Reviews for The Arrangement
Paul Lenzen chapter 37 . 1/10/2019
This is a great story! That little bit at the end put me to tears
GoldenW chapter 37 . 12/8/2018
Absolutely beautiful story. Contender for my current favorite. It reads like a historical fiction set in Dragon Age. It's a roller coaster ride of emotions and I encourage anyone reading this to take the time to enjoy it.

It doesn't fall much into the Origins story until half-way through and it makes you forget that it's a Dragon Age story at heart. It explores Loghain's drive and reasons for his actions, creating a strong understanding and garners sympathy and even support.
ashika pl chapter 1 . 8/15/2017
I was going to write a lengthy review for a while now and finally came round to do it.

Review for readers (spoiler free):

If you like historical romances, this is a DEFINITE MUST-READ. One of the best written romance fanfiction I've ever read and believe me, I've read a lot of those, from porn through poetic to serious and realistic ones.
Addai gives us an alternate universe where Ellie Cousland is the eldest of Cousland kids and it is Fergus who becomes a Grey Warden. Another change is the fact that couple of years before DAO timeline (while Maric is still alive) Ellie marries Loghain Mac Tir as a result of an arrangement between parties concerned in political stabilization in Ferelden. Ellie is written amazingly well - she is not your typical scared damsel in distress who was forced to marry some unknown man and who is crying here and there sighing for better love nor is she your typical idealistic stupid girl who immediately fells in love with famous Hero of River Dane and who finds everything oh so moving and amazing and wonderful and etc etc. She is a very practical woman, who treats her husband with respect, does not expects wonders nor miracles, is aware of the fact that her marriage might be far from perfect, still she seeks to find merits and good sides of it and wants to support her husband though at the same time does not intend to lose her independence. She is very clear-headed and at the same time very kind. She immediately became one of my favourite female characters of all times. I strongly recommend you to become this kind of woman, girls! ;)
Also Loghain is written very well - despite the fact he has much younger and beautiful wife he does not fall in love with her immediately - on the contrary, just like Ellie, he is aware of all possible shortcomings he has and she might have and does not view this marriage as a certain path to happiness. Their road to love and happiness is described very aptly and realistically.
The intimate scenes are also perfect - neither they are pornlike nor unnecessarily poetic nor awkward. They are of perfect length and quality, very warm and real (okay, maybe not perfectly real, one could expect that Loghain would have some issues sometimes, considering the fact he is not that young and is nervous and burdened with lots of responsibility, but oh well ;) )
Court intrigues are not very surprising - it is quite obvious who's the main villain and his manipulations are rather clear. Also the motif of an influential persona in love with Ellie is rather typical, still teh story is very compelling and you'll definitely want to read it to the very end.
The only thing some of you might find disagreeable is the portrayal of Cailan and Loghain. I don't want to write too much of the first one, because of the no spoiler rule, but I believe many of you may have quite a different image of Cailan (me including). Still, if you think well, you'll realise all we know about Cailan is from sources that not necessarily might be entirely credible, thus this kind of interpretation of this character can be possible (still personally I liked Cailan in DAO so a bit sad here). Loghain though, in my opinion, was a bit too much er whitewashed. Most of his controversial deeds from DAO has been put on other villain and Loghain here is more of a tragic hero than antihero he was in DAO. Which is a bit of a shame, since we definitely lack complex characters who are not simply good/evil in literature in general.
And that's all, folks, go and read it, it is AMAZING!

Review for the author:

I think you're a genius. I love you. I hope you're gonna publish your own books. I'm gonna read them, for sure.
There is not much I could add to what I've written up there. I really enjoyed all this story, just a bit sad you made Cailan such an evil dick :(.
And one thing I've noticed that seems a bit of an error to me - I find it highly unbelievable Fergus would swallow so easily the story about Loghain trying to kill him. If it was any other Warden it would be alright and fully understandable - the assasin shows them the order, end of discussion. But we have to remember that in your story Loghain is Ferguss er brother-in-law and I've never noticed any hatred between the two of them. It would be only natural for Fergus to get very suspicious of the fact that Loghain would try to kill him (yeah, I know that Ostagar might change his view of Loghain a bit but still, Ostagar was a strategic not personal decision). I think that it would be most natural for Fergus to ask for all teh details from Zevran and considering the fact that in front of Zevran Loghain said no to killing Fergus and it was Howe that brought the order it would be extremely easy to add two to two for Fergus, especially considering Ferguss hate for Howe. Still it's just a little detail.
I love you, keep writing! 3 And sorry for any mistakes, me is not english ;).
LostLittleMiko chapter 37 . 1/14/2017
I never thought I would willingly ready a Mac tir fan fic but it was really well written and I look forward to reading your future stuff
Guest chapter 37 . 9/19/2015
You killed Anya?! Have you no shame?! :( no one in their right mind should kill such a fabulous oc such as her! And for shame ! Delegated to footnotes as well!
Guest chapter 13 . 9/18/2015
Hopefully the babe will have black hair, throw the love child theory out and mentally bitchslap calin
IthilienJump chapter 25 . 3/16/2015
I'm really enjoying this story so far! The characters and dialogue all seem natural, pacing is good, and I like the description of scenery and setting being just enough to create a good sense of place without dwelling on it too much or just skipping over it so it doesn't feel very fleshed out. I look forward to finishing this story and reading more of what you've written.
moxious chapter 37 . 1/7/2015
I am nearly applauding at my desk, shivering. This story is something I did NOT expect, and would not have read at all if not for a chance curiosity. Being a great DA fan while decidedly NOT a fan of Loghain, I was very surprised when the story grabbed my attention and kept me reading on the edge of my seat.

Oh, it was hard going. But in a good sense. You put so much depth and feeling into the characters and such a great new spin on the story, and I felt myself totally immersed in their troubles and joys. Thank you for the experience; I'm glad to have stopped and read such an interesting story.

A private applause from me, and thanks.
Sue Donym chapter 37 . 11/17/2014
Wow. Just wow. I only recently started reading Loghain fic and you Loghain writers really bring your A-game. This was excellent. Very realistic characterizations of two people in the middle of high politics. As during the game, there were times I really disliked Loghain, even though I find his character too compelling to truly despise. His story is fascinating and I loved this take on it. I teared up at the last line. I'll probably go read everything you've written now. Kudos!
puppylove98 chapter 8 . 8/18/2014
Well, damn. That's really all I can say. Damn. This is INCREDIBLE writing. Not only are your characters intriguing, but the relationships they have with each other are realistic and believable. The mix of both character development and progressing plot not only made me read this entire story through in one sitting, it made me go back and reread it. What are you doing in a cubicle? Quit that sorry day job and be a full time writer! I can honestly say that I would be the first to buy any book that you published. Fantastic job.
Antgirl89 chapter 37 . 8/16/2014
Beautiful, entertaining and well written story. The characters were very well developed too. I especially liked how you wrote Cailan. He was as foolish as I always thought him to be. And Loghain was his stern, stubborn self. I was really sad to learn about Anya's fate and poor Regan Mac Tir never got to know her father all that well it seems.

You didn't write what happened with Alistair and Anora though. Did they ever had an heir in your verse?
pristineungift chapter 37 . 5/18/2014
Absolutely wonderful from start to finish.
The Respectable Pureblood chapter 37 . 3/5/2014
Just thought I'd quickly write that I enjoyed this SO much. It's very different from other AUs which usually still keep their Cousland/what-have-you fighting the blight. I read all 37 chapters in one go and loved watching Ellie grow into the person she is by the end of the story. It was a bittersweet ending, especially the addendum about Anya (who I did NOT get to read enough about!), but enjoyable nonetheless. Wonderful writing, brilliant characters- I'm definitely adding this to my favourites. :)
HeavensScribe chapter 37 . 2/6/2014
Oh man, how many feelings can a piece invoke. I really enjoyed the ride this story took me on, and it was fascinating to see the events of Dragon Age from the other side of the board. I think little Gareth is the most adorable things, and I thought the building of the relationship between Loghain and Elissa was believable. Subsequently, I thought the destruction of Cailin and Elissa's relationship was a clever catalyst to the correspondence with Celene. It was saddening to see Cailin spiral down so far, though. I really felt bad for him and would have liked to see a happier ending for him, but I really couldn't have seen it ending any other way.

All in all, I loved this story and how you fleshed out the characters. I look forward to reading more of your work!
FearNotTheNight chapter 37 . 11/23/2013
Holy blessed Maker, I read all of this story in the past days. I simply love this story and everything I had read, of all the struggles, of all the fear, and Hope. This story, I can't write how it makes me feel, possibly bitter in some points. But Loghain making the trek through the Deep Roads with his Daughter.. Made me sob. Simply. Maker. My heart breaks.

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