Reviews for Harry Potter and the Turning of the Sun
carick of hunter moon chapter 37 . 7/17
all told a well thought out story
that you have shown grest skill in writting
thank you for your hard work
licha.s chapter 37 . 7/12
great story! i was complaining before about being incomplete (I'm sorry if it posted itself i thought i read complete on the headings, i later noticed i didn't i tried to stop it but my computer is not doing what is told- I'm having posting issues) i thought i read it was complete when checking it out. Sorry about that once more. i really like your story. its in the strange but great AND addictive which is always a great combination. keep it up i hope i see a new chapter soon.
vanimia chapter 37 . 7/3
Hello! I would say that I'm in love with your fiction. Bella is really a good character but not many people write a love story with Bella and Harry (in french, just 3 or 4..., and more translation than real french stories) Fortunaly, I understand quiet good the english language, thus, I would thank you for writing such a good story!

Good luck for the rest of it ;)

A French fan (who speak english not very well :p)

(It's entertaining seeing how much french words you use, straaaaange X)
Guest chapter 1 . 6/29
enjoying the story so far, but i would recommend a little more variance in sentence structure and smaller paragraphs, if incorporated i think they will fit your style better and make it easier to focus on the story
Meech Macko chapter 37 . 6/17
So far nice fic...

Bellatrix wont be loosing her family much and I mean, she already has half her folks like Sirius and Andromeda with her. Its not so bad. I doubt her own mom and father truly loved her...they seem too clinical to feel such. If they could disown their own kids without looking back, Its safe to say they saw them as mere tools to display their heritage.
beatshield chapter 37 . 6/10
Great story so fat mate
WhiteElfElder chapter 37 . 5/28
I wonder what sacrifices you are alluding to that Harry will have to make?
Trace Reading chapter 3 . 5/28
(p.s. it's canon. Cannon is something you shoot at your enemies.)
Kane Richards chapter 37 . 5/28
This story desperately needs a long character on Bellatrix and her thought process in all this. Despite the marriage and everything there's no clear indicator she's actually changed from the hardcore blood purist who told Harry she wouldn't change her ways or indeed fight her blood purist / DE pals. Sure they're married now but has that changed anything? Perhaps but it should really be fleshed out to either explain A) why Bellatrix has changed from the crazy hag she was ( will become ugh time travel is hard) or B) why she hasn't changed her mind but went along with the marriage anyway.

Because of that missing link between her voicing her opinions and going to meetings and the like and tying with knot with the very much half blood wizard, I've found myself reading the last few chapters with a degree of disbelief. She has given nothing to Harry to imply that she won't simply become the woman Harry knows her to become, and the idea Harry would be into that a suggests a whole bout of teenage immaturity coupled with a lad thinking with his tackle and not his brain.
Gensplejs chapter 37 . 5/25
Loving this Story. one of only a few stories with a good Bella/Harry pairing.
MPJ chapter 37 . 5/24
Will you update the next chapter please? :)
AJ Granger chapter 37 . 5/23
Great story. I remember reading part of it before, and just found it again. You do a nice job with writing the characters, and I like that Harry has created a world for himself in the past, with good friends and family.
bearblue chapter 26 . 5/23
As a side note, I tend to drop stories that use chapters as hostages. That said, I have enjoyed what I have read so far and will continue (barring surprises) to read to the end of what is available to read. It's been fun so far. :)
bearblue chapter 22 . 5/23
I'm essentially "pausing" right here to mention that I have *no clue* what is going to happen other than the revelation of the room of requirements, but that I'm actually excited to see this go forward a bit.

In regards to Dumbledore's reluctance to pursue his own notes: It's slightly AU from what we know of the original Headmaster, but it's a reasonable one given the Alt-Universe situation going on. He seem much more calm and considerate in his pacing too.

That said, I am enjoying the story very much and thank you for sharing it.
Wednesday's Jest chapter 1 . 5/23
That's twice you mention that Harry is refusing to "become a student like Hermione". Not entirely sure what that means exactly. I suspect that you mean Harry is refusing to give up all of his free time to study, but I'm not sure how you draw a line from that to Hermione. It is also a bit odd to hear Harry say that right before he spends an entire summer doing to nothing but study. My advice is to use a better analogy since right now it just comes off as a shot at Hermione's character.
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