Reviews for Throwing Light on a Shadow
hayatefan chapter 1 . 4/24/2014
Heh. Forgiving someone who has done bad things is par for the course for the Nanoha franchise. Forgiving someone who keeps on doing bad things, or who runs a whole department of bad things, is another. Fate's analogy really doesn't work.

Besides, not like Fate really did that much bad in the original series; hunting Jewel Seeds is hardly high crimes. She was probably willing to kill Nanoha in their big fight, but she was also 9 and isolated, like the young Lucretia...
Deuce-M's chapter 1 . 3/13/2014
You know those pivotal anime episodes in a series where the final scene goes into the ending credits as the music plays-the indescribable vibe that comes with it. I was reading this fic when my youtube playlist hit "I'll Believe" by Altima.

As I was reading the final exchange of words, the music started to reach the point where songs usually build up, before the chorus preluding the final verse, and exploded when I read the last line as Fate hit the gas. The song launches into the climax full swing as images of the car zooming into the orange sun on a low street, moving wide angle shots of the car at various angles followed by an image of nanoha staring off to the right while fate tried not to look over and talk because words werent needed right then, split fade into a vivio holding up lu on her shoulder while she closed her eyes from exhaustion, leading to a right side exit into hayate writing a report dropping her hands to the sides of the keyboard and looking out toward the half- moon outside her window as moonlight streaked across her face, a shot of Victor standing with a team while being briefed on whatever chrono sent him on and saluting his senior officer before a close up of his shoulders up, that fades like twin doors pushing out as an image of chrono walking down the hall staring at the ground a ways in front of him(if im starting to ramble, I apologize. I'm a bit of a detail ), so in thought he sees nothing but images in his mind that are written all over his seemingly calm face save for eyes ready to punch a wall if he didnt know better, swings from the left rotating the opposite way onto his image and leads to a image of all of them showing one side of the body split down the center of each persons head
and shift into an array of zoomed out shots of every one looking up to stare at the half moon,with its equal sides of light and dark, now noticing the sliver of grey in between as if the situation has caused a paradigm shift. They stare at it as if with a new revelation on its nature and its symbolism of the situation they face. With a straight faces contradicting the resolute and illuminated looks in their eyes, they stare at the moon in a new light
As the song hits its final notes, the images morph into slanted uneven, but fairly equal parts, each containing a head of one of hayate victor vivio nanoha fate and chrono. the moon seemingly links their souls as its being focuses them on a certain someone who seems to have some shocking, yet now obvious connections with this floating giant and share a common but unshared thought that resonates with the finaal note as all fades to black.

Its detailed and long, but only with it this way does it express how awesome this fic is. On its own it is exeptional, but pairing the story with the song, the mood was just so perfect. I can not explain, but only descibe how vividly this fic struck me. I must emphasize how good the fic is because I might have overplayed the music a bit. While music feeds the soul, It cannot truly and fully reach a soul without an outlet to flow through. One without other is incomplete. This fic provided that. Even before the song played, reading this moved me a lot. Regardless of other factors The mental images from this experience show a lot about quality. It was just so drawing of a story. My command of english just barely touches the depth of emotional heart, especially having read the others, this fic has. I thank you for such a compelling minisode of patience, compassion, confrontation, realisation, understanding, and just straight up feeling. I'll be damned if not in the ground before I forget this fic. A work truly larger than its wordcount.

Sry about length, this is probably the largest review I've ever posted. (:
Fuyu no Sora chapter 1 . 10/8/2010
And so, the prodigal reviewer returns as promised! (Sorry for such a long delay, though. I tried to do this long before but I've been *horribly* busy as well as sick lately so things didn't quite pan out as I had planned or hoped in some aspects).

First of all, and I know this is something I should be questioning the original author herself with, but since you're the one who mostly handles the Nanoha/Fate part of the Shadow Arc, well, this falls to you. To be blunt, what *is* it with Nanoha and Fate hating on the NSIS? Fate doesn't actually hate them, granted, but it still makes no sense to me that they would honestly have such a degree of distrust in the office; heck, Chrono, Fate's own brother, is the director of the department. I think it's ridiculous for them to keep that attitude going when a 'dirty-tricks' section is *essential* for any government to be able to function, especially when past experience has shown that high officials have been corrupted and the system was not stable; the state can't exactly afford to have more problems on its plate and to deal with things such as drug cartels when high authority figures, like in the JS case, were shown to not be acting for the benefit of all. A specialized unit that will be able to off those problems without much of a hassle and with discretion is necessary. I understand that Nanoha is idealistic to the extreme, but maybe it would be time for her to be exposed to an Archer-like situation in which she *can't* save everyone and where she's forced to compromise as a form of a wake-up call. It's about time she set her feet on the ground and contemplates the fact that problems just can't be solved by blasting things away and being a public hero. 'Unscrupulous' choices made by people like the Shadows are, in my opinion, higher on the scale than that of people like Nanoha and Fate. Yes, they're great heroines of love, justice, peace and whatever else people might want to peg on them, that's true; but extortioning, raping, assassinating, stalking, blackmailing and such to be able to prevent disasters from happening takes much more courage than just entering into a battlefield. Because not only will those people's conscience give them hell once they're finished with their missions, but their work is never appreciated by those who know about it and actually *looked down on* by said heroes who are under the 'incorruptible pure pureness' banner. Worse, the average Joe or Jane does not even know that units such as the NSIS exists to help protect them at the cost of their pride, dignity, reputation and sometimes even sanity (rogue Shadows much?). That kind of job could cost the workers their families and friends, among others; so it's really frustrating to see those two still being weary of the Shadows, to complain about what they do and especially the methods they employ to do their job.

I'll end my rant on how I frown whenever I read about Nanoha's and Fate's views on the NSIS because it's becoming long enough and I have other things to say yet.

... Then again, I might have to come back to it, since the main thing between Nanoha and Lutecia is not only the fact that she's an overprotective mother here and quite clingy, not to mention the fact that she kind of refuses to see that her little girl is all grown up (kind of makes me think of a father in denial over his little princess... hm. Nanoha *is* the more man-ish in that relationship. Ha!) but Lutecia's career. Vivio is not exactly innocent, and she's had tougher things to deal with than knowing that her girlfriend routinely goes out to coerce people into giving her information to catch drug lords and such. Being abducted and getting a weird crystallized form of energy, forcibly aged ten years and having had to fight her own adopted mother is *way* more traumatizing, especially since Vivio was more or less six years old. Come now; she's sixteen - seventeen in "Shadow" so I honestly think Nanoha isn't giving her enough credit. It might be the mother instinct here, but even then it's just taking things overboard a bit.

By the way: Fate's question on whether being a heartless killer or psychological wreck is better? Psychological wreck is the lesser of two evils, because heartless killers have something inherently wrong in them. Something that makes them inhuman; Lutecia having a conscience that makes her unable to sleep at night just proves that she's not a complete monster, and just that fact should be enough to get both her and Nanoha to leave the girl alone and to stop putting so much pressure on her. Nanoha's disapproval and confrontations with Lutecia are making things worse, so it'd be better if she backed off and let the chips fall where they may.

"I didn't think so. Blast it all, Nanoha, don't you see that your distrust of Lutecia is the last thing any of us need, especially Vivio?" - I applaud Chrono for his magnificent lampshade hanging right there.

"Damn it, Nanoha, I don't run a division of monsters and psychopaths! These are good people who have to sacrifice a piece of themselves every time they go into the field to do the things which yes, every government of every world in history has needed to do to protect its people! You just had a taste of that for yourself, what kind of people they are!" - More awesome lampshading.


I guess the one redeeming element in this story for Nanoha is the fact that she's finally begun to, reluctantly but still, to recognize that Vivio is not a child anymore, but a young woman capable of handling herself and of taking responsibilities. She honestly *has* a big lack of self-confidence in her parenting skills, doesn't she? One would think that she would be able to see she raised a good, centered girl who is wise beyond her years in certain aspects and who is capable of making important decisions about her own personal life by herself. While the entire issue can be argued with the 'it's a mother's instinct and a mother's instinct is not rational' argument, I think it will be important in the nearby future for both Nanoha and Fate to begin treading carefully, especially a certain brunette. If she's not careful and keeps up with her current behavior, she might just screw things up and her relationship with her daughter could begin to strain, if only a bit.

Anyway, this concludes this very long, probably very boring, rant of mine. I really liked the story and the way you made things play out. The part where our dear Ace of Aces actually realizes Vivio is a grown woman in love was especially satisfying.

By the way: I read Kaiawase today as well and thought it was a very cute omake. Thanks for another great little short story!

See you next time!
Sora chapter 1 . 9/20/2010
Hello, hello. :3 I'm going to give you a proper review when I actually find the time (and it'll be on my account so you can properly recognize me. :3)but for now I wanted to say that I loved the story. Nanoha's development here was very interesting, and I really liked the fact that, even if it's grudging, she's accepting that Vivio is not a little girl anymore, but a young woman.

Anyhow, have to run. But I promise I'll make a proper review when I get back from my lectures. :3
Moczo chapter 1 . 9/20/2010
Aw, cute little side-story. It really says something about the Shadowverse and the people who write in it that I keep right on reading, even though the typical subject matter is about as far from my preferred reading material as possible :)

Always nice to get a little glimpse in the character's heads, whether it be Lu or Vivio in the main story, or Nanoha and Fate here. At least Nano seems to be warming up to the idea of her daughter and Cia as a couple, which bodes well... unless Lutecia actually kills herself. Which... well, it IS RadiantBeam writing this.
Honulicious chapter 1 . 9/19/2010
ooh this was really nicely written! thanks for the one-shot. it had tons of feelings and detailed explanations. i don't really have any questions now ;P
RadiantBeam chapter 1 . 9/19/2010
Review, away!

Once again, I do find it incredibly interesting that we don't see Nanoha's reaction to Lutecia's breakdown; understandable since it's written from Fate's POV, but it still makes one wonder what she's thinking. Also very interesting to see that Nanoha makes a distinction between "people who impact my life" and "people who impact Vivio" which actually makes sense when you consider that unintentionally, Lutecia has really put Vivio through the wringer by this point.

It's sweet to see Nanoha lapsing back into calling Lutecia "Lutecia-chan", though I do wonder if she's even aware of it. And it's also sweet to see her finally acknowleding that yes, Vivio is growing up and moving beyond her. Both sweet and painful, really, considering Nanoha doesn't completely approve of Lutecia, but knows that Vivio loves her anyway and won't give her up any time soon.

And of course, it's funny how of the two, Fate continues to be the most accepting. XD I swear, Cia would be doomed by now if Nanoha alone was raising Vivio.

The ending was perfect. I can't even put my finger on why. It was just such a sweet, understanding moment between Nanoha and Fate, and perfectly matched everything else you wrote. So awesome.

Loved it. :D Thank you very much for writing it!
GeshronTyler chapter 1 . 9/19/2010
Very nice. Often, when characters have moral/philosophical conflicts of this nature, I'd like them to come to an understanding. That's not realistic though, since all too often people have to agree to disagree. If not decide the planet isn't big enough for both viewpoints.

This has some parallels with "Mothers and Daughters" (I think it was), where Nanoha is realizing that Vivio's growing up, and making her own life's choices.

Sly!Chrono isn't Sly! enough, as we see. Lil' sis can still see right through him. I wonder, if it would be possible to come up with a scenario where the Shadows end up shielding the Aces from something that an open confrontation (as Per Nanoha's MO) would damage the TSAB's "white hat" image? It'd probably be something along the lines of someone being hailed as a hero in some disaster, natural or otherwise, that wasn't. At all. But to really make it a "shadow" problem, it would have to affect some institution, or doctrine of the TSAB... Hard to come up with something serious, that the Shadows would have overlooked. Which would make it really nasty, too. Something involving child protection services? That's the nasty dark thing that comes to mind. Brainwashing oprhans, wards of the TSAB?

Well, nice story. REad you next time.