Reviews for October 24th
Yuvon Silon Rahvok chapter 1 . 11/18/2015
So kyuuuute~ ;3
ObItArD chapter 1 . 11/16/2010
It's a nice story. The whole plot is well arranged , even the fluffy stuff. Although in the pair its mostly Anko that makes the first move out of the two. Obito on the other hand would be the suprised one. (sorry, but i will just give some tips! neh~!)

To sum it all up The kurenai and Asuma pair was fitted nicely . I mean i could imagine Kurenai and Asduma fighting (LoL).As for the Kakashi x Rin part its was good no hint of suspicision. Since Kakashi is a Virgo sign he tends to act a Scorpio sign would act sweet, and nice. But scorpio have this scary,dark feeling when pushed to the limits (not like the Sakura-punch-you-to-the-face type more like Scary-face-with-sharp-ow-that-hurts-words-and-dark-aurora). KakaRin pair was summed up nicely Kakashi wasnt too OC (since virgo people are more opened up to people that's most cloe to them... (besides basically i too am in love with this pair)

And as for the Obito anko part was a little tipped put of the lane actually . since anko was born in october 24 her zodiac fits perfectly in Her profile. Masashi Kishimoto based the Characters traits in contact with Their zodiac.

So to maek a Succesful Anko Attidude here are some tips dear!

is an Intense will more likely take risks than obito or the others would (likely a little daredevil)

is a very Determined Character (most of the Guys kakashi,obito,asuma,kurenai,rin are determined actually0

're perceptive. They can find something suspicious when your hiding sometning from them almost every Scorpio people in The Naruto world has this (rin is a scorpio so she has this also)

in the series also displayed great intuition in the naruto series which is also matched up with her zodiac sighns. She is MORE likely to be the detective (she's like a walking lie detector! isn't that cool~!)

has something mysterious about he that adds fuel to her considerable, yet quiet, personal magnetism. (which explains theee mysterious part in the chunin exam when she licked naruto's cheek when blood was dripping from it. that! caught me off guard).

6. It was also shown in the series that anko is A natural born psychologist, she easily pick up on what makes people tick. a great job in solving crime mysteries and finding the culprits.

's dedication to the people you love is notable.

tip is to keep in your mind that Anko has these traits (MAGNETIC-DEDICATED-IMPULSIVE)

is emotionally impulsive, playful, and charming.

is also likable and warm, and she treats the people she loves with great respect and care

Well thes are some tips i can give you dear to make the perfect Anko. Just , to make it clear, dear . I just wanted to tell you this tips because i know you have the potential in amaking successful Obito x Anko Sotries . I've Read your stories more than ten times those 3 Obito x Anko Stories of yours are really cute and flufffy.

I hope you make more dear! Its a cute Pair

Oh! and before I forget here are some obito tips as well!

TJus a guide of how to make a perfect Obito.

in mind that since OBio is born in february 10 he is an aquarius .

2. Obito is a clever, quick learner.

is also good When it comes to making friends, he has real concern and love for others.

out of team minato is very likely the first person to cry in a very eEMOTIONAL matter (not the people-who-break-apart-easily type)

has fellowship, self determination

's the funny part Obito has a tendency to lie to keep himself out of trouble.

believes in his abilities but have nothing of the egocentric about him.

isis a high-energy type person.

is most likely the person in team Minato that would confess the last wheter it be feelings or something in his mind he would mostly keep it to himself so theres a lot of inner mind and brain conflict.

is a type of person that enjoys life to the fullest.

There you go dear. Research and comparison is what lead to this...

Now keep this in mind and you'll reduce some downfall parts (_)

By the way dear! I tottally agree Orochimaru is really OOC... _ Good Luck with your "The Triple Dog Daring" story! wish you' luck and bright future...!
Namikaze Tsume chapter 1 . 10/3/2010
It's my birthday too . Never know that I had a same birthday with Anko.
PruCan4evar chapter 1 . 9/23/2010
Seriously man! There are hardly any stories of them at all! Someone should do something to help. I can't because I am currently in the process of making my readers think I'm on Hiatus... hehehehe.
Ryunn Kazan chapter 1 . 9/23/2010
...Happy Birthday Anko! Orochimaru was offence...

You have a point about the Obito Anko thing, Someone may have to do something about that...