Reviews for Moments Like This
Narramin chapter 55 . 9/29/2019
I'm so glad you updated! T-T this is literally my favourite OP series ever, thank you so much for writing it!
EmptySurface chapter 55 . 8/29/2019
I really do love the way you write Zoro and Luffy's relationship. It convays such depth and love it almost knocks me over. Thank you
BeyondMyReach chapter 55 . 8/24/2019
this hurts my soul, but it's so just so beautiful.

thanks for writing!
Fi Suki Saki chapter 55 . 8/24/2019
I'm so happy you update!
But I get emotional because it's about Ace... Damn
Grumpr chapter 55 . 8/24/2019
I always really love these chapters, and I was very happy to see the update notification! I love your writing style and I liked the part about Zoro not being a brother and the line about Luffy trusting Ace unconditionally (and Zoro understanding!). The way you describe the silent understanding that's there between these characters is really great, thanks for sharing!
the everchanging chapter 55 . 8/23/2019
Zoro has such a good understanding of Luffy. I love the way you portray their friendship.
SnailRoyal chapter 55 . 8/23/2019
AKUROSAAAAAA i cannot explain how much your writing is able to move me in tears. I feels so alive after reading an update from you. While reading this i couldn't help but continue even though my eyes were getting blurry from the tear drops that wouldn't stop falling. thank you this was such an experience to read.
VampireApple chapter 55 . 8/23/2019
How powerful. I do love the incite into Luffy's mindset at the moment. And Zoro only says two words the whole time. Such a beautiful, quiet piece.
Red Voident Dragon chapter 55 . 8/23/2019
Love whenever theres an update, beautiful as always 33
Sesshomarusama3 chapter 55 . 8/23/2019
This killed me. Right in the feels my dear :'( beautiful chapter
Worker626 chapter 55 . 8/23/2019
Damn. Got the waterworks starting up.
Narramin chapter 6 . 9/14/2018
I love this so much ️ Your writing is amazing, I'm so glad you wrote a post-TB piece as well. Also, the word you are looking for is farewell, it has the same finality as sayonara. I really love the Zoro-Luffy dynamic, it is great to see a whole fic dedicated to it. Thank you!
Klanglilie chapter 54 . 6/18/2018
I loved...looooooved LOVED every chapter! No I LOOOOOVVVEEE every chapter. It is so awesome and great and your writing style is so nice and every thing is so easy to read aaaannnddd...just super awesome 3
Worker626 chapter 5 . 6/1/2018
The feels
RRina chapter 54 . 4/4/2018
Oh? This is 3 years since your last update. I reread them and can't stop smiling. Luffy and Zoro's Nakamaship is one of my favorite relationships. I wish I can read more. Thanks for sharing all this awesome drabbles. I still waiting if you would update one day. Thank you!
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