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Krinos Bara chapter 80 . 2/17
Let's get a few things straight:

1) I don't like Spamano
2) I don't like GerIta
3) I don't like USUK
4) I don't read smut
5) I don't read romance-centered fanfictions

So I hate everything about this story, right?

Funny how I don't.

You see, I didn't read this story for a long time although I knew about it (it was the most reviewed story, after all) because of the above reasons. Curiosity got the better of me though and here I am.

Now let's make another few things clear, yes?

1) This story is funny
2) I was curious to how and why those people topped Spain.

And that is why I like this story. I completely ignored the smut and simply acknowledged the pairings so the story was simply about Spain's experiences and Romano's reactions.

One of my weird quirks is that I like observing character developement and am not particularly partial to romance. I like this fanfiction because of its humor and its insight on Romano and Spain's character.

This fanfiction is far from a favorite, but I truly like this.
attack.on.pasta chapter 80 . 2/15
eerst wil ik zeggen nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!

En nu waar ik dit account voor heb gemaakt want ja ik heb 5 minuten geleden een account aangemaakt zodat ik op deze fanfic kon reageren (dat moest gewoon)
Maar dit was de meest lieve, grappige, sexy fanfic die ik ooit gelezen heb en heb er aardig wat gelezen XD. Lovino's en Antonio's karakters heb je zo goed/leuk gedaan (vooral Lovi vond ik echt geweldig)
Ik heb nog nooit met zoveel plezier een fanfic gelezen. Elke keer als ik een hoofdstuk had gelezen dacht ik, ik moet er nog een lezen het is te verslavend
Je bent echt een geweldige schrijfster en ik ga zeker je andere fanfics lezen en je volgen ofzo maar moet even uitzoeken hoe deze site nou echt werkt
Oh ik vond trouwens je A/n's altijd zo leuk om te lezen!
Flavio Vargas 233 chapter 1 . 2/10
Love it!
Guest chapter 1 . 1/12
This is good.
LOVE IT chapter 1 . 1/10
You have no idea how happy I am that this amazing story wasn't left incomplete. The beginning is perfect, along with the ending, and everything between! Please keep writing!
Lovina Vargas chapter 7 . 1/3
S-Spain? What the fuck? You bastard! Fuck this shit! Nah, Im just kidding! I love this fanfic!
WesternBird chapter 80 . 12/7/2014
Thank you once again for the amazing story. I have had a wonderful time reading this fic. I think the characters are very well written and the plot always held my interest. I laughed over the funny moments and fangirled over the sweet moments while reading. This story really cheered me up as I prepare for college finals week. I probably should have been studying instead of reading, but reading helps me to not get overwhelmed with stress. I am sorry I didn't review each chapter but I didn't want to spam you with 80 reviews all at once. Your my favorite writer on FanFiction and I love reading your stories. I hope you still will write fan fiction for us readers on after you become a published author. I can't wait to hold a published book you have written in my hands (even if it is in a language other than English which is the only language I know) so please keep writing.
Guest chapter 9 . 11/7/2014
I'm actually a fan of seme Lovi. Uke lovina is cool too, but the idea of Spain bottoming is-(brain shortcircuits) yep. No words can describe the awesomeness.
Reverse Gravity 499 chapter 80 . 10/4/2014
I have so much to say about this because I waited till I finished reading to review... Okay, first of all that was so amazing and awesome and adorable! You are really great at characterization, because all the stories of the past and how everyone interacted with each other was just perfect! You also made Lovino so hilarious and awesome. All his thoughts were so funny; he actually seemed like the kind of person I would be friends with (which was cool but also weird at the same time...). That last line was perfect, and the whole topping scene was actually really sweet. I thought the fact that Antonio was scared because he had never really experienced 'love making' when he was a bottom was really realistic, and also kind of adorable. I really loved your story, and I totally want to go read more of your stuff now! Keep writing (even if its not fanfiction) because you are really quite talented.
Deathpuppy1 chapter 80 . 9/21/2014
I love this story. I wish more people would write long stories like this on here, Heck, I wish I could write a long story as brilliant as this. Thank you for being born. And for creating this masterpeice.
Ordinary October chapter 80 . 9/16/2014
This fanfic right here. First off let me tell you that now I've finished a 500k word fanfic (more then 1,100 PAGES) feel so lost. Now I NEVER read stuff this long and I knew when I started it, I was in for an adventure of procrastination and putting the story off multiple times.



After putting it down multiple times and reading a 100k fanfic in between (heh) I finally read it all and let me tell you for all those 3 months it took of procrastination I LOVED IT!

Like a said I feel completely lost now that I've finished it. I'm a pretty slow reader so when I start something it takes me a while to finish it and all the more time it gave me to grow attached to your writing style and story.

I've got to compliment you on your work, all the aph characters were SPOT ON, I really felt like i could see then saying everything. (Making the spamano all the more better ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) ) Love how you wrote it, loved the humor and dorkiness with it!

Had the perfect amount of comedy, embarrassment, joy, drama, fuzzy gushy love junk, silliness, etc. Really gave me a different view to the Spamano relationship, because every author writes the pairing different, so far yours is one of my favorite. (Probably my top favorite shhhhh)

I loved the way you wrote Lovi's POV, seems like you really had fun with it and brought out his childish character.

And all the Authors notes I actually enjoyed them though, If you're worried over the lengthen and content of them being an American I don't really hear to much of the European nations and it's interesting to hear about it.

Even though the time you wrote this fic was a few years ago it's interesting to hear what goes on there. Though it's probably the same as any other country it's nice to have a change not just focusing on annoying old America. Heh.

But any ways thank you for taking your time to write this fic. 2 years?... I can barley write a fanfic without giving up on it within a week. That takes a lot of time and devotion and I give you all props for that. THANK YOU! (Again)

I also really liked how it wasn't an AU really, the aph characters were the counties and represented as the show not portrayed as humans, though I love those fanfics as well I loved how this one kept the theme of the aph characters as being country personifications.

That plot too... So perfect for romano. Just those are my words XD

Loved every thing about it despite the long length didnt mix with my short attention span and lack of fast reading BUT THATS NO PROBLEM! (That's my fault hehe)

Very well written and I enjoyed reading it!

Hope to see more from you!

*off to stalk your profile for more stories*
Ugh chapter 80 . 8/9/2014
Ugh I don't have an account and I can't think of a username off the top of my head but whatever. I feel like such a lurker for not reviewing sooner, sorry! I really wanted to tell you that this fic is super awesome and well written and the characters are all well developed and silly and adorable and make me giggle and squee.
Also I want to thank you because it is SO RARE to find these qualities in a fanfic:
-very good
-very long
It is surprisingly difficult to find fanfics that are well written, interesting, long (you can enjoy it for longer!), /and/ complete. This fic is a gem and I hope you keep writing!
Ps my grandmother calls butts a "popo." Just thought I should tell you. XD
xxFall3n-Ang3lxx chapter 80 . 8/3/2014
I absolutely loved this story! Every chapter made me laugh at some point and I loved all the fluff!
guest chapter 80 . 8/3/2014
PS-in my last comment
guest chapter 80 . 8/3/2014
I have no words for this beautiful, amazing, wonderful story.
You my friend, have officially made spamano my OTP and my Number one ship...they are ADORABLE. This story was literally the best I've read on this site and I've read a lot of fabrics, this one is the best. I loved all the moments when Romano kept denying his feelings for Spain but was still so protective and sweet to him! And I loved Spain so much in this story he was SO FREAKING CUTE! And Your Romano was hilarious and it was so hard not to laugh out loud when I was reading this. America and England was adorable in this fic and I love how England was trying to dominate America but America kept stopping him! You included all my fave pairings in this story too which I LOVED. I also gushed and cried a little in those moments when lovino/Romano found out about Antonio/Spain's past and they had those cute moments where there were tears and kissing and cuddling just GAHHH.
all the characters were ON POINT throughout and you portrayed them perfectly from Romanos and alfreds hilarity to Italy's cheekbones to Spain's adorability (is that a word) I just exploded with awe.
Sorry for rambling so much but really your story was awesome and I'm really sad it's over **gets choked up**
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