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Aressia chapter 3 . 3/11
Your stories are so good 3 you write everything so perfect!

I like Opal :3 and Vaati and Zelda and all the characters! You protray them pretty good. I admire you because I'm not able to write adventure... I just can't xD and when I'm reading the fights you write and all that, it's not boring but exciting! :3 I'm liking this fic so far and I'm happy because it's very long! :3 I guess I'll take my time to read and come back to review later n.n
Tiera chapter 53 . 10/7/2014
I loved the story! I'm not experienced in writing. although i cant say enough how amazing the story went. You really kept me on the edge of my seat reading this. Great job!
Cutiecat chapter 53 . 5/22/2014
I'm so sorry I didn't review the other chapters... I've been reading Rend off and on for at least a few months, now. I remember how much I enjoyed the Beyond Centuries originally, and I think I enjoyed Rend even more. I'm not always that great at caring if a character is ooc (like, Vaati, if it makes him more lovey-dovey in a story, for example). This fanfic, though, had such slight changes over large amounts of time that it really is believable, in my mind. I regret not being around to review during the years that you wrote this. It was always nice to have a response at each new chapter.

Y'know, in terms of non-lovey-dovey stories for The Legend of Zelda, you're my favorite author. I really feel like you could have your stories published, even though they're fanfiction. I figure, the mangas for The Legend of Zelda don't follow the exact storylines of the games, so why shouldn't other changes be alright in published material? Plus, that would be so epic! Having a hard copy of Rend for when the power goes out, and having the artwork in one place with it. :)

I plan to start reading either OA or the one about Vaati's past, next. For now, unfortunately, I have class. I just want to say again how much I love your stories! I try not to use the word "love" a lot, especially when referring to material objects or non-living things in general, but I adore your fiction. I really look forward to reading your other stories. I forget if i've read the latest chapter of Forget-me-nots and Violets, so I have to add that to my reading list, too. I'll try to at least review for each chapter on that one :)
Isodrink chapter 53 . 2/10/2014
I wish to give you a small review.
This story was one hell of a good story. I am full of praise, but I don't know where to start or where to end.
It was a great story, many good ideas, many good characters.
I want you the best of feelings and to be proud of your creations, since this was nothing short of a full fledged fantasy novel in the TLoZ universe.

I only wish to share some points with you since I think you might find them interesting, even though the story has been finished for more than a year.
I actually loved Opal the Render as a character. In fact, I think she was one of the most fascinating characters by far that you created in this story, en par with Vaati and Thistle (I found Links character good, but not as appealing as those two). And the whole struggle Light faction vs Dark faction.
So I was pretty saddened by the fact that you killed her in the end, since she was something I always find appealing: Neutral in a world full of "good" and "evil". Someone who has been part of that but failed to see the sense in continuing. There were so many things I liked about her. The fact that she was kind of a resigned warrior, that she played with everyone, that she partly remained mysterious etc. I think it's a shame you couldn't use her further for anything and simply used her as a small plot element.

I'd love to see her again, having somehow survived the whole ordeal (after all she can manipulate space and time) in another story, if that was possible.

Another credit I wanted to give you was for Vaatis characters. I love how all of your storys are somehow intertwined and how you manage to fill Vaatis nonexistant character in the game with so, so much life. Thank you for that, this story and everything you have written (I might write another review when I'm finised with other storys, I've read "Tainted hearts" already and am greatly interested in your Vaati).

Anyway, good luck with further writing ;)
EverfreeSparkle chapter 53 . 9/14/2012
Great, amazing, awesome story! Do you think you could make a Vaati story were he is fully evil? And overcome the goddesses, while becoming a God? Something to think about.
Draconic chapter 53 . 9/6/2012
Wow, I really meant to leave a review a long time ago, but I never got around to it. Sorry 'bout that. In any case this story was fantastic. I loved the time shifts and how you personified the monsters, especially Argorok and the Helmaroc King.

Thistle was a fun character. A thoroughly and uncommonly stable and actually enjoyable OC, not causing anyone to step out of their character. Here's to silly Wizzrobes!
Also, despite what people seem to keep telling you, is nothing like Kefka: Thistle's motivated by his inferiority complex, Kefka's motivated by his all-consuming passion for destroying anything he sees in the most horrific and painful way possible. Yes, you should play the game. Play the one on GBA, Final Fantasy VI on a GBA emulator, you just won't find it in stores. It tells the story better than the SNES version.

And finally: Vaati. Was. Perfect. Just like you, I always felt that Vaati went bad because of Ezlo's strict and overprotective actions. If Ezlo had provided better guidance, Vaati would never have gone mad with stolen power. In fact, I can see Vaati as a hero quite easily, which is what caught my attention in this fic.

Thank you for writing such an incredible Vaati story. It was worth every minute of time you put into it and more.
Sybdoodles chapter 53 . 9/3/2012
I've been refusing to close the tab for days now. Because closing the tab means accepting it's over...and I don't want that.
I'll...just...sit here and wait for OA instead then, eh...?

Oh and I really loved the imaginary conversation between Ezlo and Vaati here and the way you pictured their relationship.
no longer active 666 chapter 53 . 9/1/2012
"In a remote place, somewhere, a breeze began to blow."
At the computer, all over the world, fangirls began to cry.

My eyes are watery because my dinner burnt my tongue that's all! This chapter was a nice end, even though it's so sad. You had me all teary and then you go and post a sneak peek and get me all happy again. Did this really start in 2010? Has that much time passed already... I feel old. Thank you so much for writing all of this and continuing to make more! I love this story [and all of your other ones as well] so much. I am sad that this story has ended but... I can't wait to see Thistle again. He's such a cutie [ew what did I just say, I'm being ooc .]. My cat would also like to thank you because it was your story chapters that would would keep me in place so that she could sleep on my lap. I wanted to jump up and down while reading this chapter and even more so with that sneak peek. Thank you so much and I hope you have fun with the next story! I'll be waiting!
dark digidestined chapter 1 . 8/29/2012
and im starting to cry up i cant wait for more
DarkSakura2256 chapter 53 . 8/29/2012
I'm sure you have everything under control :)
lol a coincidence XD
No problem it was an interesting 'adventure' for all of us.
Well I wish you best of luck and see ya till next time :D
Krys Song Wu chapter 53 . 8/29/2012
Are you kidding me ? Rend isn't over, isn't it ?

Reiko x 3 chapter 53 . 8/29/2012
T_T Weh... now its over...

Dark: Gonna read Avilux again?

Damn straight. Vaati kicks ass and I can actually see him being willing to tolerate OoT Link.

Dark: Cause there's a plausible argument that his motivation for saving Hyrule is to get back at Ganon for murdering the closest thing he had to a father, making him an outcast due to the fact that, although raised as a Kokiri, he isn't one and has no idea how to be a Hylian, and generally screwing him over?

Pretty much. And let's not forget the crazy mess that is Majora's Mask.

Dark: ...Oot Link's life kinda sucks doesn't it...

Thus why Vaati could tolerate him. He has a noticeable dark side. It's why he's my favorite Link followed closely by TP Link.

Dark: Because he also ends up getting stuck with the hero job?

Yep. I'm pretty sure he had no desire to be forced into the hero position, but who can fight the whims of those crazy Goddesses.

Dark: Makes me glad we aren't them.

...If we were Hyrule would be so friggin screwed...
Ai Star chapter 53 . 8/29/2012
fantastic ending well done W
11SnowLeopard11 chapter 53 . 8/28/2012
I've read every single one of your stories so far except for When I Return, and it feels like such a bittersweet ending now that this one is done.

Possible rewrite of The Unresolved, hmm? Absolutely love the way you've been connecting your stories so far, so seeing a rewrite of that to match this up a bit more would be awesome to read.

After about a year or so from first reading both OA stories that preview was great, and man, now I'm really thinking about that fortune Thistle's made. I can understand all of that fortune to where the story is at now, and now I'm seriously hoping that The Magician gets The World card, but really, that's going to be a looong way from where the story is currently at, hopefully... I've also been able to narrow it down to who the The Reversed Magician is to two people, and I'm leaning towards one of them right now.

... I think I'm starting to understand Thistle now very well...

Well, now to go back to re-reading Avilux and OA. Never going to re-read Recollections though, as it came extremely close to having me cry, and gave me a very empty feeling. Kinda like when someone close I know dies.

Btw, before I leave this story for a long time, with a possible re-read for the future for only fics I absolutely f*****g love, I may as well mention this: I've been getting back into drawing lately this year, and have just gotten a sudden inspiration from this last chapter and I now want to draw something with nearly every single character from your stories that have held some importance to the plots and whatnot. If I actually do get around to it, as school's coming up, I'll end up putting it on Deviantart. /end 1:00 in the mourning rant.

... BAI BAI for now...
Vin Bersmak chapter 53 . 8/28/2012
I have to say, Rend has been a wonderful story to read, and a marked improvement from Beyond Centuries. Your characters developed nicely throughout the story, the plot was much more engaging, and the closure, though open ended, was very satisfying. Thistle turned out to be one of my favorite characters of yours, only just outmatched by Dugal (Who is great on so many levels), and I'm looking forward to seeing them both in the same story. The final deviation made me laugh pretty hard, too.

Now I have to go reread Avilux and what you have of OA. Both of them are loads of fun, and I can't wait for more!

Thanks for sharing your work with us!
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