Reviews for Just for fun
Doni chapter 75 . 7/22
That was adorable and hysterical.
Doni chapter 74 . 7/22
Very sweet.
ijustsigneduptofollow chapter 75 . 7/10
Ha! No flies on that girl, that's for sure.

Very sweet interaction between Turnip and her Sherlock. As always.
mattsloved1 chapter 75 . 7/5
This is adorable and might be on my top five list of favorite chapters for this series. Sherlock thinks he's so smart but Scarlet knows just how to play her second favorite guy. lol!

Thank you for the big smile. :-)
MadBadAndDangerous chapter 75 . 7/4
Such a clever child! But what else would we expect?
CelticSun14 chapter 75 . 7/3
Hahah, this one made me laugh :) I love that Scarlet was able to deceive Sherlock. Love it!
bruderlein chapter 75 . 7/3
Heeeeeey! So good to see you back! (I wanted to comment already on the previous chapter but I had some problem recovering my password...) How are you doing? I'm so happy for the new chapters - and in general to again see you writing :)
Looking forward to reading more :) xx Bruderlein
MASHFanficChick chapter 75 . 7/3
Oh, I adored this one! Not to mention-YAY!-you're back to writing! *sneaks you packets of chocolate buttons as encouragement*
An Escaped Rabbit chapter 75 . 7/3
Yay! This was cute. Have I mentioned how glad I am that you're continuing this? One minor error in the chapter-it should have been "bathe," not "bath." It's really quite small, but it bugged me. Anyway, great job. I look forward to more.
CountryGrl chapter 74 . 6/28
So cute! I had missed this. Loved the closing line :-)
mattsloved1 chapter 74 . 6/29
Oh, this is really lovely. :-)

More importantly, I'm glad you're gradually getting better. Hugs!
ijustsigneduptofollow chapter 74 . 6/29
So happy to see this pop up in the feed! This entire story is one of my all-time favorites. If we ever get to see a baby Watson on the actual show I hope she's as adorable and clearly drawn as your Scarlet.

(And dear lady, please take all the time you need and take care of yourself. We'll be here, whenever you're ready. Thank you for writing!)
Greysh chapter 74 . 6/28
oh adorable :) go sherlock!
Stevi Re chapter 74 . 6/28
Oh, I am SO GLAD you're back!
An Escaped Rabbit chapter 74 . 6/28
Yay! I'm so excited to see that you're continuing this story. You know what, I think I'll go back and reread it, just for fun.
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