Reviews for Ki Ni Naru Aitsu
Ian R. Moros chapter 3 . 5/19/2011
It's always good to change things up a little. Variety is the spice of life after all. I'm not sure if the brevity of this piece was more about you not having much to say or if you wanted to say as much as you could in as short a space as you could manage, but for the story being told I think the length works.

Now the driving factor of this story, of course, is the character study of both Ryou and Alice. Individually, Ryou comes off as very normal. Beneath his cool, confident exterior, he's just like anyone else. He's nervous and not really sure what to do with these feelings he's having for the first time. A lot of it is that he's only confident when he's in his element, so to speak. When he's playing a card game or running around the digital world, these are things he's been doing forever, things he's got a lot of experience with and skill at. This whole romance thing, though, is brand new to him. He's nervous enough already just dealing with romance for the first time, but without any kind of framework to fall back on just leaves him twisting in the wind. If I have any complaint about Ryou's characterization here, it's that he seems almost too normal. Ryou seems like a guy with a lot of baggage, but we were never allowed to see it. His whole history with Millenniumon, his obviously strained relationship with his father, his willingness to abandon his life and spend months in the digital world all indicate a heavy weight on Ryou's shoulders that he hides behind a friendly demeanor and his many successes. At least that's my take on the character.

Alice is even more difficult to develop because her appearance is such a short one. I don't know about her being a ghost (seems a little too grim, don't you think?) but I got the impression that she, like Ryou, is carrying some extra baggage. The clothes, Dobermon's sacrifice, and the wistful way Dolphin seems to regard her and his son say that not everything is sunshine and rainbows for Alice.

It makes sense, then, that Alice and Ryou might be drawn to one another. Maybe they're able to pick up on one another's feelings. Maybe it's a sort of "kindred spirits" thing that explains why these two, who've never felt this way about anyone else, find themselves drawn to one another. What interferes in that attraction is that they (Ryou in particular) are accustomed to putting up facades. Ryou isn't nervous out of a fear of rejection or anything, at least not primarily. What has him scared is the prospect of showing any vulnerability. In the past showing weakness would have most likely gotten him killed, so he's grown thick skin you could say. He likes Alice because she doesn't seem to buy into the whole show he puts on; she doesn't treat him like the Legendary Tamer, but like a friend. She doesn't come weighed-down with preconceptions about him. He doesn't have to live up to expectations around her, which makes him feel almost alright with showing his vulnerable side, but not quite.

This is why the ending works well here. Ryou and Alice both have their insecurities. They're both in unexplored territory and neither wants (to use a card metaphor) to tip their hands. For now they both need to just deal with this themselves and get over their own demons before they can open up to one another.
Anitoon3 chapter 1 . 2/1/2011

This is col!

Aw, he likes Alice! Heehee, he's nervous. Well, I would be nervous asking out someone too...

Thanks for making thios!

~ Anitoon3
Reiji chapter 3 . 9/23/2010
Nice! I either forgot or don't know much about Alice in terms of her personality. (IIRC, she only made short appearances with Dobermon during the final D-Reaper siege in Shinjuku.)

But for three chapters, you've given her a cute and somewhat semi-shy/hesitant personality. Which gradually opens up to Ryou when she visits the boy's apartment. I guess it's a free character slate for her if this continued beyond Chapter 3.