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elisa chapter 25 . 10/18/2012
F**cking a man! Totally awesome! I like the way you portrayed Sarahs struggle to write, happens to me too sometimes. Like trying to catch the mist with your bare hands. Your story was really good, had its ups and downs without them sounding as if they'd been randomly tossed in. Everything had its own place.
Fireotaku18 chapter 25 . 10/12/2012
I loved this story, from the first paragraph to the last sentance i loved it.
Chromia chapter 25 . 10/3/2012
*thunderous applause*
MuteFeather chapter 25 . 9/8/2012
... Well, that's certainly one way to get your work noticed! Finish a book about child-stealers, get a publishing deal, and then mysteriously vanish from the world between the completion and the publishing of the novel.
SarannWrapp chapter 25 . 9/4/2012
This is, officially, one of my favorite stories. I love the concept you're playing with. Thanks for posting.
sir rantsalot chapter 25 . 8/4/2012
Holy mother of god, that's one of the best stories I've read in a while, including published works! Your excellent pacing and deft touch with language would be a pleasure on their own, but coupled with your skill for writing adults actually acting like adults and gift for portraying the other as, indeed, other, without losing the reader's sympathy is what makes this truly phenomenal. I love a grown-up Sarah and an inhuman but sympathetic Jareth, and your work amply provides. Brava, m'lady!
peygan chapter 25 . 7/26/2012
That was a stunning story the richness of detail the conceptual ideas regarding the creative threads. outstanding. Brava!
kzal chapter 25 . 7/7/2012
Wow, that was some trip. Ended up reading it all night. Thanks so much for this!

It was also quite interesting to read, as I had some ideas that seemed relatively unique (in my experience) for my own work (written but not yet published), which now I see in yours. Most are used differently in your tale, but the one that strikes the closest was Jareth's sanctuary being his tallest tower, protected by the Escher stairs.
XAudra RoseX chapter 25 . 7/1/2012
I just finished reading this story and I have to say... IT'S AMAZING! I absolutely loved this story and I couldn't stop reading it. I really hope you write a sequel for this!
lylabeth 1 chapter 8 . 6/25/2012
I guess I think of Mozart when I think of this kind of description. Jareth did not bind poor litle Moart did he?

Just kdding. reading on.

I loved this chapter and thought it was really clear what is happening. Sarah's writings are giving the Laby new life, they now are real in the sense of the Laby.

Sarah is going to have to be some kind of link between the worlds. Well, she might as well become Goblin Queen, I guess. Though that is not as important as becoming bound to the Laby so they can all survive. That is my guess.

Rest of it don't know. Music has always been a link with Faerie. in legends , anyway.
Lylabeth1 chapter 7 . 6/23/2012
This was a good filler chapter and here we go. We are getting into dangerous ground now. The Labyrinth and Jareth are in trouble, real trouble, right? Imean that is rather how I am gauging it at this point. I am not the world's greatest speller so if it is not right forgive, I have no spell check at ths point and I tend to review quickly. I can barely see it and blush at some of the things that don't seem to make it in review. Well, anyway, now really I have GOT to go to sleep. I am like Sarah I have spet until almost down with the GK and Sarah.
Lylabeth1 chapter 5 . 6/23/2012
1 rewarded by his barely-checked start of surprise. Ah yes Sarah keep that Goblin King guessing. I would love to see her reach out, tip his chin, and say, ' Trying to catch flies are we Jareth?" His mouth really did not gap, just alittle surprised, and she saw it, that's good. Clever girl. Goblin King's Queen is worthy of him. Is he of her? We'll see.

not review as much this chapter as I was so intent on reading and will leave it at that complement andto bed. Reading rest tomorrow and will finish then. Hope you have some more good stories.I did read alternate ending to this first and I have to say do not want Goblin King to die. Or was that some other. I am a bit confused right now.

Lylabeth1 chapter 4 . 6/23/2012
1, Glad to know that you made Sarah a more normal girl by giving her a boyfriend that we did not have to meet. So he was NOT the Goblin King. THANK GOOODNESSSS. That theater thing has been done to DEATH in fics. I like her beng a writer much, much more. More people, especially since they are reading on here can relate to that.

is very important and it always bugs me when there is not any. If someone who were reading a lot of fic from Labyrinth had never seen it before, in most fics they would not know what in the heck was going on right?

opened her mouth to say his name, but the word was left unspoken as he kissed her.

...bad Goblin king, bad, bad, bad, bad, uhh, sort of like a sucubus isn't he, oh, well, whatever, a Leann Sidhe? A sylph? Well, here he is but I woudl so much feel better if he were in the flesh and not in just dreams. I hope this whole is not just dream sequences. Theyhave to meet physically at some point. Although, maybe they have.

4In a voice that was a lion's purr cut by a razor, he spoke. ohhhh yesss where did you come up with THAT. Best part of fic, for sure, that statement. It's perfect.

5. I am so glad that she is out of college, Jareth had come, and I could not have waited that long to call him for heavens sakes! Here we go. Finally. Good build and not just dreams anymore. It is darn four in am and Ineed to go to bed, but i have to read one more chapter.
Lylabeth1 chapter 3 . 6/23/2012
1. I hope everyone has a professor like the one in this story. I was lucky to have some great ones all the way from history to geat conversations like Sarah with them. Miss them. Most are long gone.

2 Kill that darn ' duck' alarm. I know this is finished or I would suggest you do that in fic so everyone would feel good about it that ever wanted to do it. I think I've done it a few times.

3 Much Ado About Nothing. Oh, my, one of my fav plays by Mr. S.. Saw it in Startford-upon-Avon. I studied when younger at Royal Shakespeare Academy. It did not stick. Was school exchange project. Don't think stupid professor even read our work. Everyone in class, graduate students mostly, got an A and a B. It was the only B i ever recieved in English. Teacher exclaimed we were all so boring and didn't get out to party with her that she did not feel we experienced ' life' enough. That is a reason for giving twelve hard working grauate students a B. Gee. Had any professors like that? If not, you are lucky. Give me an eccentric, fair one any DAY OF the WEEK. Like your professor encouraging Sarah very much. Uh oh, what is her dad doing to say?

4. You protray Robert Williams a lot stronger than anyone else I have ever seen. They are so darn mundane, just like a suburbia couple settled in for the long haul.

5. I am not amused - Robert Williams with shades of the Goblin King. HAHA

like Sarah is dreaming her way slowly thought the it time no wished away child. Maybe she is trying to catch up with her dreams. i hope real Goblin KIng appears soon and not just in DREAMS

7Oh, no, dont TELL ME the GOBLIN KING IS OBERON! Maybe you are teasing us.

8. Okay, here's one to make you laugh, when they did Midsummer Night's Dream in Startford in 1978 who do you think played OBERON, who later was a much beloved captai of the Enterprise. Yes , Patrick Stewart, complete with long, straight wig, looking like an American Indian in buckskins. For heavens sakes. The fairies were all dressed in costumes that later might have made their way into Oona in Legend. They were SCARY.\\

9. Best chapter yet. Moving on.
Lylabeth1 chapter 2 . 6/23/2012
1. Sarah's internal debate squad - good chuckles. Again, everybody can relate.

2. Good giggles over the flipflops. I have a pair. Ughhhh.

3. U are doing such a good job building the plot slowly, but surely, without too much darn descriptive detail. i Think people like to start with a few fly away words, but it is so much better to keep it was darn simple as possible, while doing really good storytelling.

4. Looking forward to King J's appearance.
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