Reviews for Expectations
Story.Lover.Jynger chapter 44 . 10/16
Loved the update!
Malecismylife4ever chapter 44 . 10/16
I just saw today that you posted a new chapter. You don't know how happy it made me. It made my day! I love this story so much! And this chapter was brillant again. Love it.
Thank you so much for continuing!
el33ri chapter 44 . 10/16
SuziH-J chapter 44 . 10/16
So lovely to see you back updating this wonderful story. Looking forward to more chapters when you are able.
Smallbell chapter 44 . 10/15
Wonderful chapter. I love how Mica has gotten so attached to Ianto. I love the interactions between Rhi and Ianto. It is always fun to see Ianto with his family. I love this fic and am so very glad that you have started posting again. I hope you update again soon.
Crawcolady chapter 44 . 10/15
Yay! Another chapter to a wonderful story! Thank you so much, I love this!
lezer chapter 44 . 10/15
Yay, the story continues! I'm guessing Tosh will enjoy the shopping trip and maybe even get carried away with the baby things.
Brose1001 chapter 44 . 10/15
Yesssss! You are continuing this story. I am so thrilled! Can't wait to see the next installment.
badly-knitted chapter 44 . 10/15
WOOHOO! So happy to see the return of one of my favourite fics!

Poor Ianto, and poor kids. They're really going to miss their uncle. I hope Ianto and Tosh have a good time on the shopping trip, as long as Ianto is careful not to overdo it.
Dragonlady1971 chapter 43 . 2/24
I loved this story and I’d absolutely love to read the full unedited version of this. Unfortunately there is no link in your bio/info good story all the same.
Story.Lover.Jynger chapter 43 . 10/26/2017
So amazing I had to read again and let myself be sad without the ending again! If you ever continued I would read!
SuziH-J chapter 43 . 6/27/2017
How can you just leave this story here? I guess after so long, any hope hat you will return to complete this is probably gone. This was such a great story, I just could not stop reading it. So disappointing that we did not get a proper ending to it, & get to see Ianto's baby. Just know that if you came back to finish this, I along with others would be truly grateful.
Smallbell chapter 43 . 6/14/2016
This is a wonderful, amazing, and fantastic story. I love it. I couldn't stop reading. The writing is brilliant, the storyline is great, and the characters are well done. You really have to finish! It's not a terrible place to stop as cliffhangers, but really you can't stop here. You've done an amazing job of mixing canon episodes with your own twist. I love it!
Jack Lover chapter 43 . 6/14/2016
You have a wonderful story here. You really need to finish it sometime.
sujulove chapter 43 . 6/12/2016
Please come back to this story. Please.
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