Reviews for The Last Stop: Rose
JLeigh11 chapter 1 . 2/2
I'm very new to Doctor Who fanfiction but I have followed the fandom since the 9th version of the Doctor, and Rose's beginning, and continue to watch it now.

You are one of the very first pieces I've come across in my search, and so I knew it would be a good piece simply from how you caught my attention out of a whole array of different Doctor pairings and ratings.

I think you wrote them perfectly. The Doctor is such a hard person to portray, and a complex character to understand and I think you did it beautifully. Thank you so much for this.

It was amazing and quite realistic. The time line all fit in together beautifully and I enjoyed it all the more for the how plausible it came across.
Brazen Wulf chapter 1 . 7/13/2016
wow, that was just sad and beautiful, heartbreakingly bitter sweet. Thank you for sharing your great talent!
eternalLove59 chapter 1 . 5/27/2015
One of the best works I've read from you so far I'll tell you that. This was absolutely brilliant! Loved it!
lastincurableromantic chapter 1 . 2/24/2015
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed this before now. This and its companion story are among the first fics I've read and remain some of my all time favorites. They are absolutely brilliant: hot, angsty, and hopeful all at the same time. I keep on returning to them time and again, and they are among those fics which have most influenced my own writing. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this.
Alexx chapter 1 . 8/28/2014
This is the most beautiful story about Doctor and Rose I have ever read - and Ive read a lot. There is so much emotions, it got me completely. Generally it was sad but in every word there was love between them.
I loved it very much :)
ItsKid chapter 1 . 8/19/2014
WHY?! H-he just... WHYYYYYY? Damn you for making me cry! T.T
I like it. This is really, really good. To think that this is how the Doctor is 'coping' with Rose's loss is damn sad. And the FEELS got me.
SuckyVampire chapter 1 . 5/31/2014
So many feels... I definitely teared up at the end...
Evana Dunne chapter 1 . 1/21/2014
Just finished reading this fanfic. There isn't many stories on here that can truly leave with a broken heart. This one is one of those rare stories. I'm having all the feels but top of all that I feel really sad, and just want to cry. I don't really know why. Because Rose could have the Doctor and then she ended up with the Metacrisis Doctor in the parallel world, the Doctor could have Rose before losing her, and before his regeneration. And even though it's beautiful the way it is, I still can't quite cope with the Doctor's pain. It hurts me.
Dear author, if hurting me was your intention with this story, then mission accomplished. I'd like to thank you for writing and posting this amazing story. Wonderfully well done!
(I'm sorry if I might not be making much sense but I'm being quite emotional right now.)
wishbones chapter 1 . 11/26/2013
What a sad but great story. Made my heart break.
anon chapter 1 . 10/3/2013
This was the most beautiful ten/rose fic that I've ever read. Oh my god. I'm crying.
Hazelmist chapter 1 . 10/2/2013
LOVED IT! It reminded me of the Time Traveler's Wife and I'm glad he was able to find some way to return to Rose especially when they both needed it.
madsthenerdygirl chapter 1 . 7/1/2013
This... this is amazing. Absolutely stunning. I teared up a little. This perfectly sums up their relationship and, I think, why Rose was relatively okay with having the half-human Time Lord. You even had a nod to the 9th Doctor, who I adore and doesn't get enough credit. This was well-written, beautiful, quite sexy at times, and quite simply the best Ten/Rose story that I have read. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this and sharing it with us!
Valhara chapter 1 . 6/25/2013
There's not too much I can say except that this is amazing. :)
Mistyquest chapter 1 . 6/19/2013
I've read this story several times now. Thought I would finally review and let you know how wonderful I think it is. What an awesome concept!
LadaHathaway chapter 1 . 6/18/2013
This is so beautiful . I cried, honestly
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