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Guest chapter 61 . 13h ago
I need to know what happens!
bigadjectives chapter 8 . 2/11
ur last lines sound like a lesbian final fantasy spell "ULTIMA TENDERNESS!" BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! 9999 healing!
i mean, tenderness in itself is pretty descriptive and leaves little room for margin. its not like theres tenderness, super tenderness, supra tenderness, ultimate tenderness, and omega tenderness (yeah thats right theres a lvl above ultimate :P) if you wanna add more descriptiveness then say something like "with tenderness and compassion" or "with unyielding tenderness".
DoomLich chapter 61 . 2/10
Can't wait to see how this colossal battle ends. If I wasn't invested so much in Kim and Shego at this point I'd definitely be rooting for Nanny Nane to come out of this the winner. She is a serious badass. I hope you continue this story, but if not best of luck with whatever else you have decided to pursue!
whywhy chapter 56 . 2/2
why is she suddenly Hulk Possible? i mean i know she is still getting injured and stuff, and somehow she was able to generate the strength to either be crushed into or crush shego thru the super reinforced safe house walls in the beginning...i just didn't seem like she was flaunting the superhuman strength before, plus all this massive endurance. i'm gonna hafta call mutation or super-evolution, or symbiotic parasite or acquired super-power.
quatrohrmies chapter 42 . 1/31
i'm wondering if u decided to alter kim's dna or something. first off, if she was getting injured severely enough to need anything more than a local anesthetic (to which, as a former combat medic IRL, i can attest one does NOT build a resistance too) and she ended getting general anesthesia enough times that she developed an immunity to it, she was getting seriously fked up on a weekly basis for years. things that leave "little marks and scars" don't need general anesthesia unless it is high tech surgery and even then those scars aren't just light little marks, they are pretty serious and very noticeable. she hasn't shown any ability to heal or ignore poisons/medication (chewing up ibprufen btw does pretty much nothing except damage the mucosal membranes in your mouth and throat, plus that medication reduces minor swelling and pain, it has almost no affect on new sources of pain stimuli, it only dulls subsequent pain, and it takes about an hour to fully kick in. there is another issue that made me wonder, even farther back than the one i just mentioned above. and that is when kim/shego where doing the nasty, kim apparently came over 20 times? although there are super-sensitive nerve disorders, even if they went at it all day AND night (if i remember correctly they were only doing it for part of the night though) it would be very hard to successfully orgasm that many times, even for a girl. after a while it would just be uncomfortable, and pretty soon the nerves would be too over-stimulated to function properly. unless she was doing it lance armstrong style and using drugs/blood-doping, she must have some sort of wacky power other than being a psychic. either that or you just had a girlfriend once that called every little contraction she got while having sex an "orgasm".
ack chapter 28 . 1/30
i hope they stomp his balls to mush and drink the fluid to power their own baby-making.
sparkles chapter 25 . 1/30
great story, good chapter. the dialogue went from normalish to porno-ish a bit fast. i dont mind that shego is a bit of a softie toward kim. i hope she still keeps her badassness tho.
triplemchrmsalot chapter 21 . 1/30
if i wasn't so lazy and sane, i would track you down and stand outside ur window with boombox playing some song about coming back...lovin' da story and i really hope you do come back to finish it if its not. i had the quickest of peeks at the end (just the speediest of speed reads thru the author's notes, only looking for stuff that implied a complete story) and i didn't get the impression it was complete at all :(
it seems like its been a year and a half since you have even put a paw print on this site under the current user-name of this story. i'm sure if things keep progressing the way they are i'll be e-mailing you in case you aren't reading reviews. i like the plot devices you are using, as well as "upgrading" the reality of the world from kids to adults. i know that the physics and morals of the KPverse were a bit...well...i can't really think of the phrase i'm looking for atm, but it has to do with good intentions and morals having an inherent ability to always succeed, or at least to never be extinguished.
as cool as it is to see KP and crew seeing life thru a new set of physics, i would also hope that, even though i'm sure more bad things will happen, our crew doesn't have to suffer any super-terrible tragedy. or if they do that super/mad science can fix it. OPPA KP STYLE!
yayyay chapter 20 . 1/30
woohoo its ron and he's not crazy, jealous, or a bad guy! i don't really mind kim having the whole 'pre-cog' powers, but i hope u didn't overdo it with the flashforwards n stuff, cuz that can get pretty lame pretty fast when its butterfly effect meets minority report and the result is a bad acid trip...
i also hope that this story is finished, or has a few completed arcs. if it isn't, you should FINISH IT or if it is put the COMPLETED tag on it.
disneypoison chapter 13 . 1/29
a striking amount of disney stars end up in terrible situations...they start out young and successful..."something" happens to them that makes them "break ties" and become risk takers (i don't at all find a nude scene, or even an entirely nude movie w/sex scenes and all to be offensive, but i shiver every time a disney child turned adult star does it because...) and they end up drug addicted, behavior addicted, and sooner than later dead. there have been more than a few deaths in the past 5 years that can prove this point. i think the disney ppl molest them or force them to do drugs or something...sickos.
mr canadian chapter 61 . 11/16/2014
I regret having read this so much because it seems to have been dropped XD. God dAMN was it good while it lasted though!
animegamemaster6 chapter 61 . 11/10/2014
This has to be one of the best stories I've read in a long while. You managed to arrange everything perfectly for that big confrontation at the end. I hope this gets updated sometime soon.
otaku03 chapter 61 . 11/5/2014
I don't think i've ever read a fanfic this long. And i must say it was worth it :D !
I am so extremely glad and sad at the same time that i reached this "final" chapter. Happy that i'm finally up to date, but sad because i don't know if this will ever be updated... :/
This is truly a work of genius. The dedication to details is mind blowing, and to be able to write so many characters going around in a chaotic war is amazing! I'm really looking forward to some more kigo when and if the story continues, and to see more of the photo shoots plot! Sure, the action is great, and you manage to balance it with humor, but since i have just recently fallen into what is known as "kigo", i have become insatiable.
In any case, i don't really think you need me to tell you this, you're much aware of how amazing this fic is, so i'd just like to congratulate you on being awesome. and thank you for writing this.
I really do hope you start writing this again though...
GabrielBlade chapter 60 . 10/18/2014
Dear SHADO Commander.

I made the terrible mistake of restarting reading this last night at 9pm. Eight hours later, at five AM, I got back up to Chapter 61 and realised that you bloody did it to me again.

I really, really, really want to know what happens next. I can't handle not knowing what Will is Duing with those dozen thousand gallon condoms. I want to know how Shego takes down the giant hopping bunny mech from hell. I want to see Senior Junior, Gemini, Nanny Nane, Electronique, Motor Ed, and most especially Big Daddy Brotherson and Jack Hench get the uppances that most certainly have are coming. Most of all, I want to see Kim take it to the max one more time, and kick some serious ass... and get the happy ending that I think she deserves.

Please, please don't let this amazing thing go unfinished.
the other side chapter 61 . 9/29/2014
Hey if you have a chapter ready, you should totally post it.
Pretty please with a naked squirming Betty on top? (Figured Shego or Kim wouldn't be particularly happy if I used their significant other)
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