Reviews for Second Chance, a new choice
ProngsPadfootandMoony chapter 19 . 11/15
Will definitely check out your Loki fics after finishing this!
Guest chapter 17 . 11/15
This warms my heart
Guest chapter 14 . 11/15
Penelope and Evelyn are precious! I love them
Guest chapter 10 . 11/15
Aaah I love this so much!
K1ngDom chapter 84 . 10/5
Poor Harry he doesn’t exist here.
Sara chapter 17 . 9/29
I've really enjoyed this story up until the end of this chapter. The smallest qualm I have with the ending scene of this chapter is that the name of the group isn't very catchy. The big issue for me though is how unrealistic and cringey this scene comes off as. I don't think that Severus Snape would ever chant like that no matter how much he may have changed to be good. A alternate scenario that I think would work better would be to come up with a different name and then have Penelope give a speech about how they are now united as a cause and so on. But other than that great story so far. A suggestion for a new group name if you wanted to change it/ or a slogan for the group could be Vita Amentes which is theoretically latin for life lovers/life loving. Since Dumbledore often preaches that the "key" to beating Voldemort is love.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/28
Wow, just wow. ok, ngl that made me tear up a bit the lily and minerva part. Great first chapter!
kyri17 chapter 1 . 9/21
okay so i just started this story and im trash at reviewing. i usually just tear through fics with no stopping. but i have to say so far I love this fic
Koshiiyuez chapter 1 . 8/10
That cover looks really good
Guest chapter 86 . 7/31
This was such a great story to read! I loved it! Thank you for taking the time to make this master piece! :)
guest chapter 86 . 7/8
Thanks again for finishing the edited version of this fic. I'm so glad it ended well for most of the decent people and that Penelope had her name carried on in her memory. She was a gem.
guest chapter 62 . 7/8
The Horcrux is affecting everyone, Lucy of course the most since she is holding it. I hope she or Regulus mentions it to Snape soon!
guest chapter 51 . 7/8
Please note!

The full Moon is NOT "high above the clouds" (i.e., high in the sky) in the morning, nor is it EVER "obscured by daylight." A fat gibbous (nearly full) Moon is easily visible in full daylight (if the sky is clear) to anyone who looks.

A full Moon always rises about when the Sun sets and sets about when the Sun rises. That is the ONLY reason it is not visible in full daylight: it is not above the horizon in full daylight, only near sunrise or sunset.

If you do not know ~why~ the Moon ~has~ phrases, do not ever mention its phase and its position in the sky at the same time. These two things are inextricably linked and cannot be assigned arbitrarily.
Guest chapter 25 . 7/7
Is "secreted back to his dorm" meant to say "went secretly..."? I couldn't find such a use for "secrete" anywhere and would have used "ghosted," "slipped," or "stole" back.

Of course Spinner is talking about Snape and Mr. Prince.
guest chapter 23 . 7/7
What!? "Outside, the full moon rose" and Lupin is still human and speaking? And isn't the full Moon on Monday? If it's still Friday evening, the Moon is waxing gibbous and won't be full for three days.

Then immediately, "The rest of November and December..." ~Then~ immediately, "The Marauders came around right before full moon." There is great temporal confusion here.
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