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BrightNova169 chapter 1 . 11/15/2012
Name: Adam Sparks

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Occupation: Trainer, but is always up for a Contest or Pokeathelon event

Goals: Defeat the Elite Four of each region, win the Sinnoh League, train under Bruno of the Elite Four

Physical Appearance: Adam is a fair-skinned teenager with slightly messy dark brown hair and gold eyes. He's got a lean body with a good amount of muscle due to his martial arts sessions. His height is 5' 10 1/2" and is 155 lbs.

Outfits: Green t-shirt, long forest green cargo pants (lots of pockets), dark grey running shoes, black hooded jacket

Winter outfit-Navy blue hooded jacket, gray sweatshirt, white t-shirt, oak brown boots, wool socks, goggles, black gloves

Contest-Black suit and vest with crimson red tie, black fedora with gray lines, black suede shoes, hair is neater in appearance

No matter what happens, Adam does not like wearing shorts. Contrary to popular belief, he claims they are not comfy and easy to wear, they have small pockets, and leave your legs exposed to the cold. Swimming trunks are just fine though.

Character History: Adam grew up in Viridian City during his early years and learned martial arts around the age of 6. He chose to learn it because it looked fun but over time, Adam became more disciplined in his efforts towards the sport. At the age of 10, he travelled to Pallet Town to begin his journey as a Pokemon trainer and recieve his first Pokemon, a Bulbasaur. For the next seven years, Adam travelled different regions meeting new people, battling plenty of trainers, and encountering groups from different criminal groups such as Team Rocket. Seeing the aftermath wrought by the dreaded criminals, Adam would train harder at his martial arts to better prepare himself whenever he would get into trouble.

Personality & Character Traits: Adam is a hard-working person who trains alongside his Pokemon because he believes it wouldn't be fair otherwise. He will gladly accept any battle requests and will not give up in a fight. During battle, Adam gets more energetic and alert. However, he's a very skilled trainer able to use the environment to his advantage and comes up with different strategies to overcome his opponents. He can be rather impulsive and naive at times, but ultimately means well and does his best to learn from his mistakes. Adam will, under no circumstances, accept a Gym Badge unless he defeats the Gym Leader. He sees it as a certain code of honor and feels like he wouldn't deserve the badge otherwise.

Adam shows great care for his Pokemon and does his best to bring out their full potential. He shows a great deal of contempt to those who treat their Pokemon like trash and will call them out for their cruelty. While Adam does train his Pokemon harder than most trainers, he encourages them in a positive manner and shows appreciation for their hard efforts. Despite his excitable nature, he's got a pretty sharp wit and can make some witty one liners. Overall, he's a nice guy who doesn't mind going out of his way to help people especially if criminals are involved. He has a strong sense of justice and will oppose criminals without a second thought. Although Adam is very good at martial arts, he won't use them to hurt people unless seriously provoked or in self defense.

Pokemon Owned:

Venusaur (male): Adam's first Pokemon. Venusaur has been with Adam for the longest time and the two share a very close bond. Despite his initial appearance, Venusaur is a friendly Pokemon who is calm and almost never loses his cool. However, if he does get angry, it becomes extremely difficult to calm him down. In battle, he's Adam's strongest Pokemon and has trained to move surprisingly fast over the years.

Aerodactyl (male): During his second visit to Pewter City, Adam discovered a hidden entrance in the museum and met a scientist who gave him an Old Amber fossil. Upon revival on Cinnibar Island, Aerodactyl proved to be a difficult Pokemon to handle. Luckily, Venusaur managed to defeat the flying saurian and Adam captured it. Aerodactyl is very eager to fight and can be rather argumentative with the other members, but shows respect to those who are strong enough to beat him in battle. Despite many of his kind being extinct, he holds a great deal of pride in his species as fierce warriors of the sky.

Glaceon (female): Adam met Glaceon in Goldenrod City when she was still an Eevee. She had been running from a group of punks from the underground area when Adam came along. After knocking out the gang, Eevee decided to go along with him out of gratitude. While she was very timid, she became more comfortable around Adam's other Pokemon and more sociable. During a trek through Ice Cave, Eevee evolved courtesy of the icy climate and has gained new confidence in herself. She has shown to be fond of Adam and can get jealous if he's around another girl.

Quilava (male): Adam met Quilava as a Cyndaquil while he was lost in Ilex Forest. He had been dumped by his previous trainer because he had lost to an Ariados. Adam decided to bring the young Pokemon onto his team. Over time, Cyndaquil crossed paths with his former owner and gave him some well deserved karma by beating the same Ariados from his past, evolving soon after winning, and blasting the graceless loser with Flamethrower. Outside of battle, he is very playful and energetic after opening up to Adam's team. He used to be terrified of Araidos, but he managed to overcome that fear from that major battle.

Prinplup (male): Adam encountered a Piplup on the shorelines near Sandgem Town during his first trip to Sinnoh. He initially believed Piplup would be an easy capture by battling with Venusaur, but he soon learned otherwise. Piplup put up a hard fight against Adam's starter and even KO'ed it with a strong Peck. Eventually, Adam managed to catch the Pokemon with a Timer Ball by dragging the fight out for two hours. Piplup evolved later on while training on Iron Island. Prinplup has a proud streak a mile wide and has a big appetite. Despite his ego and tendencies to eat food that isn't his, he cares a lot about his friends and will not back down from a fight.

Favorite Pokemon: Venusaur, the Eevee forms, Riolu, and Golett. Adam is working hard to find and catch a Riolu.

Home Town & Region: Viridian City, Kanto Region

Hope you like the idea of my OC. I'd really appreciate it if you chose him for the story.
Korean-dono chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
Name: Yumi Ice

Gender: Female

Age: just turned 16 (Birthday is Winter Solstice)

Occupation: Trainer, but will never pass a pokemon beauty contest without participating (she's really good at both, contest and battle)

Goals: to understand all pokemon to the point where she can read their thoughts (she's psychic in a way), to come closer and become stronger with her pokemon team

Physical Appearance: beautiful, not just pretty. Shoulder length blue-black hair, silver eyes (gray most of the time but will flash silver if excited)


1) a gray short sleeved sweatshirt over a blue and white striped spagettii strip, a jean skirt (rather short, but has a black leggings underneath), and knee- high loose socks (gray and white stripes), black fingerless gloves reaching to her elbows, black converse

2) black sleeveless turtleneck, jean shorts, gray knee- high loose socks, pair of dark gray uggs

3) Contest attire: floaty silver/white dress with flaring sleeves, a white lily in her hair, simple gray ballet flats

Character History: originally from Celestic Town. She was a shrine maiden for that shrine in the middle of the town (let's just pretend it's a shrine for Celebi). Regulerly visited the Celestic Ruins. Later on moved to Hearthome City. Was a daily visitor to the Foreign Building (if you know the game). Champion of the Pokemon Beauty Contest Master Rank. Lastly moved to the Solaceon Town, where she visited the Lost Tower on a daily basis. Helped out at the Pokemon Day Care.

Personality & Character Traits: Very understanding to pokemon, almost psychic, good with making poffins, loves the beauty of pokemons and pokemon battles, hates pokemon cruelty, always speaks her mind, can walk silently, interested in myths and legends

Pokémon Owned: Yumi's obsessed about making her team strong AND beautiful, lol

Nickname: Azalea/Roserade(evolved by accident), female

Sassy nature, likes dry poffins

met with Yumi as a roselia, became Yumi's loyal partner once Yumi proved herself worthy of its power

evolved when she found a light stone and picked it up

Moves: Petal Dance, Shadow Ball, Poison Jab, Extrasensory

Nickname: Venus/Milotic, female

Modest nature, likes dry poffins

met Yumi as a Feebas, abandoned by the last trainer as a Feebas, evolved into Milotic to return Yumi's kindness

Moves: Aqua Tail, Blizzard, Mirror Coat, Surf

Nickname: Kitsune/Ninetales(evolved by accident), female

Calm nature, likes dry poffins

met Yumi as a vulpix, had terrified Lavender Town with its Will-o-Wisp, had liked Yumi for not being scared of her

evolved when Yumi was running late to school, evolved to Ninetales to transport Yumi

Moves: Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp(later on replaced by Energy Ball), Extrasensory, Payback

Nickname: Yuki-onna(usually called Yuki)/Forslass, female

Gentle nature, likes bitter poffins

met Yumi as a Froslass, Yumi was wandering in the snow, Froslass decided to travel with Yumi after she helped Froslass recover her dead trainer's necklace(which she gave to Yumi)

Moves: Blizzard, Ominous Wind, Wake-up Slap, Psychic

Nickname: Anesama/Gardevoir, female

Lonely nature, likes bitter poffins

met Yumi as a Raltz, felt that Yumi's emotions and nature was kind, have been loyal to Yumi ever since then

Moves: Psychic, Magical Leaf, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball

Nickname: Altair/Altaria, female

Modest nature, likes dry poffins

met Yumi as a Swablu, had ben lefet out of its flock because of her unusual voice, have been comforted by Yumi's singing, evolved to save Yumi when she fell from a cliff

Moves: Fly, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Dragon Pulse

Favorite Pokémon: loves the beauty of ice types

Home Town & Region/Country of Origin: Celestic Town, Sinnoh Region
PowerToThePizza chapter 1 . 2/6/2011
Name: Linkin

Gender: Female

Age: Just sixteen

Occupation: Pokemon trainer and breeder

Goals: To fill her PokeDex, care for her Pokemon and see as much of the world as possible.

Physical Appearance: Small and thin,with wild dark purple hair, Linkin has light brown skin and darker brown eyes. Linkin has a scar on her arm from an explosion, and a white smile usually on her face. She hardly ever brushes her hair, but she ties it up when fighting. She is only about five foot tall, but strong for her age and height, with a flexible body and lithe figure that comes from years of climbing trees and falling. Pretty in a wild kind of way, Linkin is hardly ever still.

Outfit :

Outfit 1: Linkin wears light blue jeans, faded and ripped in most places, with huge tears at the left knee. She also wears a dark purple sleeveless top, and has a warm light grey jacket in her bag for cold nights. Her red sneakers are torn and scuffed, dirty of years of adventures. Linkin always has elastic bands on her wrists for her hair, and a dark grey drawstring backpack where she keeps her stuff. She also has a loose belt around her waist, weighed down by all the Pokeballs she has attached to it.

Character History : Born in a small Isshu village where her mother was town healer, Linkin grew up climbing trees to watch wild Pokemon and note their behaviour and life in the wild. She was often injured by spooked Pokemon, but as she grew older she learned to respect the Pokemon. Her parents approved of this way of learning about Pokemon, and it was the only place Linkin was quiet. Linkin soon learnt the forest, and where various Pokemon were likely to be, also learning how to track Pokemon, and how to heal them. However, this happy life was shattered when she was twelve, when her family was killed in a Team explosion. Linkin was in the house at the time, but a mysteripus legendary saved her and got her out of the house just before it exploded, and then disappeared. Linkin was fostered by a Sinnoh family she didn't get along with, as they wanted her to take over the Gym, and she wanted to adventure. Finally, at fifteen, Linkin left without warning,catching a ride to Sandgem, where she got her PokeDex, unusually late, and started her journey.

Personality & Character Traits : Usually hyper, occasionally loud, always adventorous, Linkin is an optimistic, cheerful girl who is ready for anything. Always joking and ready with a comeback, Linkins sharp tongue has got her in trouble more then once. She is brave, and understands Pokemon better then anyone. She loves to climb trees,and hardly ever stays still. She is brash, bold and brave.

Pokémon Owned Linkin has only a few Pokemon, but they are all loyal and trained.


Mighteyana, Lv. 35.


Personality: Her first , tough, Mighteyana is always ready for a battle, and is vicious when he fights. Mistrustful of strangers, he hates being in a PokeBall, and usually walks beside Linkin, coming past her waist. Mightyana takes everything seriously, but he is always there for Linkin. Stubborn and independent, Mighteyana adores Linkin and would do anything for her.

Moves: Quick attack, bite, shadow ball and growl.


Starly, Lv.14


Personality: Not very bright, but brave, Starly is the newest addition to Linkins team, and the only one to stay in it's PokeBall. It is very fond of Linkin, but Linkin hasn't had it long enough to fully bond with it.

Moves: Tackle, fly, wing attack, quick attack


Pichu, Lv.24

Gender: Female

Personality: Linkins second , optimistic and clever, Pichu is a cunning, sneaky Pokemon that fails to take life seriously. Always ready for an adventure, and is loyal to Linkin. Refuses to evolve.

Favorite Pokémon: Mighteyana, without a doubt.

Home Town & Region / Country of

Origin : An unnamed village in Isshu.

Please use her! I personally think she'd be best as a travelling partner, but whatever you want, PM if you need more.
GunnerPow7 chapter 1 . 12/26/2010
Hello Kingdomhearts91. I would like to give you an OC.

Name: Chris Leaf

Gender: Male

Age 18

Occupation: Trainer

Goals: To be the best pokemon trainer.

Physical Appearance: Dark brown eyes, black hair( style like Ash's hair)

Outfit(s):1st - white shirt with green vest, purple shoes, red and purple hat with pokeball design, blue jeans, black gloves

2nd - green jacket, purple shoes, purple and red hat with pokeball design, black jeans, white gloves.

Character History: He has a cool family. His father is once a Pokemon Master for one month before he retired due to sickness. He is still okay. His mother was a Grand festival winner for Kanto. He has sister who always pranks his brother.

Personality & Character Traits: He is kind and willing to help others.

Pokémon Owned: Bellossom (Girl) - Very first pokemon, very helpful

Vileplume (Boy) - nice and helpful

Milotic (Girl) - cool and beautiful

Gyarados (Boy) - angry always but helpful

Arcanine (Boy) - calm always. doesn't seem to care about the world

Ninetales (Girl) - has an ambition to save the world from destruction.

Favorite Pokémon: Grass Pokemon


Home Town & Region/Country of Origin: Celadon City, Kanto
BergamotAndRevolutionaryFervor chapter 1 . 10/16/2010
Name:Raven Kallia



Occupation:trainer,but if there's a contest in town,she'll participate in it

Goals:beat the elite 4

Physical Appearance:has spikey,shoulder length black hair and green is very skinny,and wears black eyeliner and black eyeshadow,and her nails are painted black with a skull design.

Outfit(s) (Two preferably. Three if you're a coordinator (Their contest outfit)):1)a ragged black shirt with slashes in the back and stomach,showing her dark grey tank top has a short black ragged skirt and black and white striped tights.

2)a black tank top and black leggings.

for both trainer outfits,she has a silver chain belt and black leather boots

3)(cordinater)a knee length ragged black dress.

for ALL her outfits,she has a bat choker and a silver skull ring.

Character History (Family background ect.):her parents were very rich they wanted a proper young lady,not a gothic would evn try to arrange she was 13 she ran away with her made friends wit ha group of kids living in the streets,who taught her how to never told her friends about her past.

Personality & Character Traits:most people think goths are quiet and 's the is loud and always speaks her ,the things on her mind usually insult is agresive,violant,and very also is a smart-alek and has an answer for is a total tomboy and hates anything girly or frilly,and claims to be allergic to hates stuck up people and is very uncomfertable with rich people and wealth because of her is ver impatient and impulsive.

Pokémon Owned (Six max, one min. NO LEDGENDARIES! Also give personalities and genders. No nicknames, sorry.)

1)Umbreon-female-aloof and smart,but also very personality is almost entirly like Raven' usualy isn't in her pokrmn,instead traveling with Raven,like Pikachu.

2)Mightyena-male-firce and aggresive and very fighter of the group.

3)Mismagius-female-the clever and cunning makes traps.

4)Honchcrow-male-the planner

5)Houndoom-male-the firce,aggresive,violant second fighter

6)sneasel-female-the fast one and also the clever one

Favorite Pokémon:Umbreon,Arceu,G

Home Town & Region/Country of Origin:Sinnoh,no town,she was riased in her families mansion,which isn't in a city
xTheDoctorsCompanion chapter 1 . 10/8/2010
Name: Bowie Redding

Gender: Female

Age (No younger than 16 for trainers, no younger than 22 for Team Rocket): 18

Occupation (Trainer, Coordinator (I NEED AT LEAST ONE! So please submit one!), Team Rocket): Trainer

Goals: To travel across all regions and beat all gym leaders.

Physical Appearance: Rather tall, with pitch black hair that curls to her chin. She usually wears it down, but when she gets into a battle, she puts it in a tiny ponytail. She wears head bands to keep hair out of her hazel eyes. She has pale skin, no matter how long she stays in the sun. She has her ears pierced 3 times, twice at the bottom, and once on the very top.

Outfit(s) (Two preferably. Three if you're a coordinator (Their contest outfit)):

1: A pair of light blue jeans with rips in the knees from all the times she's fallen over. They've become to big for her, so she has to tuck in her shirt, which is a bright red tank top. It's straps are about 2 finger lengths long. She wears black running shoes for when she is sneaking around, or running away.

2: A nice outfit for when she is visiting people, or battling a gym leader. It's a red longs sleeve shirt, with a jean jumper. She wears leggings, and a pair of golden flats.

Character History (Family background ect.): Bowie was born to a single mother in Snowpoint City, which proved to be an uprising problem as the young girl got older. Bowie would run out into the snow, and get lost in the height. Sometimes, searching for her could take hours. When Bowie was 10, she had gone out to the Poke Mart to help her mom take care of a sick Pokemon, when she had seen Team Rocket trying to steal a trainers Pokemon. She had yelled at the to stop, and took one of the fallen Pokeballs to battle them. The Pokemon was a Growlithe, and she beat the team using it's fire moves. The trainer said that Bowie could keep the Growlithe, as long as she was to become a strong trainer. She promised, and trained every single day until her 18th birthday, when she decided to finally travel to every region and beat every gym leader. Along the way, she is also hoping to find her biological father, who unknown to her, is team rocket leader Giovanni.

Personality & Character Traits: Bowie is a very polite person. She doesn't battle people who don't want to, and if she were to hurt another trainers pokemon, she would help them to a pokecenter. She is also kind, and a very happy person. She doesn't like to get mad, because she has never been susceptible to anger before. She would most likely learn about anger during her travels. Unknown to her, she bites on her lips when she's nervous, she also taps on her nose when she is contemplative. She is smart when battling trainers, immediately knowing their weaknesses within two attacks.

Pokémon Owned (Six max, one min. NO LEDGENDARIES! Also give personalities and genders. No nicknames, sorry.)

Growlithe (Male) Moves: Flame Wheel, Crunch, Ember, Flamethrower

Growlithe is exactly like his owner. A kind and polite Pokemon who only fights when is told to. When Bowie first got him, he didn't like the idea of a new trainer, and often refused to train. After a while, he began to warm up to the kind hearted Bowie, and train. Being the only Pokemon in Bowie's possession, he feels he has to work extra hard to help fulfill Bowie dream to be a Pokemon Master. He is also very protective of her, and when they are walking through forests, caves and at night time, he refuses to go into his pokeball to make sure Bowie is safe.

Favorite Pokémon: Her Growlithe. In Bowie's eyes, no Pokemon could ever surpass her love for her Growlithe.

Home Town & Region/Country of Origin: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh Region.
Shibo26 chapter 1 . 10/3/2010
Name:Ashley Petasin


Age:16 turning 17 soonish


Goals: To win Sinnoh league and to train the most powerful pokemon team ever(or at least in the region)

Physical Appearance: Ashly is about 5'7"(170 cm) and is lean, but not skinny. She had smallish 'endowments' and flatish hips. Her aurbanry hair reaches her chin, and is usually held back by a hairclip with a little skull on it on the right side of her hair. One bang cover her left eye-which she is constintly trying to push behind her ear but it always fails. She has hazel eyes, in certain lights it is easy to see the green in them, while in darker lights they appear more brown. She has a few freckles on her nose, and an olive skin tone. Her arms and legs have many small scars on them-most are from normal childhood cuts and scrapes-she just scars easily. She weas 1 small hoop earing, and changes which ear it is in from time to time. She has a tattoo of a skull on her right shoulder blade and flames on her left ankle


1:Loose camo cargo pants which hang off her hips,due to loosing the button on them she uses a saftey pin instead. She then has a tight black t-shirt with the words 'I'm sorry did my sarcasm hurt your feelsings? I was aiming for your face' in bright red writing. She has black converse with a white skull and roses on them.

2: Loose blue broad swimming shorts with a picture of a lily on it, a tight white tank top underneath and a dark blue button up top overtop of it-unbuttoned of course. She has a pair of blue jandles(flip flops is another name for them I think) and a little anklet with a skull pendent on her right ankle.

Character History: She lived with her older brother, Neil, for most of her childhood. Her parents got divorced over her fathers work. Her father was a pokemon resercher an speant most of his time in the lab or out in the field. He had no time for his kids or wife. Ashleys mum didn't like this so divorced him and remarried. Ashley didn't like her step-dad and didn't want to live with her dad so went to live with her 18 year old brother, who was working to be a pokemon breeder. She grew up rasing the pokemon and eventually started her own pokemon journey.

Personality & Character Traits: Ashley can seem cold to people at times, she can be quite rude and is very sarcastic. She always had trouble making friends, and doesn't really trust people. However if someone manages to befriend her and get her trust she is kind and caring in her own dry sarcastic way. She adores pokemon, and only shows her sweet side to them. She is blunt and doesn't like babying people, she just says what needs to be said. This cause people to not paticularly like her and sometimes dub her as cruel, which she is not. If someone were describe her in 3 words they would say 'sarcastic,blunt,indiffernt'

Pokémon Owned:


Gender: Female

Personality: She is slightly timid around people and often hides behind Ashely for other pokemon



Personality: He is stabnorn and protective of his trainer and fellow pokemon. He is cold towards strangers and will acttack what he deems as a 'threat'



Personality: Hyper and vry enthusiastic. He often starts flying around in circles in his excitment and is at times hard to control due to his hyperness


Gender: Female

Personality: Vain and over confident. She believes the world revolves around her and she is the best of if it isn't true


Gender: Female

Personality She is carefree and easy goign. In a crisis or in situations of hgh preasure she remains calm

Favorite Pokémon:

Home Town & Region/Country of Origin: Sandgem town
Gabite rules chapter 1 . 9/24/2010
Im going to give you my OC




Occupation:Team rocket

Goals:TO steal as much Pokemon as possible and to not get fierd.

Physical Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, green eyes is skinny and a little bit taller than the average person.


rocket uniform

shirt with black shorts and black sneakers

3. Black mini skirt and yellow tshirt with yellow sneakers.

Character History: She grew up in Olivine city she didnt have many friends and that was because she was scared half to death when she saw a Pokemon because when she was 8 she was attacked by a wild Zangoose when she was 13 she joined team went to go see the Zanggose they both fought but were evenly matched so she caught the Zangoose.

Personality: She is sassy wich gets her into trouble she depends alot on other people but she can be a real bitch even if nothing can be seen flirting alot to get what she wants and it ussually always works and thats the reason team rocket keeps her around.

Pokemon owned:

Zangoose male- Is mean and evil but has a huge crush on Rina and tries to defend her from any male at all cost he can be sweet if a Pokemon that really needs help is in trouble.

Mobves:Slash, crush claw, close combat and taunt

Gliscor male- is very sweet but dosnt know his own strength causing alot of things to break from his huge claws he loves Rina a little to much.

Moves-Guillotine,swords dance, night slash and X-scissor.

Glameow female- is like her trainer but dosnt want to evolve because it will take away her beuty she and Rina have a great bond and will do anything together.

Moves: Fury swipes, slash, protect and pursuit

Favorite Pokemon: Glameow

Home town & Reigin: Olivine city, Jhoto
Hotrod198 chapter 1 . 9/24/2010
here is one for ya! I hope you use him! and since he is usually a trainer but u needed a coordinator, i made him both.

Name: Cole Harding


Age: 17

Occupation: Trainer and Coordinator

Goals: To win the Grand Festival and the Sinnoh League

Physical Appearance: He has brown hair and blue eyes. He is tall for his age and has slightly tanned skin.

Outfit 1: Has a grey shirt with a black jacket and jeans. He also has a yin and yang necklace as well as some times wearing sunnys.

Outfit 2: All the same except he has a black shirt with a flame pattern on it.

Contest Outfit: It looks like a tuxedo except it has a flame pattern on it.

Character History (Family background ect.): He lived a pretty normal and boring life. However, at an early age, his mother was killed in a Tauros stampede. He began to hate Pokemon and refused to see his father who owned several POkemon. However, after years of therapy, he decided to start his journey at 17.

Personality & Character Traits: He has a really carefree attitude but sometimes he can get really serious, especially in major battles.

Pokémon Owned (Six max, one min. NO LEDGENDARIES! Also give personalities and genders. No nicknames, sorry.)

Name: Chimchar

Gender: Male

Personality: A very joker like attitude. Will evolve to Monferno then Infernape.

Name: Buizel

Gender: Male

Personality: A very serious battle like attitude, taking everything seriously. Won't evolve.

Name: Budew

Gender: Female

Personality: A very kind and caring nature, usually scolding Chimchar for its pranks. Will evolve into Roselia then Roserade

Name: Starly

Gender: Male

Personality: A valiant battler, never giving up. Will evolve to Staravia then Staraptor.

Name: Shinx

Gender: Male

Personality: Has a very shy personality and is afraid of bigger Pokemon. However, it goes away when he evolves. Will evolve to Luxio then Luxray.

Name: Skorupi

Gender: Male

Personality: Has a very happy and carefree nature, much like Cole. Will evolve into Drapion.

Favorite Pokémon: None

Home Town & Region/Country of Origin: Sandgem Town.
PokemonFreak90 chapter 1 . 9/23/2010
Name: Anthony

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Occupation: Trainer

Goals: To train his Pokemon to be the strongest they can be and hopes to someday triumph in the Pokemon League, a goal he's working towards now. He also hopes to someday find the strange pokemon that saved his life when he was a boy. See character history for more on that encounter.

Physical Appearance: 6' tall, average weight, short black hair, green eyes.

Outfit(s): Blue and black sneakers, beige pants, black T-shirt, and blue vest with a white stripe across the chest area at the front and a water symbol on the centre of the back (In honor of his floatzel).

Alternate Outfit: Red and white shorts, white T-shirt with a pokeball symbol on the front and a flame symbol on the back (In honor of his Blaziken), and red sneakers.

(I picked Floatzel and Blaziken because they are the 2 Pokemon he has the closest bond with.)

Character History (Family background ect.): His father was a Pokemon researcher before he mysteriously vanished and was never seen or heard from again back when Anthony was only 4 years old. His Mom raised him and his younger sister named Ashley.

He became intrigued with Pokemon after his friends at school began to talk about battles and which Pokemon were strongest. For example: "who would win in a battle against..." It was at that time he decided that becoming a Pokemon Trainer was his life long goal.

He was once attacked by an angry wild Primeape but a strange Pokemon saved his life. It moved so fast that he only caught a glimpse of it. All he could make out was a long tail, a tube on the back of its neck, and it's pink/purple color. Little did he know that the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo had saved his life.

Personality & Character Traits: He's very brave and never backs down no matter what the challenge is. Even though he considers his Pokemon more like his partners than actual friends, he's still very kind to them and considers their needs and feelings but doesn't express it as much as Ash. He's also very smart about how he raises his Pokemon so that they can reach their full strength through the right training, conditioning, and types of attacks.

Pokémon Owned: Blaziken (Male) Moves: Blaze Kick, Comet Punch, Flamethrower, Agility

Blaziken evolved from Torchic, his starter Pokemon from Prof. Birch. Blaziken and Anthony have been through more trials than any of his other Pokemon and they trust each other completely and have the closest bond between each other than any of his other Pokemon. Blaziken is also very loyal and protective of Anthony. Whenever he sees that a stranger or someone he doesn't recognize is nearby, he stands between the stranger and Anthony in a denfensive pose and growls suspiciously but also with a bit of power to intimidate the unknown person.

Floatzel (Female) Moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Aqua Jet, Razor Wind

Floatzel is a Pokemon Anthony battled and captured when it was still just a Buizel. She enjoys carrying him on her back whenever he needs to get across water and there's no boat nearby. She's also the friendliest member of Anthony's team. She left her family when she was still a Buizel because her herd (or group of Floatzels/Buizels she lived with) because she was the weakest of the group and left to go out and train so she could come back someday and become the new leader of the herd. But Anthony found her and caught her. In a strange way, she got her wish to become the strongest of her herd but since she's Anthony's Pokemon, she's never had a chance to go back and show them how much stronger she is.

Raichu (Male) Moves: Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Mega Punch, Double Team

Anthony caught Raichu when it was still a Pikachu and he caught it shortly after hearing about Lt. Surge's Raichu. Anthony raised it so that it could get as much experience as it could as a Pikachu before evolving it. He was trying not to make the same mistake Lt. Surge did when raising his Raichu. Raichu acts similar to Ash's Pikachu except a little less playful and more determined.

Salamence (Male) Moves: Flamethrower, Dragon Rage, Dragon Claw, Scary Face

Salamence was the hardest Pokemon for Anthony to capture and train. It was originally abandoned by its original trainer when Salamence couldn't learn Dragon Pulse. It was enraged when it found out it was left alone and lost all faith in people and began attacking anyone who came near it so it could just be left alone. The mountain area trail where it lived had to be shut down for travelling trainers because it was so dangerous. Many trainers had tried but none had triumphed over it until Anthony came and cleared the trail by capturing it. When battling to catch Salamence, all but one of his Pokemon ended up fainting. Blaziken was his last hope and it ended the battle with a final, well-placed Comet Punch. Salamence is still fairly hostile towards Anthony but he's slowly earning its trust more and more each day.

Pidgeot (Female) Moves: Agility, Fly, Wing Attack, Quick Attack

Anthony Caught Pidgeot when it was nearly dead from fighting a Fearow. Pidgeot decided to join him on his Journey after Anthony saved its life by bringing it to a Pokemon Centre. It can fly over 250 mph and is very strong for its size. It can easily carry Anthony on its back and has a lifelong rivalry with Fearows. Like Zangoose and Seviper, whenever Pidgeot battles a Fearow, it fights with an inner strength it rarely uses in battle against other Pokemon. It's personality is the same as a regular Pidgeot.

Alakazam (Male) Moves: Teleport, Psychic, Protect, Psybeam

Alakazam was captured after a long search for a psychic Pokemon. To deal with Team Rocket who usually use Poison type Pokemon, Anthony knew he needed a psychic type to even the odds. After almost a week of searching, he found and captured it. Alakazam prefers to train by meditating by itself to enchance its sharp mind needed for its psychic attacks. Anthony respects its method of training and doesn't complain when Alakazam sometimes refuses to train with the other Pokemon. Alakazam doesn't say or do much except in a battle. Many people who see it meditating instead of training the usual way that most Pokemon do, usually don't pay much attention to it and don't think it's very strong...until it beats their Pokemon with relative ease in battle!

Favorite Pokémon: Charizard. It's one of the few Pokemon he doesn't have but he wishes to have. He's on the lookout for one to catch.

Home Town & Region/Country of Origin: Slateport City, Hoenn.

Note: There's my OC. This is the first OC I've ever made. I hope you like it. Let me know if you need any more info. Sorry if it was too much but I had a lot of ideas.
cubejuner chapter 1 . 9/23/2010
This looks intresting





Goals:To fight his way through any challenge.

Physical apperance: Spiked brown hair with brown eyes he is very skinny and his height is 5'7.

Outfits:Weres a long yellow jacket and dosnt wear a shirt if he is wearing the jacket and wears jeans no shoes either also wears a blue t-shirt and jeans with blue sneakers.

Charceter history: He grew up in an abusive home with a lot of violence he was sent to live with his uncle in Lavender town when he was 13 he once saw a Suicune.

Personality: He is very lonely and and sometimes selfish he likes to stick with the people he knows and is convinced that everyone is out to hurt him.


Sneasel female- is very serious and uptight and loves to get revenge she wants to protect Daniel.

Moves:Ice beam, icy wind, faint attack and slash.

Kingdra male- is very serious but kind and is almost like a pushover.

Moves:Hydro pump, smokescreen, dragon pulse and surf

Hippodown male- Is lazy and very unenthusiastic loves to sleep and eats to much food.

Moves:Earthquake, crunch, take down and stone edge.

Crobat male- Is mean and very harsh and if you do not take nessecery percautions it will result in bite.

Moves: Crunch, air slash,wing attack and pyscic

Favorite Pokemon: Sneasel.

Home Town & Region: Livied in Cledon city Kanto but moved to Lavender town Kanto.

Well hope you like him and please PM if you are going to use him.
Gold forever chapter 1 . 9/23/2010
I like how you made your story sound so I will submit an OC he is a rocket.



Occupation:Team Rocket

Goals:To rule the world,be the best rocket grunt and to please his boss (Like how Jessie and James want to please the boss)

Physical Apperance: Neat brown hair, blue eyes sort of muscular and average height.

Outfits:The usual rocket uniform other than that he wears a Red t-shirt and jeans with yellow sneakers also wears many disguises to hide himself from people who know him.

Charecter history: He grew up in Floroma town his dad was a rocket grunt when he was 11 when he saw team rocket and he just had to join he left Floroma town because it was just to girly and sissy and joined team rocket he dose a semi-good job of stealing Pokemon but isnt really that great at it.

Personality & Charecter traits: He isnt an idiot but is ignorant and thinks he is the best grunt he is serious most of the time but when he gets scared it reveals his true pained nature that is hidden deep likes to control things around him but it dosnt usually work out.

Pokemon Owned:

Drapion, male- Personality:Is like his trainer but obeys his trainers command he loves his trainer despite being abused by him several times him and Jason share a great bond.

Moves:Poison fang,earthquake,scary face and crunch.

Gardevoir female- Personality: Is cool and relaxed she prefers laying around rather than battling but when she dose you better watch out because she can be very tough in dire situations she and Jason share a unusual bond they fight atlot at times but after she beats an opponent they are usualy seen hugging.

Moves:Physcic,calm mind,wish and captivate.

Mothim Male- Personality: Acts like a child and is very impatient Jason cant seem to ever bring himself to hate that kind of nature.

Moves:Silver wind,air slash,bug buzz and Psychic.

Favorite Pokemon: Mightyena

Hometown & Region: Floroma city, Sinnoh

Other: Is it all right if his pokemon start out as their first form.

Pm me if you are going to use him.
amyismynamey chapter 1 . 9/23/2010
Yo, sounds like fun :D

Name: Amanda Redfield

Gender: Female


Occupation: Trainer

Goals: To become the best female battler and fall in love

Physical appearance: 5'4, normal size, not fat nor skinny as a stick, dark blue eyes, chin length, dark brown hair

Outfits: Her main one is a teal colored shirt with a Miltank on the front, black short shorts, black sneakers, and a carries a black back pack

Her other outfit is a dark red mini dress with thin straps, and black sandals

She always wears a braclet on her right wrist, that's wooden with a carved Celebi charm

Character History: She grew up wanting to become a trainer, her two older brothers already leaving for their journey, she became inspired by watching Annabel on TV, one day, while she was just a little kid, she spotted the outline of something in the woods and chased after it, she tripped and fell down, hurting her leg, only to be assisted by none other than Celebi! The pokemon healed her leg, before disappearing. Amanda found her celebi bracelet at a small stand and fell in love with it.

Personality/traits: Amanda is very kind and caring to pokemon, she loves raising them and hatching pokemon eggs, yet, she dosen't like people very much, preffering the company to pokemon, but she will warm up to her friends and do anything for them, she loves the dark, and will often take dangerous risks, stepping into dark caves, etc


Chikorita (nick named Crystal)

Level 10

Male, loves his trainer and would die for her, not a shy pokemon, Amanda's first pokemon, recieved from one of her brothers

Moves: Vine whip, tackle, razor leaf, synthesis

Eevee (nickname Alice)

Female, level 7

Very strong willed, often takes on any challenge up for grabs, will bite strangers that attempt to pet her, loves sweet things, was hatched from an egg

Moves: Tackle, Bite, Iron tail, sand attack

Swablu (nicknamed Bullet)

male, level 11

loves getting stronger, very kind to anyone he meets, close to his trainer, carefree, happy-go-lucky, the first pokemon Amanda caught

Snorunt (nicknamed Celeste)

Female, level 10

She is very quiet, stays by her trainer's side a lot, rides in Amanda's arms, hates pokeballs, very caring, the second pokemon Amanda caught

Moves: Icy wind, Ice shard, Dig, Protect

Shinx (nicknamed Flash)

Male, level 8

He was the third pokemon Amanda caught, he is in love with his trainer, always protecting her and defending her, he tries to act tough and impress Amanda

Moves: Spark, Tackle, Bite, Flail

Charmander (nicknamed Charlotte but is called Charlie)

Female, level 9

She loves to play, is very entergetic, hyper a lot of times, will bite anything she finds interesting, not too bright, was given to Amanda from a boy that was too ill to train

Moves: Ember, scratch, metal claw, fury swipes

Favorite pokemon: Eevee, Miltank, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, and Celebi

Home town and region: She was born in Lillycove city in Hoenn, loved there until she was eight, her family moved to Sinnoh, she still misses the tropics of Hoenn

Hope you like her :D
Jac the Shadow chapter 1 . 9/23/2010
Cool! Good luck with this story! I hope this helps

Name: Mark

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Occupation Trainer

Goals: To beat the Elite 4 in all the regions

Physical Appearance: Zane is fat (no jokes), has black spiky hair, green eyes, and has tan skin.

Outfit: Usually wears a black shirt with a green jacket over it, blue sneakers, orange cap, and jeans. At night for sleep, he wears black shorts and a black shirt with a Pokeball on it.

Character History: Mark was always a large kid and hated it when he was called fat. The only person who ever didn't insult his weight was his dad. One day, when he was walking through the woods, he met a Munchlax that someone got rid of. That Munchlax followed Mark everywhere so he caught . He traveled with it over sense, but it's to stubborn to evolve.

Personality & Character Traits: Mark is a fun loving trainer. He hates it and gets angered when someone makes a joke about someone's or his own weight. Other than that, he nice but get's to energetic when in a battle.

Pokémon Owned: Munchlax-Male, Best Friend and never in the Pokeball. Likes hanging around Pokemon and gets angry when a Pokemon is getting jumped. Moves: Water Pulse, Earthquake, Counter, Fire Blast.

Hariyama-Male, hot-tempered and easily angered. If not battling, just sleeping under a tree unless training. Moves: Arm Thrust, Seismic Toss, Rest, Close Combat.

Ludicolo-Female, loves to sing and dance whenever released. Has to much energy for her own good. Moves: Mega Drain, Ice Beam, Solar Beam, Surf.

Magmortar-Male, lazy and hates to battle unless it has to. Never truly angry. Moves: Lava Plume, Hyper Beam, Protect, Rock Tomb

Farfetch'd-Male, serious and hates to lose. Always ready to battle and argues with Magmortar for his laziness. Moves: Brave Bird, Night Slash, Poison Jab, Double Team

Raichu-Female, very shy and loves to enjoy nature when she gets the chance to. Has a phobia of Seviper (when she was a Pichu, a gang of Seviper attacked her). Moves: Thunder, Dig, Volt Tackle, Focus Punch

Favorite Pokémon: Munchlax (isn't it obvious?)

Home Town & Region/Country of Origin: Mossdeep in Hoenn