Reviews for My XMen OC
Jahvy D. Prince chapter 1 . 4/1/2014
X-men character Creation :

Name: Merezanoa Gonzalez

Codename: Nuclearid

Age: 24

Gender: male

From: Brazil (sneaks into America to live)

Height: 7'0"

Weight: 200

Fraction: brotherhood and xmen!

Appearance: brunette, hazel eyes, sharp nose, black lipstick, godly handsome, athletic body

Attire: torn sneakers, black belt, faded blue jeans, fitted black shirt, black leather trench coat.

Mutant Powers: Nuclearinesis-( can absorb heat, radiation, nuclear energy...also can create natural nuclear energy within his body, can absorb the density energy in his body to fly...)

Personality: loud, perverted, comically annoying, smart and loyal.

Theme song: secrets by the pierces

History/Bio (Short or as long as you want): when Merezanoa was a boy he was bullied a lot because he sweat a lot. After hitting puberty he grew taller then his peers, he became unnaturally handsome, and physically out matches even the adults locally. But of course all people from his village in brazil wished for a better life (poor village). [Age 21] After walk home from market Merezanoa was attacked by men of the village who are jealous of him, a fight ensued resulting in the awaking of Merezanoa's powers and the attackers obiviation. to escape the punishment for his killing and feelings of hopelessness, Merezanoa ran home as fast as possible, packed the little he could and fled brazil on foot. Raced through jungles, desert and weather, he arrived in Texas (practicing his powers along the way) to be recruited by a band of robbers. The xmen stop the robbers, after realizing he was a mutant they "reacue" him from his life of crime. Later meets the brotherhood and jumps between sides when the said team benefits him. The mutant and human world begins to know him as
"Nuclearid" !

Likes: magneto, professor X, storm, kitty, rogue, pyro, iceman, toad, Spider-Man, tony stark, wolverine, beast, nightscrawler, Baneshee

Dislikes: striker, sabertooth, mystic, other members of brotherhood, Scott summers, jean grey, mutant haters, mutant cure, government


Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Fact: be becomes very close with Baneshee and Beast... Trains himself hard to one day be stronger then magneto!