Reviews for Several Different Holiday Stories
Southpaw00 chapter 1 . 12/27/2017
haha I would feel the same way too. Great story :)
COforlife chapter 7 . 12/24/2017
Love it! I was so happy to see an update from you! Merry Christmas, btw! S2
cleideferreira chapter 7 . 12/24/2017
Very sweet chapter, keep up the great work! Owen/Chloe interaction is so cute. There is a special bond between them. When is the new chapter coming out?
Guest chapter 7 . 12/23/2017
This chapter is a very good Christmas present to Crowen's fans. Thank you and Merry X'mas!
inreverie89 chapter 3 . 7/19/2014
I wrote a few Crowen fanfic which were, of course, dark and stormy until the eventual happy endings. But then I read your fics now and I can't write anymore because I realize this happiness is all we want for Crowen and theor family. You write so well that I think this should be the universe that Crowen should live in, forever. No more torture for them.
92Dil chapter 6 . 5/6/2014
I love them papa bear parts!
Lucinders chapter 6 . 11/1/2013
Anytime I read one of these, it makes me sad because of the fact that it can never be in canon.
vanessatw chapter 6 . 10/31/2013
your CO Halloween is great, love kids are around Crowen, a warm and happy family , I know we never see like that in GA
Guest chapter 6 . 10/31/2013
Now my day is perfect. Love your fanfics. Thank you for updates.
nibbles8989 chapter 4 . 7/14/2013
AU rules. This story is definitely a nice change from the typical Grey's( which is usually sad and depressing). Thank u for creating a different(happy) life for Owen, Cristina and their family. It's a pleasant surprise to have MerDer weaved into the storyline. Please keep writing and keep the good stuff coming.
McDayDreaming chapter 5 . 11/8/2012
Loved this! It actually made me laugh out loud a couple times
thorteso chapter 5 . 10/30/2012
I love this - flashbacks are always a good way to tell a story in my book.
Thanks for continuing to write this family!
milee chapter 5 . 10/28/2012
Just love, love, love this! The way you weaved in all the flashbacks was wonderful. They were all fab stories within themselves. It was such a joy to relive those memories with Cristina. Kinda forgot about first day of school prompt until I started reading. LOL that Jo-Jo wasn't able to get in and Chloe was already showing her academic brilliance at 5. Chloe finally okay after meeting a friend and hugging Cristina good-bye...too sweet!

Enjoyed them all but another favorite was Mallory wanting Diego sent back. So adorable and could not stop laughing throughout. It was great that you included Uncle Alex in the Cristina/Diego scene. The girls in the bathtub...awww! (Nice mention of BRAVE) Cristina then Owen sick with the man cold was so funny and really exemplified eveything I adore about your C/O family... their love, connection and fun they have together.

The present day story was fab as well and seeing the kids all grown up with Rob. You are killin' me with the teases about Chloe's potential love of her life. Hoping you will still post that fic one day please. With the ongoing disappointment of the show and limited often skewed vision of the writers, so grateful to you and other C/O fab fanfic writers for giving us these amazing stories that show what we all know - Cristina and Owen would make awesome parents while still being badass surgeons. Thank you and hoping your muse will lead you to write and post more! :)
jenanistonrockz chapter 5 . 10/27/2012
this was so cute! Love your AU world - it's so much happier than real grey's!
IanaLouise chapter 5 . 10/27/2012
i loved this story! really cute specially when grey's is not that happy nowadays...
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