Reviews for A Darker World
Seor chapter 2 . 11/24
jesus is this addicting to read
SamuraiBuddha chapter 1 . 11/22
Really cool
lany-chan chapter 2 . 10/14
I love the dark plot! Please update this wonderful story!
Rio-Vena chapter 2 . 10/2
This is bloody fucking amazing. It is darker but it still fits the characters.
What are you gonna do to Brook and Franky?
Hell, what the heck are you gonna do with Ace? or is he already dead?

Holy shit this is good, When I finished the first chapter, I had to stop and let it sink in.
humancyrax chapter 2 . 8/22
Interesting version on Chopper I wonder how Franky and Brook would be especially Brook a veteran Viking and a more ruthless Koby/Coby too and Luffys line at the end was badass
humancyrax chapter 1 . 8/22
Man love how you left what happened to Sanjis leg up to speculation did Zeff hoard the food for himself forcing Sanji to eat his own leg? And a affably evil Shanks intresting it would make Usopp meeting his dad much more interesting
AyumiUK chapter 2 . 4/15


This is... amazing.

I particularly love your version of Chopper.

Ah, the most accepted romanization is Coby, not Koby. Although katakana doesn't have this distinction.

Helmeppo is dead, but...

...what happened to Garp?
AyumiUK chapter 1 . 4/15
This gritty AU manages the 'Darker and Edgier' magnificently. I can't even...
(how many people saw the fic rec at TVtropes?)

If they burned down every island, there wouldn't be any more to pillage very quickly. Even if they're vikings, surely someone (beside Arlong) thought of 'sustainability'? *shot*

Well, the Straw Hats can't really be called "Pirates who don't do anything', since they oppose 'Justice' and Luffy did accept a former Barroque Works agent (even if Robin wasn't a criminal as a kid, she had to become one later; Franky may have been framed, but to the world, he still did it anyway). A quote from a certain fic:

"It was his (Garp's) determination to turn us into fine marines that made me the pirate I am today!"

FFN eats page breaks, so a random chunk of text is a better alternative (that, or things like 000, -, ooo)
erimies chapter 2 . 4/13
There's something really interesting about the way you write this. I like the bleakness of it.
foxsadist712 chapter 2 . 3/29
This story rests firmly at the setting "Incredible". I really, really like it a whole lot, and I am looking forward to the sections for the other crew members, and a potential epilogue of sorts
Anonymous Phantom Writer chapter 2 . 12/28/2014
An interesting premise, the snippets are interesting to read but the overall story tends to lack some of the additional meat to the characters. Something a bit more substantial regarding the characters' interaction with each other and how their new 'darker' outlooks are effecting them in ways outside of some of the "stations of the canon" scenarios.

Just a thought of course, it's your story and I look forward to any updates should they be in the pipeline.
CheddarTrek chapter 2 . 10/30/2014
Very interesting and dark take on One Piece. Good writing skills too.
deepthoughtz chapter 2 . 9/17/2014
So sad. Such depressing. T_T

But seriously, this is one of the darkest takes on one of the most... hopeful... manga series ever. And that's saying something.

Eagerly waiting for the next piece of hollow despair.
Gd8909 chapter 2 . 5/30/2014
Awesome, awesome fic. Hope you update soon, cause I wanna see more!
anon chapter 2 . 5/24/2014
Oh this is getting good. Did Usopp actually die? I really wanna know.
I love his character development though.
Thanks for writing and I look forward to the update :D
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