Reviews for Save File
KinomiyaHiwatari chapter 1 . 12/12/2015
Hahaha, great story, and the end was really good I was expecting Lianjie to confront Jen but the way it ended was good anyway
jellyd chapter 1 . 3/15/2015
Oh! I'll read the next fic, this is very interesting!
Matsuri Kazehana chapter 1 . 7/25/2013
Lianjie-san... You. Are. An Awesome. Big Bro! You are so accepting to Jen's preferance... just Awesome! If only people were like you... :)
Takato the dreamer chapter 1 . 10/30/2012
That was kind of sweet, that he decided not to bring it up, knowing no matter what, he's the same guy :)
DigitalFlagDancer chapter 1 . 5/26/2012
It was nice to see a different POV. My favorite part was the end with Lianjie listing off "rival, partner, gamer, brother."
Fern Paquette chapter 1 . 3/17/2012
Just started this series, and it's really adorable! I don't know too much about Tamers but the sibling dynamic is great! (:
Ian R. Moros chapter 1 . 5/15/2011
Here we have Rinchei, one of the most underutilized characters in Tamers. What cruel fate that even Jaarin had a few lines when he never had a single one. Black sheep of the Li family I suppose. Well at least you respect him!

Anyway, this is a nice little character study on Rinchei. The stream of consciousness really helps us get to know him, empathize with him, and understand where he's coming from. It does a very nice job of getting the readers right into his head.

And what do we find there? Well first of all, we find that he has a bad habit of assuming things. His substantial leaps of logic first lead him to "My eleven-year-old sister has been corrupted by yaoi" and it only gets more dramatic from there. Of course his later leaps of logic turn out to be correct, but that doesn't really justify his conclusion that Jen is necessarily gay and going out with Takato. He even points out himself how big of an assumption that is. It does move the story along quickly though, and it's some nice characterization of Rinchei as being pretty impulsive, which seems consistent with everything else that happens (like his on-the-spot answer for why he was asking about Ai To Kirai.) Of course if it weren't for his tendency to make assumptions he probably would have spilled the beans about what he knew before even realizing the implications. So yeah, point goes to Rinchei for being quick on his feet.

It's also nice to see Rinchei's Big Brother Instinct so finely-honed. Lots of practice I suppose. The minute he senses Shiuchon's innocence is at risk he's ready to charge in like a knight on horseback, ready to kick some ass and, time permitting, chew gum. Of course when he goes to confront Shiuchon over it he finds himself dressed up with no place to go, at least until he does a little math and discovers 22gay. It's at this point that his Big Brother Instinct takes a header and sends him off to freak out for a few minutes in his room. Very different circumstances, of course-"My sister is being corrupted" versus "My brother might be gay"-but I would have expected him to react more consistently. What, is it just a particular soft spot for Shiuchon because she's a girl? Does Jen's orientation weird him out enough to short circuit his Big Brother Instinct? With Shiuchon, Rinchei's reaction was more about protecting her. When it comes to Jenrya, though, he seems to be acting more with a guilty conscience than anything, perhaps a bit sorry for having stumbled onto his brother's secret. Still, it would have been nice to show a little concern, Rinchei! What, your brother can't be corrupted by dirty games? Although Big Brother Instinct does kick in rather nicely when he worries Takato might not be good to Jenrya.

Of course, while we're spelunking our way through Rinchei's brain, we can't afford not to point out his pleasure center, his happy place, his psychological anchor. I speak, of course, of video games. Now I'm not going to say he's obsessive or anything, but games seem to provide Rinchei with the grounding in the world around him he needs. It's how he understands and relates to what is going on. Even when the situation really calls for another way of thinking, his default is to go to video games. It's not a bad thing, but when he needs a little escapism (like between when his family goes out and Jenrya gets back home) or just something to do while he waits to get tired, he goes to video games. When he needs someone to talk to, it's a Yoshi plush. His evidence for Jenrya's orientation comes from some save files and a game box stuffed under the bed. Even the only explicit mention he makes of exposure to this topic before now is Zhang He, a video game character. If anything he seems to lose himself when the situation calls for thinking in non-video game terms, like when he's sneaking into Jenrya's room, or when he's alone in his own room. As a framing device the whole thing keeps a nice, consistent undercurrent throughout the whole story. As a snapshot of Rinchei's psyche, it tells us what Rinchei is most comfortable with. When he engages things on those terms he processes them best. Whenever he repeats "gamers for life" the meaning and tone of the words always changes; the same three words take on hugely different meaning based on context and reveal Rinchei's state of mind in saying them. And of course, in the end it's this common bond with his brother, relating to him on Rinchei's home turf, as it were, that resolves all of Rinchei's doubt, fear, and guilt.

When you think about it, isn't it interesting how these feelings are normally the ones that would be reserved for Jenrya in this situation? It really tells you just how close Rinchei and Jenrya are, and maybe what really has Rinchei shaken up more than anything is realizing that they aren't quite as close as he believed if he didn't know this. You can even see undertones of that throughout: he'd grown up in a busy house all his life, but now he's living alone in Hong Kong and only gets to see his family a few times a year. He (apparently) doesn't have a Playstation or some of his favorite games at school. Without his family or his games most of the time, he wants to make of the most of it when he is home, but then he gets there, figures out Jenrya is gay, and fears then family he came back to isn't the same one he left. But in the end of course it dawns on him that nothing has changed, that Jenrya will always be his little brother. Heartwarming, ain't it?