miu would save the rest of the alliance's asses.
Madara Senju chapter 16 . 10/23
OMG amazing, that fight was awesome.

Naruto totally needs to get more training in with sol IMO.

The double identity secret needs to come out as well as the strain on the relationship might not take it, thou i think you should keep the secret of chakra and biju etc during the whole story.
blassreitter chapter 16 . 10/2
I have read long enough, and through your story I found it ridiculous how weak he is in comparison with Sho, or any masters. While he might have lost his chakra what in first sight is ridiculous as Naruto have definitely used despite the seal. Even the seal that held Kyuubi could not hold him and certainly would have seeped out in his youth.
My point is, from his birth, and I mean womb he is exposed to chakra that enchants his muscles, reactions and body stronger and not a normal human what you make out. You might say he is not due all those easy fight against 'children' while those master might be around jonin, they could not even come close to hokage even with chakra. So I hope you will return his chakra in the next five chapters as it is pretty idiotic in my view. If it was sealed he would be death...
shubhendu dutta chapter 16 . 10/1
This is a great story. Please don't abandon it.
Story Artist chapter 16 . 9/28
For the love of humanity! PLEASE update this story please!

When will Naruto be able to use his and Kurama's chakra? I would LOVE to see the looks on everyone's faces when they see what Naruto can do with chakra. I also want to see him mop the floor with all those annoying brats: Sho, Loki, Odin, etc.

I would also like to see everyone's reactions when Naruto uses Kurama's chakra and goes berserk like in his battle with Pain.
Guest chapter 16 . 9/24
It's been a really long time please update your story I enjoy reading it.
Nine tails of darkness flame chapter 11 . 9/14
Really wanted and omake here thinking of something along the lines of loki saying fenrir you cant fight me... I am your father! Which is true in Norse mythology.
Nine tails of darkness flame chapter 5 . 9/14
Great work so far and at first I thought his fighting style was going to be just weird but after watching a mma fight with a KO win in 20 seconds it look awesome
draco7347 chapter 16 . 8/22
love this storyline can't wait for new chapters
OnGuard chapter 13 . 8/11
As much as I like your story, I went ahead and reported all of your chapters for abuse. Your only allowed short authors notes and yet yours are ridiculously long.
Ellimist01 chapter 16 . 8/4
Well I weren't expecting you to have Naruto use dou ki so soon but it made the fight more enjoyable. Though for a guy who lives with and works for a master it's a wonder he doesn't request help with it seeing as he saw Sho doing something similar he should know martial arts masters can do the same so he can be helped by that guy or get recommended to someone who could help him.
Ellimist01 chapter 15 . 8/4
This chapter has me frustrated that Sho actually came after Naruto who he should really be thinking not worth his time, and Naruto letting his anger get the better of him and blaming guys with blue hair for problems he created by not wanting to tell the truth. Well I also am pretty pissed at how similar you've made Renka to Sakura, because no offense I'm not a masochist. I did find it weird Naruto weren't told about Thor leaving and how even Sho was there and somehow found where Naruto is working. Sure Sougetsu could have told him, but if Sougetsu really knew about that restaurant I think he would have long ago attacked it with his personality.
Ellimist01 chapter 14 . 8/4
Sigh. So in a city a camera recording at a distance just so happens to hear their conversation clearly and block out all other noise? First of all I doubt it could hear at that range and if it were that advanced it would still be overshadowed by other noises in a city than one conversation you wanted Loki to hear. I think I've said it before but it's annoying the bull you're pulling with a weak excuse of a future relationship, and other than that the story was going fine. And I still stay future relationship because I don't think that mostly failed practice date makes them in one yet.
Ellimist01 chapter 13 . 8/3
Honestly this excuse is too weak for Naruto to be blackmailed. If he were a more dumb character maybe, but this Naruto isn't THAT dumb. He should know Loki hatee him so as soon as his done he will drag his reputation through the mud and still do what he's using as blackmail. Naruto doesn't want Renka to not trust him? Again a weak excuse seeing as he lies to her when she's concerned with him, and if he were ever worried about her trusting him then he should trust her as well. Honestly this is a poorly contrived excuse to increase word count as far as I'm concerned and Naruto should be smart enough to know to tell Renka on his own terms because right know Loki could tell it to her with some lies mixed in to really make her hate him.
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