Reviews for Harry & the Mysterious Curse of the Girl-Who-Lived
Dracomancer1 chapter 22 . 1h
I have to say, your attention to detail on the Weasleys is remarkable, the way you believably write their quirks. Arthur especially, nice work on the “short crickets,” I laughed heartily at that.
ImSoBored246 chapter 8 . 2h
It just occurred to me that Dumbledoor could call Harry by name by cutting himself offHarri!
deitarionSSokolow chapter 22 . 7h
I'm glad to see you're still working on this though, to be honest, I couldn't really get into this chapter as well as usual. It felt a bit too "necessary, but filler-y" and the main thing that interested me was seeing Sirius show up.

(But maybe I've just been spoiled by having started and caught up to current production of Harry Is A Dragon, And That's Okay since your last chapter. Now THAT is a story that did a good job of transitioning to interesting character work as the initial excitement of the concept faded to familiarity.)

As for your A/N comments on the H.P. fandom, I generally don't keep up on the social aspects of fandoms, so I can only guess that you're referring to what I found on Wikipedia about J.K.R.'s views on trans people.

All I have to say there is that one should never feel they have to apologize for loving a good work by a problematic author. (For example, H.P. Lovecraft was a deeply racist shut-in with issues, but he pioneered themes and focuses we now take for granted in science fiction and fantasy.) Judge a work on its own merits.
AndreannaTamira chapter 22 . 7h
Did Harry ever check for Tom's diary again after knocking over Lockhart? It's just that Gilderoy would make a really convenirnt vessel right now...

Lots of visits gappoening this chapter.

I think it is fair play SONEBODY gets Dobby's name wrong, considering he is not very good with names hinserlf. Also, Ginny being so protective of "Dobly" is awfully cute.
envythenight chapter 22 . 8h
So pleased to see a new chapter of this I understand the struggle folks have had with continuing to engage with the fandom - I think I’m in the slight minority who are with you on fan fiction as being a way to subvert/work against ideas of the original.

Anywho, I’m guessing the person trying to break in is Sirius? Who may or may not be very confused about the protections around the potter house
mar888 chapter 22 . 10h
Thank you for the chapter, and the short 'history of fanfiction' intro. I liked both. I don't understend what you mean when you say this is not a good time for HP fanfics, or why you think we may want to stop readind your very interesting story.
The Wayland Smith chapter 22 . 11h
As always very, very fun. I enjoyed it a great deal and I look forward to further outings in this story. I would say more, but I have to rush off on a walk. I am intrigued and worried for Not-Miss Potter. Although I assume the person trying to break in is Sirius there are details which make me worry that the real threat of the diary is exerting its influence anyway.
Maelaeran chapter 22 . 12h
Always nice to see a chapter update of one of the oldest fanfics on my Reading List. This story lacks the action of other HP fics, but it has a really calming, slice-of-life feel that I haven't found anywhere else and this was a pretty enjoyable chapter to read as usual.
LordGraygem chapter 22 . 13h
I have yet to see "Mary Sue" used in the manner in which you describe it currently being used, especially just because the character is female. It's always been attached to a character (female, because the male version is the "Gary Stu") that's a blatant author self-insert with a ridiculous level of unearned competence and/or power, a ludicrously improbable level of success in all endeavors against strawman opposition, and effectively zero meaningful character development. Aside from trope namer, I can think of Bella Swan from Twilight as another example.

As for the whole shitflinging around the HP fandom right now? People need to grow the fuck up and accept that others have different opinions, and that having a different opinion is not an expression of racism, transphobia, bigotry, or whatever else they want call it in effort to deny it. All these clowns and children "canceling" her-especially the ones who base nearly everything they do on the foundation of her work-is just evidence of why nobody should take them seriously.
PhaedoSymposium chapter 21 . 8/7
Wow I dont know how I missed this story i enjoy it more than too many time travelers. Though, I will say the story did feel somewhat aimless after winter break second year felt like it took ages to get to action otherwise I love the story.
Guest chapter 16 . 7/31
You don't have to worry about the "going outside thing" anymore, thanks to coronavirus
Guest chapter 1 . 7/28
Volotredi means 'friday' in Malagasy.
London Knight chapter 20 . 7/22
Great Chapter as per normal .
Also found 'Fiery Daphne' Omake hilarious ! Fanon of her being A) an Ice Princess & B) a blonde are very grating at times .
JK has stated that blonde girl identified as 'Daphne' in Deathly Hallows Part 2 , is actually a Sixth Year Slytherin girl called Jemima 'something' , but didn't elaborate any more details . As Astoria is portrayed as a dark brunette , we should except Daphne to be closer to that colour ? Oh course with magic anything is possible - instant hair colour potions would probably be quite normal ?
Anyway on to the next Chapter . LK out .
Emiri-sama chapter 1 . 7/15
Very much enjoying thishope we get to see the next chapter soon!
Lamelinam chapter 20 . 7/4
the omake and Snape's inventive insults ('a malformed mass of mistakes','spineless lump of pointlessness') made me topple over!
ONly thing that endangers my suspension of disbelief is that Dumbeldore takes his sweet time to examine a potentially dark object in the hands of Harry. But I love that you don't bash his character, any of your characters really!
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