Reviews for Jones and Jones
ThomE.Gemcity-06 chapter 4 . 12/5/2011
I like it so far, very intersting.

And I can't wait for you to update this so I can found out whether or not the whip will work!
pachysam chapter 4 . 4/1/2011
I bet the whip would only work if it hit the eye-stalk since the lens is glass.

You should also feature a Dalek-Strategist (the blue one that acts like a military-commander) and three or four Dalek-Scientists (the orange ones that create weapons and study ways of killing). The red ones are Drones, the foot-soldiers and pilots.

Would be awesome if Martha was the one who blinded the Supreme to save Indy from being shot.

Here are ideas:

Indy: That's what they are on the inside?

Martha: Yes. A mutant. Their ancestors, the Kaleds, looked like us... until many mutated in their war with other humanoids called Thals. From what I heard, an evil scientist named Davros created the Daleks by putting them in machines and removing all emotions except hatred.

Indy: What a monster!

Indy: What are those metal men?

Martha: Cybermen. They were once people, until their body-parts were replaced by artifical versions of steel and plastic. All emotions removed from the brain to 'improve' the mind. They're more machine than man. Ruthless, coldly logical, powerful and emotionless. They once invaded my city once. I even met some survivors.

(a reference to Made of Steel, a quickread featuring Martha Jones, the Tenth Doctor and Cybermen)

Indy: Hey. Who are the potato-heads?

Martha: Sontarans. I've met them before. They are a warlike race of clones from a planet called Sontar.

Indy: Clones?

Martha: Yes. They consider cloning more efficient than birth. They've been at war with the Rutans since before the Middle Ages and will, according to the Doctor, fight on beyond the 30th century.

Indy: I would laugh at their appearance if they didn't have those guns. That one with the swagger stick appears to be a senior officer.

Senior Sontaran: I am (General or Colonel) (any name you choose) of the (Eighth or Seventh) Sontaran Battle-Group. (any name you choose) the (something to do with strong or fierce).

Second-in-command: I am (Commander or Major) (any name you choose) of the (Eighth or Seventh) Sontaran Battle-Group. (any name you choose) the (something to do with strong or fierce).

Third-in-command: And I'm Captain (any name you choose) of the (Eighth or Seventh) Sontaran Battle-Group. (any name you choose) the (something to do with strong or fierce).
StrangeWomanIsTooLazyToLogIn chapter 4 . 10/11/2010
"DIE, YOU TRASHCAN-HEADED FREAKS!" - just what I'll yell if I ever see a Dalek :3 the restaurant by our hotel, they had containers of milk on every table that looked just like Daleks. So every morning the five of us would go down to the restaurant, three of us in full cosplay - as if that didn't attract enough stares, I kept shaking the milk-Dalek and pointing it at people, yelling 'exTERminate' and splashing milk everywhere. Good timez...


Love Martha's reaction to the Gay Pride Daleks :3
Zchocolatebunniesrulezworld chapter 3 . 10/4/2010
"He pulled his whip out of its holster and fingered it as he racked his brain." Why? WHY? And the rest of that paragraph didn't exactlty help to scrub those horrible images out of my brain, DDX

teehee- 'buenas TARDIS' - adorable!

I love how Martha completely ignored Indy's rant about not calling him Doctor Jones, and how he's just given up :3 Also, the image of Martha in that fedora is adorable! aww...

WTFudge is a HobNob? XP

Here's to hoping for more, longer chapters to come! *raises champagne and tosses it down her throat, hoping to drown her sorrows of scary images involving Indy, Martha, and that whip*
Zchocolatebunniesrulezworld chapter 2 . 10/4/2010
"I'm 60, but I've still got it," said Indy proudly, cracking his whip. - AAHH! *cowers in nearest corner away from scary whip-hentai images that just entered her head*

D'aww, Martha keeps pwning Indy with the amazingness of technobabble.

This is a fantastic idea, but I think it'd go better if you kept it a tad less crack-filled. Indy seems like more of a spaz than what I remember (though I like your characterization of MJ - HOLYSHIT she's secretly Michael Jackson)

Zchocolatebunniesrulezworld chapter 1 . 10/4/2010
pfft :3 I like how Indy pulls out his whip once he sees that there's a girl in the distance...BDSM, anyone?

I see a cameo of your favorite line of all time in here :D Martha that little Asian kid. Quite epic. And lol, poor Indy can't handle such confuzzlement of names while Martha is just lmaoing and pissing him off XD