Reviews for Merlin 23 Crossovers
IggyCopperfield chapter 1 . 12/16/2012
17: Mamma Mia

18: iCarly? (At least there was an episode like that.)
ForzaDelDestino chapter 2 . 10/14/2010
These were REALLY funny! And I did manage to guess some of them. :)
FireChildSlytherin5 chapter 1 . 10/11/2010
1. Shrek

2. Princess Bride

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

7. Mulan (now I laughed at this one)

14. Van Helsing

15. Star Wars..Empire Strikes Back

19. Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets


Those I know. I looked back to the next chapter and I was right of what I wrote! haha!
scientia-potentia-est chapter 1 . 10/10/2010
Hmmm, well I suck at gues these things, but may as well give it a go eh? Here goes...

1. Shrek!

2. Princess Bride :) Love that movie!

3. Pirates of the Carribean 1 (that's one of my fave quotes!)

4. Enchanted - this one was hard, but luckily I'd only just watched it with my little cousin, so it was fresh in my mind! :D

5. Grease! Watched this one recently too :)

6. Zorro :) watched that one about a billion times with my bro. He loved it.

! only my favourite Disney movie EVER! :D

8. Dammit. I have no idea...

, absolutely no idea :(

10. Hmm, I'm really failing now. No idea yet again.

11. So familiar! Umm... oh dammit, can't remember. Just remember it's a big moment in a film I probably haven't seen in ages...

12. Pfft. I hate the ones that are so annoyingly familiar, but just out of reach. Gonna have to pass this one...

13. Mmm, yeah, no idea. (I hope I get one soon...)

14. Yay! Van Helsing, right?

15. Grrr, so cliche and generic and familiar, and I know that I know it...but I can't think of it... :( boohoo

16. Is that the simpsons?

17...not coming to me...

18. No idea, but it's a funny quote! What's it from?

19. Harry Potter! Yay, easy one!

20. Absolutely clueless. Pass.

21. Big Bang Theory! Woot, got one! :) (I hope...)

22. A superhero movie... Spiderman is it?

23. And idea. Dammit.

Hmm, don't know how I went. But it was fun, so thankyou! Maybe I'll try one of these out some time! :) xxx
Ghostgirl468 chapter 1 . 9/27/2010
Here's my attempt :)Oh, and any that are capitalized and have a billion exclamation marks means I watch those movies far too often :D


2. Princess Bride

3. Pirates of the caribbean (First one I think?)

4. Not sure what this is :S

5. Grease

6. Does it count if I ask for help? Askes my brother about this, he says its from Zorro. Not sure if he's lying to annoy me but there we go :/


8. Fantastic Four? (Please don't ask how I guessed this)

9. I have No Idea what this is but please tell me!

10. That's from Corpse Bride

11. Don't know again :(

12. X-MEN!

13. No Clue

14. Van Helsing :)(Vampires, gargoyles,warlocks...)

15. Still don't know


17. Nope

18. Hahahahah this is from the Kim Possible Movie (Gratefully pointed out by my little sister who's reading this with me :D)

19. HARRY POTTER! (Don't know which one)


21. Don't Know...sounds funny though :L

22.I do believe that's spiderman :)

23. And last but not least, Moulin Rouge, which we watched in music the other day

If my brother and sister are to be trusted, that's 16 :D Sorry, should have warned everyone that I'm a geek, which is my excuse for having no life and a home cinema :D lol anyway, would be grateful for the answers to the others and any wrong ones because my curiosity will kill me :S
Ninny-na chapter 1 . 9/25/2010
3 : PotC

7 : Mulan

10 : Corpse Bride

And 19 seems familiar (:
Kitty O chapter 1 . 9/24/2010


of Carribean

4. Enchanted!

5. Um.. don't know.

Dang it! My best friend was telling me about this not two days ago...

8-14. Don't know, though 11 sounds farmilar.



17 and 18. Don't know.

19. Harry Potter 2

20. I know I'm stupid... I KNOW I've heard that before.

The rest... Idk.

That's... 6/23? NOT A PASSING GRADE.