Reviews for Harry Potter After the War
Doudou chapter 39 . 6/11
I love it!
Want more !
Guest chapter 39 . 6/8
Please update I love this Fanfic So Much that i might actually die without an update
Vaths chapter 1 . 6/7
No offense but each chapter in this fanfic is waayyyyyy too long.
bhavya chapter 3 . 5/15
amazing...i think everyone would be short of words to praise this whole series of harry potter,its epilogue and all these chapters! all the chapters are awesome, brilliant, fantastic and mean much more than all of this to a true harry potter fan :)
bhavya chapter 1 . 5/11
it was amazing as well as tearful reading this chapter...but i was for one thing and that is getting to be indulged in more of harry potter world. from the bottom of my heart i really fell sorry for Remus, nymhadora, Colin, Fred, snape, all others who died and of course their family and friends. i also want to thank jk Rowling for this part of story and i also wish that she makes this world of harry potter never ending...
Fairy King Oberon chapter 6 . 5/8
You do realize that at this point in the story Lavender is dead right? She died in the Battle of Hogwarts. I read it in the book. Twice. And i saw it in the movie. Three times.
stylo1 chapter 38 . 5/4
just finished and to be true a bit disapointed, this story could have been so much more. it is that i am not such a good writer myself or i would have rewrittennit, and prob ended with about 75% of the your style changes a lot i think because you write different storries at once and take to long to finish it, it just gets quite confusing. im also guessing english isnt your native language? some parts where almost unreadable, tho i am a dislyctix it just felt like i was constantly tripping over my words and it took me much longer to read then normally and even gave me a headache sometimes. at the end the story line got really intresting and quite disapointing that its unfinisht i do hope you'll do finish it. until then i will read it again altough iwill be skipping large parts of it. i like this base line, after the battle starting their new life, close enough to the real books to be believable but im having a hard time finding storys alike. gues most popular storries are to far out there for me. if anyone does knows a story this one pls do send me a pm it would be most appreciated
stylo1 chapter 25 . 4/29
wow awesome story. the start was a bit to long, to much day to day describing, this changed after they leave hogwarts tho. also i miss a few thing which you could maybe use in the future, hagrid, harry hasnt been there once, let him visit with teddy or some. the first order of merlin which at least harry should of gotten. harrys new powers are amazing but the story could do with some more after gloating, for exam the dream about the attack on the burrow, nobody after that evening did some speculation as to how or why espec since this happened before only then it meant he was a horcrux. doing this adds some mistery and keep the suspence till next event. last since he has suchs power will we see harry without broom flying like voldemort? that would be awesome him losing it and flying after a few death eaters on brooms.
im not done reading and dont know if use my sugjestions are still possible, its just a few of my ideas which i hope you find constructive
keep up the good work and thnx for writing def going to read it again whem im done
twlightbella chapter 35 . 4/28
Congrats Harry and ginny
twlightbella chapter 34 . 4/28
Aww congrats Ron and hermione and happy birthday ginny
twlightbella chapter 18 . 4/27
Their married
monkeysmamax2 chapter 39 . 4/20
Just read it again please finish it soon.
Whaou chapter 1 . 4/3

I hope you are going to release more chapters soon!

Thank you so much for your work.
Luc chapter 39 . 3/31
Amazing story!
I can't wait for more chapters :)
monkeysmamax2 chapter 1 . 4/1
Please finish this very soon. I read all of it in 4 days and am sad that it isn't finished yet. Waiting to finish before reading the epilogue.
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