Reviews for Secrets
thesingingowl chapter 19 . 5/6/2013
I enjoyed it :) and I found your writing style very interesting, the way you got the message across without writing huge lengths :)
Mrs. 11th chapter 19 . 2/23/2012
I really love this story, and Hermione/ Alan is so cute!
ButI'mBatgirl chapter 19 . 10/6/2011
naw yayayayaayayayayay! sorry it's taken me SO long to do this but... O.O am so glad they've got a happy ending... and here's me finally putting you on Author Alert... XD Because I suck at checking these things... If you write a sequel, I shall read... I quite like this pairing... It's lovely and I love Alan!
BeckyBoo12221 chapter 19 . 9/27/2011
Super story, keep up the sequel.
happy-rea chapter 19 . 9/27/2011
I care enough to want a sequel, i just forget to review most of the time.

Anyway even if you don't i have loved this story, you've mixed two really good fandoms together and made it worked so hats off to you.

Thank you for this story.

Angel JJK chapter 19 . 9/27/2011
Cool! Good ending!
ButI'mBatgirl chapter 18 . 9/13/2011
Are you seriously doing this to me? I got so excited when I get my laptop fixed and seen this has been updated... and you leave me hanging...

Please update SOON!


JAIMOL chapter 17 . 9/2/2011
It's a great story. Hermione's relationship with Alan is very nice. I hope they get to be happy. I'm dying to know as continuous, I hope you update soon.
jesslovessmiles chapter 17 . 8/9/2011
Good story, Hermione and Alan are perfect together :D
Pineapple.X chapter 17 . 8/5/2011
Woow I've never been so in love with Allan before! I love this story, what can I say, the ministry is bitch! I'm looking forward for more!
ButI'mBatgirl chapter 16 . 6/8/2011
hello. OMG are you serious? you're leaving me with that! that is so not fair! XD I love this story so much... Alan is like my favourite! you know, after Sarah-Jane who I adore... Either way, you have to have to HAVE TO update soon! XD please? pretty please? with edible ball bearings on top? your chapters are way too short for my liking... XD
StarlightWonderer23 chapter 15 . 5/3/2011
this is really good updated soon
docter-who-watsin-abandoned chapter 5 . 4/28/2011
LOL, it's almost Teddy's "time of the month". Sorry, that thought flew into my mind when I read that bit :)
docter-who-watsin-abandoned chapter 1 . 4/28/2011
It's Bannerman Road, btw. Cute into! Allons-y 2 next chappie! that rhymes!
ButI'mBatgirl chapter 15 . 4/25/2011
yano, I almost expected her to be a bit weirder around Hermione than that... Especially after Maria referred to Hermione's mum as Gramms... But I was so glad that you've updated.

I cried when I heard about Elisabeth Sladen. :(

Still love the story and I hope you continue! I so want Alan and Hermione to have a really happy ending.

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