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Guest chapter 7 . 1/15/2015
Absolutely love your story! So sorry, I don't know what's going on with your fic, but I really want to thank you for writing it! I'm really enjoying it :)
Guest chapter 1 . 1/14/2015
so, when tae gets the call, how will he explain it?... XD luv this!
Lynd5ey chapter 37 . 5/19/2014
Helloooo, it's been awhile. I kind of just watched the drama and am quite intrigued by your story so I'd like for you to continue. Um, I guess let me know if you need to ask anything? It's been over a year so I'm not sure if there's even a possibility of this going on buuuut...yea. I like it.
Kawaii Tenshi no Hikari chapter 37 . 3/6/2014
I have to admit I have no idea where you were going with your plot either LOL. You are a good writer though; even though this is AU, the characters are mostly in character though Shin Woo is a bit more gloomy than expected...reminds me of Angel from Buffy. I initially read it because I was hoping it'd be a Mi Nyu/Shin Woo pairing..but too bad :/

I actually sort of dislike the violence; honestly reading about He Yi's conduct and the assault on Shin Woo was very unappealing. It would have been better if the serial killer/cab driver that teamed up with He Yi so that he can kill Shin Woo and He Yi can somehow get Tae Kyung back was excluded. I just feel like it adds unnecessary darkness to the story but that's just my thought. Also I don't know why He Yi would even want Tae Kyung back at all...seem like now she's just focus on taking revenge on Shinwoo. So I'm not even sure of the motive of the perverted cab driver; he used to be a serial killer of models? In recent chapters, the killer finally took action during the concert; his choice of weapon is a knife. There was a girly scream before the attack on Shin Woo...and He Yi did show up at the concert and she said she saw Min Nyu...I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or if the scream was just random or some sort of foreshadow that maybe Min Nyu got tied up in He Yi and Jae Jin's plans? (I don't really recall but Jae Jin seems to be the name of the person who approached He Yi about revenge) It's nice you made the twins closer but I'm not sure how close they are since they don't seem to call or interact much with each other in the drama. I think it's very possible to get Mi Nyu tied up in this so the main characters get some clue who the people who are in on this are. I never really understood how the cab driver figured out Joo Eun SW just because of a model who should even be aware of it unless she's a close friend of's all too fishy.

As for the TK's mother, I think that is just the tie in to the drama. Her character was pretty much like in the drama, wanted to keep her son from feeling love when she herself doesn't receive reciprocated love. She hasn't understood what it means to experience love yet. In your story, she wanted to pay the twins half of her fortune...but the twins don't know about the history behind their parents yet. They haven't accepted the money. The song is still in the works. Shinwoo knows that the twins' dad is the composer of the song, so it seems SW knows much more than MiNyu did in the drama at that point. I don't know how this will fit into your story unless you make TK break down once he figures out the truth and use that as some sort of opportunity to draw SW and TK closer. Otherwise...I feel like the twins' and their history with TK's mother is pretty irrelevant to TK and SW's story.

In the original, mom did a set up so that TK will meet the offspring of her loved one that she had abandoned her son for knowing that he didn't know it was Min Nyu. After he knew MN knows his mom is his mom, he was really upset and didn't want to see her because seeing her is like seeing the cause of his painful childhood. MN cries while SW secretly watches. So the rift occurs between MN and TK just as MN is about to be replaced by her brother. Reporters wanted both Mi Nyu and Mi Nam to be interviewed together, so the 3 of them except TK went to Japan to escape. SW tries to get closer to MN and even holding onto her until the end. TK, despite how upset he was, managed to find out info abt MN's mom from his mom and was about to go to Japan to pass it to MN. SW finally confesses but MN rejects him but he makes a show of holding her close while under TK's view. TK was jealous but he did eventually hand the photo to MN but MN suggest they both take a break because it's also painful for her to see him and be reminded that her mom died a lonely death because of his mom. Mi Nam comes back the same day the band goes back to Korea and the band doesn't hear from Mi Nyu at all until she was active in a chat on a fansite singing What Can I Do? in a karaoke place. A. tries to look for her but was unsuccessful. TK was having a nonchalant attitude regarding his relationship with MN and his bandmates feel he hasn't tried hard enough; SW says that time when he held onto her in Japan was what holding onto her till the end meant. TK's mother gave him advice that he should do things so he won't have regrets about his love because loving someone is not abandoning them (the latter part being something MN said to his mom as one last thing she wanted to do for TK before she leaves for Africa). MN goes to her last A. concert before she leaves for Africa and that's when TK announces to the audience that he wants to see her so let him see MN. SW asks the production people to turn on the lights so TK could see better. TK spots MN and they hug each other in the end and resolved their emotions. So there's the short recap (probably the latter 2 episodes ie. 15/16?) if that helps at all.

Good luck with writing it. If TK and SW's love do end up reciprocated, I do hope the same will be done for Mi Nyu though. Maybe between Jeremy and Mi Nyu hehe; they seem pretty close here. Since Mi Nyu ONLY took a picture of Jeremy for her to keep in your story, whereas in the original, she also took photos of ShinWoo as well. Plus, Jeremy never had his breakdown...was he even aware that Mi Nyu likes TK here...I'm not so certain about that since he pesters Minam and dreams and thinks of Minyu so fondly still whereas it's painful memories for Shinwoo, but the bus scene where Jeremy rides the entire route until all his turmoils are resolved never occurred in your version.
lorigoesRAWR chapter 37 . 12/10/2013
Why did you leave the story :(((( I loved it so much! Seriously heartbroken. Keeping an alert just in case you ever decide to come back - and I hope you do! That was an amazing plot and that was the first time I'd ever read You're Beautiful slash so don't let me down please! 3
Guest chapter 37 . 9/7/2013
Please update!
You have so many fans that want you tu finish your story! reallly, you shouldn't be disappointed with yourself, we LOVE your story as it is, I wish that you could appreciate all your effort in this fanfic and finish it, well... bacause for me it's a little sad seeing you update other stories, not that I don'tlike it, because it's obvious you have other interests, but this one deserves some love too, so please come back with more of this awesome fic!
Gutsy Girl chapter 6 . 4/24/2013
Gwahahaha... This fan fiction is so funny! XDD
I just recently re-watched YAB and accidently found this ff. So glad I found it!
Just can't stop laughing imagining JYH/KSW as a girl, and actually Tae Kyung's girlfriend! XDD he must be really pretty
Don't be depressed please so many readers are enjoying this story and I know you do too.. So please don't give up! C:
isa-kagamine chapter 13 . 4/21/2013
awww que lindo...
isa-kagamine chapter 9 . 4/21/2013
awww... que lindo amo estas escenas
isa-kagamine chapter 5 . 4/21/2013
Bueno estoy leyendo de nuevo la historia y voy a tratar de comentar asi que... me parecio increiblemente adorable el que tae kyun pebsara que shin woo era bonita
isa-kagamine chapter 36 . 4/18/2013
por favor continualo.

amo este fic y a esta pareja
isa-kagamine chapter 34 . 4/18/2013
awww me encanto la confesion de la primera parte. Amo esas escenas...
isa-kagamine chapter 32 . 4/18/2013
Ame este capitulo he estado leyendo todo hasta el momento de corrido asi que lamento no escribirte review pero voy a tratar.

La verdad nunca me imagine leyendo un fanfic de novela pero este es precioso. Me llegue a enamorar de esta pareja por favor escribe mas fanfic de ellos
Son Goshen chapter 37 . 3/14/2013
I love this fic! It's very well-written and interesting with all the character chemistry. I also like how you depict Mi nam; I can see him as that kind of person. You did a terrific job! The hours spent reading was not wasted. :)

I believe, to my own interpretation, that the first plot was Shinwoo having to cross dress, the second was getting assaulted and coming to terms with the fact that he killed a man, and the third is the beginning of the assassin's attempt to kill Shinwoo as he's now allied with Yoo He Yi.

Hope this will get updated some day! :)
Anna Li chapter 37 . 1/10/2013
ihi! please continue this fic! don't give up you're an excellent writer! don't get disappointed.
I love your fic (do you know how many times I've read it? :P) and I'll do my best to help you finish it, but please bear with me english isn't my first language

first plot should be Tae kyunk being in love with Shin Woo, he got rejected and then just wanted to protect him and wait for him to accept his feelings which he thinks is never going to happen but MiNam helped him change his mind and that he's not going to hold back, that was the last chapter so the best is coming I mean the wooing and all that :D

the second I think is the serial killer obsessed wiith Shin Woo and his pretty eyes and he's plotting with HeYi to harm Shinwoo and I think that you should explain more why he wants to hurt Shinwoo

the third it would be TaeKyung's mother she didn't like Joo Eun so she wants to know everything about her and I think she eventually will find out that she is really Shinwoo and everythin will get worst

I think that that are the main ideas I hope that can help you yo can contact me anytime but right now I don't have internet and may not answer right away but I'll try to check in a few days

PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP and don't feel bad you're not pathetic

good luck D
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