Reviews for Harry Potter of Baker Street
Marvin is my Muse chapter 17 . 22h
Thank you for a spectacular story! It's one of my favourite PotterLock fics. I absolutely love the little world you've created and the wonderful little family you've given all of our wayward boys. Your characterizations were spot on and I love your ventures into the Magical World. I've lost count of the number of times I've revisited this story. Sorry for the delayed review!
Kudos! Kudos! Kudos!

escapistictendencies chapter 17 . 10/30
you! I had a miniheart attack
wildtrance chapter 13 . 9/15
Sadness. No Hedwig.
wildtrance chapter 2 . 9/15
I love how Mycroft doesn't point asexual romantic love exists
Gwenfahendel chapter 17 . 9/7
Thank you for this story, I loved it!
Child of Dreams chapter 5 . 9/3
Not Gladys Gudgeon?
Prabhleen Arora chapter 17 . 8/2
Amazing Story...
Locex it...
iadorespike chapter 17 . 6/29
This was just lovely, thanks so much!
RedHeadsRock1010 chapter 5 . 6/9
"John gave Sherlock a biscuit as well" made me laugh
RedHeadsRock1010 chapter 4 . 6/9
That was precious
RedHeadsRock1010 chapter 2 . 6/9
Love the way you handle the "married" thing. I dont mind either way if it's slash or not, but being forced to marry and raise a kid platonically is a great idea I havent seen before
Dagger-Seishin chapter 17 . 6/7
I actually like the cliff hanger that's not a cliffhanger ending. It leaves you open to possibilities BUT you also made sure with your last line about if they're together they're home that we KNOW they won't be letting harry not be with them. Also for all we know the grandma might live in France in s hich case he might go to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Nicely done!
richardrobinsonjr chapter 3 . 5/25
Very good job of portraying John and Sherlock. I especially was impressed with the "Because I have you. John You won't let me ruin him" line. That I could hear them saying. that could have been a quote from the show. Excellent!

Richard Robinson
Greensword101 chapter 7 . 5/23
Oh my God, Mary Poppins?! XD This chapter had loads of laughs and I loved it. I wish I could say more than just that. Heartwarming with Sherlock acting more like a parent, his reactions with Harry being ill and concerned with "quarantine" and poor Mrs. Hudson. And Aunt Harry, I would love a comic to be made for this and I am impressed that Mycroft was willing to tell a story for a kid, he would consider Harry to be "fully functioning" XD.

The play was sweet and I'm glad the Princess Catherine got to be with her beloved Cinderella. Guess this means Harriet's working on her drinking and marriage, it feels nice. Thank you so much for writing this story that I can smile and laugh at without fear of diabetes or cavities. :)
Greensword101 chapter 2 . 5/23
Sherlock being a bastard...well, I saw when this story started and it makes sense because Sherlock's parents weren't introduced until Series 3.

Poor Harry, having to cook at that young an age. I hope John calmed him down.

Sherlock, I didn't expect to believe magic that quickly (one only needs to watch the Hounds of Baskerville for an example), he'd be the one for logic, but again, this was made before Series 2.

Married?! XD Poor John, and here I was hoping that Mary would come into the picture. I have no problems with gay pairings as long as they make sense, but I don't see those two together like that. More like brothers in the future, but all I can do is chuckle at the horror. And Sherlock..."that would set a bad example on our son." XD What a troll! I supposed it makes sense, John wouldn't get much sleep at night if he knew Harry was left all alone with Sherlock. He would be a good dad, I think.

"The newlyweds really should get to know their son." XD

Sherlock stealing half the fries from last chapter, I can see that. He can be childish and I wish I read that part carefully before reviewing previously. XD

Like the notes at the end, saw them when I was reading and I'm glad you agree. Funny and touching at the same time. Yeah, I could see Sherlock being asexual except for Irene Adler (haven't seen the last episode of Series 4 yet, if there is any update to that) and possibly Molly, though more like an older brother...that came out wrong. More like friends with her and attracted to her decency and growing strength. Love this story so far and the references in the chapter to King Arthur, as long as there is no reference to the non-existent magical cores that the fandom believes is in the HP universe for some reason.
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