Reviews for Emergence
Guest chapter 2 . 8/9/2013
it is very good and i see that happening but serena changing and she too much wild and free for falling with Hollywood system and all, she is more the type of becomming a good actress and disapearing and one day come back and all Hollywood will be fascinated with her but she will not care, always seraching something, someone in her life I m'sorry you didn't continue it was a good beginning ..I always though they were something that make them friends but not that much, that make them the same but always so different, something strange because they never try anything where he seduce the most beautiful women but never try that much with her, the most beautiful girl he know. Like they know they were no turning back if they take this road. they accept their flaws and that make them perfect. she is the sun where he is the moon, both strangely too beautiful and fascinationg for living among other people. him, who can be so cold, calculator, cold blood, dangerous, ambitious, and make people wish they never live if he want at a tender age and who prove to be more tough with the year and her the enchantress who made man drooling over her and captivate every man since she had 12 YEARS, when she enter a room, people cant' help but look, she illuminate a room by her mere presence, she is always optimistic, happy, but she is also dangerous for every man who cross her way, she made them fall in love for life, they betray her , they cheat but in the end they never forget about her and she made her life with other man, she seems broken but in fact she was happy a few day after. both of them are phoenix who raise from the ashes. they are too wild for society, they don't try to fit, they don't care about other , they do what they want, don't pretend to be another person and in fact made the society fit them. dan , blair, nate they are so conventional, they try so much too be perfect, they want to change them. only serena is abble to love even the darkest side of chuck and accept him like he is, only him can accept her with her wildest way, her passion for life who match his. thanks it was good
Guest chapter 2 . 8/8/2012
i hope you continu your story , it was a very good beginning even if i believe serena was to good to be destroyed by hollywood or anything , she can be lost but not destroyed. I never type them as the brother/sister. they have a strange relationship, it seems, they never try to interact too much with each other. they are often together because of blair and nate so they have memory together and after all they were raisen the same way, go to the same pac, school etc... so they are close but not that close. they see each other life from afar. it seems it was life but i always think the way they react to each other was something more. they were a past between the two of them. he was not a womanizer at first and she was always beautiful but also innocent a time ago, something happens between them. something nobody know. they are good at keeping things to them. they are always something mysterious about them. She was the party girl, the girl all men young and old want but she never seems to care about that too much, she was herself and like honey she attract... she didn't try to be the center of party but she was always. She seems to fall in love and was devastated when it was the end but she always raise back more beautiful, she was stronger than people think. She was nice and caring but she can fight dirty if she wanted. she didn't let people dictate her life, in fact she doesn't care about what people were thinking of her. she was herself, passionate, beautiful,a vixen sharing her life to mortal. she brighten a romm just by smiling. and chuck was a womanizer but also a genius with number, buisness effortless. he was strong and selfconfident (and it was something whith a father like bart who always made him feel like dirt but he seems unafected, he had a strange faculty to be immune to critic) and handsome, original. But he was powerfull also, he know everything about people, their dirty little secret and can use it without remorse. He was caring about people near him but is also cruel, hard, cold and don't show feeling easily. he can be dangerous and people who learn never do the same mistake as understimate him a second time. he is ambitious and it's trange because he have everything he want but he want to made something by himself ant it's very uncomon for uppers east side young people . and i think both of them deserve better than blair (who care too much about what people think and doesn't stick around when things got bad) ot nate (who is a weak person). It's like they were afraid to be togheter (serna and chuck) because nothing will be like before, the other having too much inpact in the other life. it will be true love, passionate and unstoppable and it will be the end of their mingless relationship. they will be their againt the world. continue it's good
carla chapter 2 . 2/24/2012
men like chuck bass don't break , they just learn a new way to exist. he is not an ordinary man, too clever for the teenage world, he manage to run an empire and keep having fun and going to school. he live an adult life very young, woman drugs, money, he did all but he is not only the sons of a wealthy man who spend money and have no goals. he is chuck bass and his name means something, he earn all his money, he is clever, dangerous, a rascal, hard, he don't back up, he can be very rough and tough. he is dark and light because he always care about his friends but he is not silly. he see in him and learn that blair is not the woman for him. she doesn't like everything in him, she always try to change him. the only one tto accept him , the good and the bad is because she is too beautiful, too lively, when she smile man fall in love with her, she is passionate like him but also destructive, she is clever and also a devil when she want. nobody can forget how she let the queen status to blair but show her than she can take it back effortless. serena's men always left her because she is too wild but they never stop loving her and they are fascinated by her, she is like a poison in their blood. chuck always speak his mind , he don't care about people judgment. they are both phenix and they raisen from the ashes. together they are perfect. continue it's good
karla chapter 2 . 2/4/2012
i always thing serena and chuck are better together. they understand each other, accept the failure in each other. they are not perfect and don't care. most of the time they act the way they want and don't care about the pression, the expectation. she is ruthless, she is too beautifull too charming, when she smile people heart melt they fall in love and she don't see it. she seems broken but she always raise from the ashes stronger like him. blair try so much too be perfect to be the queen of the upper east side where serena choose to live and show than she is the true queen effortless but don't care and let the place to blair. even if smewhat the man in her life betray her they cant let her go, they seems enthralled by her, they still love her, long for her, they try to be with other girl but they still look at her. he is a man who don't care about expectation, he always choose the most difficult path but win in the end. he was wealthy but choose to be more wealthy on his own. most upper east children just spend daddy's money. he never care about what people were thinking about him, he just do what he want when he built an empire. he is cruel, hard like his father and more, he is rough, ruthless, cold and is a great buisness man. blair desapoint him so much, he change for her to see she can't accept who he is and seems to always betray him. they are both carefree, and people want to change them. but serena understand him and accept him like he is, like he like her like she is, the fun girl who do what she want no matter what. they are both passionate and they are perfect for each other.
jalna chapter 2 . 11/1/2011
thank you I always love both of tem and they are perfecto for ezch other because they are nothing but perfection but in their book it doesn't matter. they never care too much about what people think, maybe a little about what people they care about but in the end it didn't matter . they are too wild to be tamed, they like to do what they want, like to be what they want and not what people expect of them. she is carefree, her smile lightens a romm, she let dozen men falling in love with her without seeing them and it's when they become vicious, because she didn't care. she only care about chuck, blair, dan and eric and in the end they were the people who hurt her the understand her like chuck, nobody accept her without trying to change her like him but he was too dangerous, she will fall too deep , she know it, she will be too hurt if he don't love her back so call it selfpreservation (a things usualy she don't do good) she never try but he is perefect for her like she is perfect for them in a world far from perfect. he look at her sometimes and he see him, he love her but he is more tough, more rough, he do only what he want and even people he care can't change the fact that in the end he finish to do exactly what he want even if he hurt people, he can't be tamed. he is like her too reckless, a force to be reckonned. he is the son of a selfmade man, hard cold and in fact he is a lot like his father, he can maybe be more cruel, more hard, more cold, nobody can threatened him. he is ambitious and focused even if contrary to his father he always has his fun and do it his way. he built an empire, he can protect her and only her didn't try to change him, she accept him like he is. he look at her and he understand why man fall in love with her but contrary to them, he know her, he know how to love her but he choose his time, he had things to live before he became his man. they are after all a beautiful pair and together they are stronger, they complete each other, she gave him a family, love and always be at his side . continue it's good
Kadlin chapter 2 . 10/28/2011
Promising start:)

Can't wait to read more!
Rose chapter 2 . 10/28/2011
This chapter is interesting!

Never give up on writing!
jalna chapter 1 . 8/31/2011
thank you for your story. i hope you will continue. they were two side of the same coin.i always think they were perfect for each other. they are both too wild, breathtaking, disturbing and fascinating. nobody but each other will ever understand the mystery they are. they are toxic but also addictiv. the men in her life seems to left her but in the end they never fall out of love with her, never forget her and move on. they both seems broken after the loved one left them but they are like a phoenix. the thruth was they break people people but nobody break and nate were too conventional, judgemental for her. and blair was not the woman for chuck, she try too much to change him or chuck need a personn who understand him and like him for what he is , sometime a cold bastard but very faithfull to his friends. serena is carefree, she is her own personn, she don't care what other think about her , she is serena the tornado, the woman who had too much life in her, who generaly speak the truth even if nobody want to say it. she is not perfect and don't try to be. she is beautiful, too much maybe, people always look a her in a room, she is like the sun where blair is like the moon. she can brighten any room, make laugh anybody, charm a snake if needed. she is stronger and more clever than people give her credits because of her look. but she is not the wisest personn but she is also a perfect socialite who can sort herself out of embarasment without battling an eyes. chuck and serena are both too wild for the uppers east side but they find a way to fit anyway. chuck is evilly handsome, he has a dark side, he seems exotic toxic where nate seems the shinning prince. he is the son of a selfmade man and unlike serean he don't come from old money. he was never like the other children and teenager of the upper east side. always in control, selfconfident, he do what he want when he want , no matter the consequence because he always are victorious or win a things in the end. he is ambitious and don't want to live on daddy's money. he is cold, tough and focuses and it's the ways on own man fortune. he want to be better than his father, be more powerfull, more rich. but he want also a women who understand him, support him, love him and give him the family he never have. in some way seren want the same things. they never give their relationship too much thinks because they are not introspectiv personn, but they are always something very deeper in their realtionship. continue it's good
Kate chapter 1 . 1/9/2011
nice start, please continue.
lucasta chapter 1 . 9/29/2010
Really looking forward to reading more.
Rose chapter 1 . 9/21/2010
Nice start ;)