Reviews for The Magister Princess
madhermit chapter 1 . 4/1/2012
Well, this was interesting and well-written. But lack of connection to the original universe threw me off a bit. You said you borrowed the concept of two warring families from one another, you placed Renly Baratheon and Juliet as the characters...and I see none of it. Is this supposed to be Westeros before ASOIAF? After it? Or did you just take some elements from both fandoms and made your own AU? If you did, I daresay this could have worked just as well as the original fiction, just with altered names. Something fit to be published as a short story, even. While it's good that you want to give credit to the source of your inspiration, the conflict here doesn't really feel like Romeo & Juliet one...a concept of an unexpected and generally despised suitor winning the princess through his prowess is a part of many a fairy tale.