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DatOtaku chapter 1 . 7/2
sry dont mind me I just need to type something so I can favorite his XD I cant believe I forgot to XDDD you dont need to pm me or anything just ignre this
Missiemusic11 chapter 80 . 5/29
AMAZING STORY! It was so good, but I wish there was more... It only lasted me a week. :.(
AYaoiLovingFreak chapter 12 . 5/17
Guest chapter 78 . 5/10
Madeline-chan09 chapter 80 . 4/12
Honey, I congratulate you. You made a mark in my heart and a million of other hearts too. You made us cry, laugh, experience the story ourselves with Lovi and Antonio, but most of all, fall in love. My heart clenched countless times while reading this especially the ending and trust it took me weeks to finish this story. I'm glad to announce that your dreams (according to this chapter's a/n1, I actually read A/Ns) have come true. It's 2015 and still, people from across the globe read your story. The two years that you spent writing this wasn't wasted. You left a huge impact on the fandom of Hetalia and the fact that you're not a native English-spaker is just amazing. For the love of Spamano, you and Bottoms Up! is just fantabulous!

I don't always review in stories and when I do, it's usually short but for you, I'll make an exception. I actually wrote down this review on paper epbefore even reading this chapter. I really, really, really want to say thank you for simply just existing and writing this story. The 3,879 reviews, 822 follows and 1,471 favorites (as of April 12th, 2015), you deserve it. :)

So God bless and good luck! Mabuhay ka, kaibigan! (Live long, my friend!)

BTW, I'm younger than 18 (and older than 12 no matter how short I am) but don't worry, I was "contaminated" before reading this story (mentally, not physically, just to clear that up) ;)
SynchroXXX chapter 80 . 3/31
Hooooly shit. It's been years since I looked at this as mentioned in the review I just posted and I reread your author's note on chapter 80 and saw you had said you'd need a few months for a break. Only months. I...

I kind of ran off to go Homestucking not long after I finished this fic! And I had no clue about the sequel. 94 CHAPTERS? DAMN I WAS GONE LONG! WHAT THE HELL? I KNOW HOW I'M SPENDING MY SPRING BREAK! :D W00t! LATE TO THE SPAMANO PAR-TAY IN 2015!
SynchroXXX chapter 80 . 3/31
So, I remember about probably 3 years ago, I started reading this and you were only on chapter... 53. I think. You had just gotten to or just passed chapter 50. I spent over a month reading this every night for hours at a time and I fell in love with this since it was my OTP at the time. I shouldn't have been reading this three years ago, but I was and I'd wake up early every morning with only 3 hours of sleep but by night, I'd be wide awake with this, this RUSH to read. I never loved reading so much as I did when I read your work and I will never forget Hungary's romance novel scene that was read aloud, HOT DAMN. I remember those little moments and I remember your FFN user and where to find this story even though I don't even watch Hetalia anymore like I used to! After that month of playing catch up, Friday became my favorite day of the week and I'd wait for you to post and I'd keep refreshing my iPod. And once you did, I'd sit and read for over an hour. It was like clockwork! I always loved how you tied in the real-world recessions as well. Still my most favorite fanfiction of all time!
Breathing in Poison chapter 77 . 3/17
Krinos Bara chapter 80 . 2/17
Let's get a few things straight:

1) I don't like Spamano
2) I don't like GerIta
3) I don't like USUK
4) I don't read smut
5) I don't read romance-centered fanfictions

So I hate everything about this story, right?

Funny how I don't.

You see, I didn't read this story for a long time although I knew about it (it was the most reviewed story, after all) because of the above reasons. Curiosity got the better of me though and here I am.

Now let's make another few things clear, yes?

1) This story is funny
2) I was curious to how and why those people topped Spain.

And that is why I like this story. I completely ignored the smut and simply acknowledged the pairings so the story was simply about Spain's experiences and Romano's reactions.

One of my weird quirks is that I like observing character developement and am not particularly partial to romance. I like this fanfiction because of its humor and its insight on Romano and Spain's character.

This fanfiction is far from a favorite, but I truly like this.
attack.on.pasta chapter 80 . 2/15
eerst wil ik zeggen nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!

En nu waar ik dit account voor heb gemaakt want ja ik heb 5 minuten geleden een account aangemaakt zodat ik op deze fanfic kon reageren (dat moest gewoon)
Maar dit was de meest lieve, grappige, sexy fanfic die ik ooit gelezen heb en heb er aardig wat gelezen XD. Lovino's en Antonio's karakters heb je zo goed/leuk gedaan (vooral Lovi vond ik echt geweldig)
Ik heb nog nooit met zoveel plezier een fanfic gelezen. Elke keer als ik een hoofdstuk had gelezen dacht ik, ik moet er nog een lezen het is te verslavend
Je bent echt een geweldige schrijfster en ik ga zeker je andere fanfics lezen en je volgen ofzo maar moet even uitzoeken hoe deze site nou echt werkt
Oh ik vond trouwens je A/n's altijd zo leuk om te lezen!
Flavio Vargas 233 chapter 1 . 2/10
Love it!
Guest chapter 1 . 1/12
This is good.
LOVE IT chapter 1 . 1/10
You have no idea how happy I am that this amazing story wasn't left incomplete. The beginning is perfect, along with the ending, and everything between! Please keep writing!
Lovina Vargas chapter 7 . 1/3
S-Spain? What the fuck? You bastard! Fuck this shit! Nah, Im just kidding! I love this fanfic!
WesternBird chapter 80 . 12/7/2014
Thank you once again for the amazing story. I have had a wonderful time reading this fic. I think the characters are very well written and the plot always held my interest. I laughed over the funny moments and fangirled over the sweet moments while reading. This story really cheered me up as I prepare for college finals week. I probably should have been studying instead of reading, but reading helps me to not get overwhelmed with stress. I am sorry I didn't review each chapter but I didn't want to spam you with 80 reviews all at once. Your my favorite writer on FanFiction and I love reading your stories. I hope you still will write fan fiction for us readers on after you become a published author. I can't wait to hold a published book you have written in my hands (even if it is in a language other than English which is the only language I know) so please keep writing.
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