Reviews for The Downsides of Eavesdropping
HanajimaFB chapter 1 . 3/3/2015
This fic makes me ashamed to call myself a power stone fan. Holy smokes thats a fantastic fic! why didnt i find it sooner? D: I hope youre still writing cuz man I would love to see more! I very much enjoyed the pairing of ayame and falcon :) personally i pair Accel with Ayame but hey, im open to other ideas :D Im a hugr Accel fangirl anyways XD Ok Im off to visit your other fics!
Rouge Falcon chapter 1 . 6/20/2014
This is such bullshit! I've seen the anime from start to finish, and Falcon DOES NOT show any romantic interest in Ayame ANYWHERE in the show, and I'm sick of people like you pairing them together. It was ROUGE that he wanted to be with and kept lusting after so much in show, and being that he's the main character, he should be with the person he actually wants to be with. And don't tell me "Ooooh well Rouge wants to be with Ryoma!" because Ryoma never returned any of the affection that Rouge gave him, and I'm sick of people like you pairing them together too. And don't tell me that Ryoma did care and just didn't return her affection because he's free spirited, because the same idiots who defend Sonic x Amy (another pairing that sucks) use the same excuse. Falcon & Rouge have a lot more in common with each other, and the pairing is a lot more sexy as well. Ryoma can be with that nut job Kikonojo (Ayame's cross dressing brother) for all I care, and Ayame should be with Wangtang. Screw this story. This is one of the shittiest fanfics I ever read!
OnlySlightlySane chapter 1 . 10/14/2011
Despite the fact I'm not a huge Ayame/Falcon paring, that was a good story. Keep it up!