Reviews for Relative Truth
Fireflower19 chapter 23 . 2/16/2016
This is one of those rare stories too great for words. A masterpiece. Wow! I love this so much. It kills me that I can't finish reading this story. I really, REALLY hope you'll complete this one day. It simply mind-blowing how you made the DC world your own. Thank you so much for the amazing read. This is not something I will forget.
Guest chapter 23 . 9/19/2015
OMG you abandond this?! Why are all the good stories unfinished? I could almost cry right now
Guest chapter 23 . 9/19/2015
I just started this today and I haven't been able to put my phone down! Great story please update soon!
Loner Kid chapter 23 . 9/13/2015
this story seriously needs more reviews!
I wonder why you stopped updating. this story is so good, and all of a sudden, without any notice, you just stopped updating!
even if you aren't continuing this, can you tell me who that strange boy at the restaurant is? the one who looked like Kaito and shinichi, and they said "family" when they saw him
Chibi Vongola chapter 19 . 8/30/2015
I love this story! Thanks for writing it!

P.S Will Yukiko ever know how Shinichi feels?
1412 karasu chapter 3 . 8/24/2015
Eh, I've always seen Shinichi as a "spirit of the law" kind of guy. He's definitely done illegal stuff before without much scruples, as long as there was ample justification.
Jen chapter 23 . 5/23/2015
U said u would post quickly! Wahhhh, it's been a long long long time. I want to c what happens! Shinichi still didn't give Ran her promise yet! Add a kiss or something 2! Please update! Don't forget about it! Thank you! Bye!
yugkemoniony1X chapter 23 . 5/6/2015
More. I demand more. This fanfiction is simply BRILLIANT
Bloodstained Chocobo Ninja chapter 23 . 4/10/2015
The promised kiss has been over eleven years unfulfilled...

"...I'll never make it to Saturday..." -Ch 15, so very true Conan-kun.
Costell chapter 23 . 3/28/2015
Aw, man, I'm so pissed right now... Because I didn't noticed when it was last updated, because it's such a good story. It's so sad that it wasn't never finished, because I'd never read so good Detective Conan fanfic. I just love almost everything in here and I'll probably never be able to find aout how story will end.
Well, hope die last and it would be nice surprise if you'll someday start writing again. Good luck
Icyicy00 chapter 3 . 2/15/2015
How on EARTH did you do that box thing with the e-mail? I am stumped right now and I HAVE TO KNOW!
Optimusa chapter 23 . 2/10/2015
Why have you not updated in 12 years? Not trying to be rude I am just curious
Ambiguous Cake chapter 23 . 2/5/2015
Oh that to be continued at the bottom of the last chapter. I think it's mocking me since there's no real chance that this continues 11 years later. But still, I will follow it in the faint hope that it does. And even if it doesn't this was still a very interesting story to read and I enjoyed it very much!
xThomas2 chapter 13 . 8/23/2014
That took a while to get to the point, and everybody exploded.
for your writing. I'd like to say its style is decidedly that of a girl (guys are more to the point). Try to be less descriptive of the way the characters are behaving, use less words, and it'll drag on less. Less is more sometimes.
By no means does this mean all the descriptions are diminished.. But the power of good writing is best when you let the readers imaginations picture the arms waving, the angry snarls, the yelling rather than writing it all out.
Harpgirl chapter 23 . 6/17/2014
I know that this review is looong overdue, but I just want to say that I LOVE this fic!
'the only detective in a whole family of thieves' really got me on! Kaito and Conan/Shinichi are so in-character.
Well, I hope you can continue this fic (although it's very unlikely, that now at least 10 years had passed)
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