Reviews for Trapped in the Hyborean World
Thundarr The Barbarian chapter 1 . 8/11/2011
The people at Fan have added Conan The Barbarian/Conan The Destroyer to the movie subcategory. Since you pulled inspiration from the movie fandom rather than the cartoon fandom, I suggest you recategorize your story to be of THAT fandom. They also added The Savage Sword Of Conan The Barbarian to the comic book fandom, fyi.
Thundarr The Barbarian chapter 5 . 2/9/2011
I really enjoyed the story. I've never watched Jimmy Neutron, so I don't really know how accurately you've portrayed Cindy and Jimmy. I must have watched "Conan The Barbarian" and "Conan The Destroyer" a couple hundred times since the early 1980's, and I can say with more confidence you got those characters pretty much spot on. Again, I feel a need to point out that this Conan fandom is for the animated series, not the Schwarzenegger movies. Regardless, good story.
Thundarr The Barbarian chapter 2 . 2/8/2011
This is a pretty good story so far. If I had one complaint, I'd say you posted it in the wrong fandom. You seem to be writing mostly about stuff from the Conan movies, and not the Conan cartoon. But then there might simply be no "Conan The Barbarian/Conan The Destroyer" fandom in the movie section. Still a good story though.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 2 . 9/23/2010
Heh, Jimmy would be really interested in this world where magic is dominant over science.

Keep the good writing.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 1 . 9/23/2010
Thanks for telling me about this story. It's pretty good.

Keep the good writing.