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SheWolfMedjai chapter 8 . 12/19/2016
Please continue!
SheWolfMedjai chapter 1 . 12/17/2016
Not to shabby. Just informative enough to leave us wanting more. And very well written.
Azera-v chapter 8 . 10/10/2015
I love this, hope you decide to continue it. Great idea to have a young Anna.
Lady Kate chapter 8 . 2/16/2015
Please, please, update this magnificent, excellent, perfect story. It is the most interesting and fascinating story, I've ever read.
Anon E. Mouse chapter 8 . 10/28/2014
This review will end up being far more abbreviated than it ought to be (all 8 chapters in one go!) but I could not resist in these few snatched moments letting you know how much I have enjoyed this story and how unaccountably cross I am that there isn't any more. (Crossness that is, of course, directed at the cosmos and not at you, as I know all too well that 1) we many of us have lives and work that must take precedence and 2) that one cannot rush these things.)

I like the conceit of a young, precocious Anna brought as a child to Dracula's lair and you carry it off very well. With a premise like this there is always the risk of falling out of character-benevolent fiends and all that-and you don't. I have always held that Dracula, like other gentleman villains (Hannibal Lecter comes to mind), is a deeply ethical creature. This does not make him good or kind. He is immoral rather than amoral; he has no reverence for what humans consider to be right, but he has a particular code of conduct to which he rigidly adheres. (This was one of my biggest grievances with the TV series Hannibal, without spoilers, in the first season when Hannibal takes advantage of a physical illness in an opponent. I believe firmly that he would find that deeply unsportsmanlike.) And so Dracula would absolutely feel compelled to restore a vulnerable child to health in order to later face her on equal footing rather than dispose of her when chance threw her, injured, his way. I also enjoy the idea that he saw in her the potential for a real adversary, and so he cultivates her rather than destroys her because, like any good sportsman, he loves a good, real game. He wants, to borrow from one of your vignettes, "to see what she'll do."

Your characterizations are marvelous, from churlish and eager Anna to the mannered, engaging, and calculating Count (seriously, you capture him so well), to each of the brides-flighty Marishka, stern Verona, vicious Aleera. The notion of them, childless, caring for a child is deeply touching and I think you hit on it perfectly when you had one of them describe her as a doll. She allows then to play at being mothers.

As for the writing, well, there's not much I can say that others haven't already. Descriptions, atmosphere, dialogue, Madam you've got it all! (And love that Anna calls the brides "Madam" and Dracula "Sir"-absolutely perfect.) You've caught the voice of one who is "nearly ten" so well, both in what Anna says and in the narration, which though in the third person is nevertheless from her perspective. I like that we see things through her eyes and as a child would see them: a vampiress who appears to be an angel, mysterious machinery and words whose meanings she can almost grasp but not quite, the understanding that knowledge is being withheld but the inability to seek it out herself.

As I say, I am eager to see where you'll go with this. The idea of Anna as "hostage" in the Count's house (just as he was a hostage at the Ottoman court, if we're sticking with Vladislaus Dracula Vlad Tepes) is not only a cool parallel but sets up interesting complications for the action of the film. What memory, if any, will Anna have about her childhood sojourn under the Count's roof? How does her attachment to Marishka, and perhaps Verona, too, affect her later tussles with them? Will she, for example, secretly mourn their deaths? And when, in the movie, she says that she despises Dracula more than someone (Van Helsing? It's been a while) could imagine, is there something behind that?

With only encouragement and absolutely no pressure, I can't wait to read more! Happy writing, my dear, you have a gift.

And now back to work I go...
Remember chapter 8 . 8/22/2014
Another brilliant chapter - but what I really loved was the comparison between Verona and Marishka - how despite the evident affection for Anna, one is clearly more far gone or past-feeling than the other, probably a result of the long life-span and consistently experiencing awful things (wow, I'm so articulate! *eyeroll*)

But seriously, my inability to use words aside, I love this story, my dear. It really is wonderful and I feel so terrible for only JUST NOW reading it. Thank you for mentioning it to me today :) Reading your work has entertained me immensely for the last several hours and though I still envy and admire your brilliance, it has inspired me to do better. Yeah... we'll see how THAT goes ;)

But back to the point - I really couldn't praise you enough. The idea is clever and original and I applaud you for it.


Oh, and thank you for consistently breathing life into our otherwise dwindling fandom. It's nice to know some of the seasoned veterans stuck around to keep it going. :) Remind me to never leave again. I've missed this.

Enjoy your well-deserved reviews, my dear! I'll talk to you later!

Remember chapter 7 . 8/22/2014
Seriously - loving this dynamic between Dracula and the young Anna. Though, not going to lie, it's raising some serious questions for me in regards to her whole "I despise Dracula more than you could possibly imagine" line in the movie, but then a lot can happen between now and then - but still, it has me intrigued.

Damn it woman, you are fabulous. I am thoroughly enjoying this story of yours and must beg you to write more, especially since I only have one chapter left and will have to wait with everyone else. :(

Aleera's jealousy OVER A NINE YEAR OLD is perfection. Such a petty redhead.

Although Dracula musing over Anna's potential has me all aquiver with anticipation for what you have in store for our young heroine next. On to the next (and last *sniff*) chapter…
Remember chapter 6 . 8/22/2014
I still maintain that that man has it in him to make an excellent father (or at least father-figure). The authoritative way in which he handled Anna after she was caught in the lab suited him really well.

But I love the bit at the end where she basically called him out (in her own timid way) for setting her up. It was fabulous and I found myself chuckling alongside him.

You are a glorious story-weaver, my dear. Absolutely glorious.
Remember chapter 5 . 8/22/2014
Ah, the whims of Dracula. I confess, they are my favorite. Liked the chapter - and the interactions between Marishka and Verona - again, two characters you write incredibly well. You give them depth while allowing their personalities to remain intact (well, what little they had in the movie, that is) - this compliment isn't working out as I had planned.

Point is, you're amazing, this story is amazing, and I'm going to go read some more. Okay? Okay.
Remember chapter 4 . 8/22/2014
Some points I would like to make on this chapter (which is my favorite in the story thus far)

Firstly, I love you and I hate you for how perfectly you portray the Count. Okay, so maybe I don't hate you - I do envy you though. And I'm not saying that to beg for a compliment - I genuinely mean it. You. Are. Brilliant. I absolutely love it. From his languidness and the drawl in his voice, to the dark smiles and scheming demeanor. It's just… UGH! *bows* Teach me your ways, sensei.

Secondly, loved the telepathy bit with Verona and Anna. That was handled and executed really nicely.

Thirdly, the details. My God, the details. That's one of those things that I really struggle with - finding a happy balance. You do it so naturally.

Fourth, my absolute favorite line of yours in this story so far - "Yes I know; unthinkable of your sworn enemy isn't it? Never fear Princess, one day you and I shall be adversaries, but it will not be today." I don't know why, but that line gave me a rush of conflicting feelings, like chills and swoony-ness and just wow. See? You took the words right out of me. But seriously, I read it in his voice and it kind of made me all giddy.

Damn it, woman, you are so good!
Remember chapter 3 . 8/22/2014
D'aawww! This is kind of adorable. I really do love your writing, dear. It's quite glorious. Excuse me as I sigh with envy and continue on to chapter 4.
Remember chapter 2 . 8/22/2014
Another excellent chapter!

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of the first-person POV, you handled it nicely. I'm intrigued and must read more!
Remember chapter 1 . 8/22/2014
And so we begin.

I like this "young Anna" concept - showing the history between her family and the Count. It's clever and nicely executed. Also liked the explanation behind Boris' missing eye.

The tension in the way you write is impeccable and your attention detail is equally so. Can't wait to read more.
LadyEkatherinaDeMika chapter 8 . 4/11/2014
Well, it's more than one year passed and I don't see new chapter. Please continue writing. This fanfic is magnificent and amazing. It's the most interesting fanfic from latter that I've ever read. Please update.
throughtheshadow chapter 8 . 1/8/2014
I really like your story, the way you write is incredible, I wish I was as talented as you are )
The relashionship between young Anna and Verona ( who is my favourite bride in the movie, by the way ) is very interesting, and I'm curious about how it will be developped ) ( same thing for Dracula and Anna, their interractions are very well-written ). I love their dialogues, and the part where Anna is telling what she learned about vampires, and then accepts to be teached by Verona is great. I always imagined Anna, as a child, acting like this, curious and ready to learn more even if it means to learn from vampires directly.
I hope you will continue this story, because you are a talented writer and it would be a shame to abandon a story like that " puppy eyes " ( oh and, I'm sorry if my English is not that great, I'm fench )
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